Dec 9 2008NSFW! SNL Short Is The Story Of My Life

NSFW! And also, the story of my life. Seriously, these guys should hire me -- I've got tons of this material.


Thanks to Wilson and Jay, who swear they've never had this problem.

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suck it biatches 1st




LMFAO!!! ;)


bwaahahahahaha that's great

Man, I never had this kind of problem.
But its funny tho... Yeah, kinda.

Would someone be so kind as to tell me what the material is? I still can't watch vids...


@5 Super fail! That made me laugh more than that damn video.

Just got onto geekologie and i ...... mmmwhaaaa uh uh uh uh eeeeeeeky muah nanananana uh uh uh uh uh mmmmmmmmm.... nevermind, i need a tissue

is that justin timberlake as the janitor?

It's an SNL short/song about ejaculating prematurely. Nuff said.

@8 Major fail on your part.
Can't watch videos? SUCK

ehh its really stupid.

@12- Thank you!
@13- It really is my fault... I killed my home comp a week ago and I can't get it to do a damned thing now. I formatted, tried to start over, no dice. I'm going to try to put on a different OS tonight and see if Linux will install... I doubt it.

NSFW! - Doesn't matter cuz at my work you can't watch a damn thing.


Try cleannnnnnning it with some soap & got water...and a s.o.s pad.

I don't care what anyone says; nothing beats soap 'n hot water.

@17 - You're not very nice >=(

All i know is that when i saw Geekologie had a new post...... I jizzed in my pants :(

Thumperchica I sent you a msg on myspace about your PC

I wanted to laugh... but it wasn't funny.

Maybe you have to have a penis? Hmm...

hahaha my friend showed me this yesterday. so awesome.
1:05 is my favorite part. and the last 30 seconds.

I guess it would be funny if it actually happened in real life, which as far as I know it doesn't. Now Sarah Silverman pissing the bed in her program was funny because that actually happens!

That video is full of win *and* awesome! It's... Winawesome!

damn, the broads in that vid were haute. i just jizzed in my pants a little.

Nothing beats Dick in a Box, no matter how overplayed it was. They aren't quite recapturing the magic of a dick in a box....but i did chuckle a little.

@11 Yar, it's him.

That was so amazing... I jizzzed in my pants.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where max gets hit in the head with a coconut, and loses his memory. Then later Baja whacks him in the head with another coconut and it cures him.


get over that movie Daisy!

Is it me or they removed the video?

Terrible. About as funny as racially-motivated crime.

good vid

lol i spelt my name wrong

"Whenever I get close...I think about something baseball."-Joey from Friends

for those idiots who actually think this is about ejaculating prematurely, let me ask you, what does, "shit in my pants" mean to you?

@36: Are you on a wind-up? It's "jizz in my pants"..

I saw this on sunday and watched it at least 10 times in a row. couldn't stop laughing. the faces absolutely make the video, esp his bruce willis is dead face.

@7.... The fact that you HAD to tell us you never had this problem tells us you have had this problem.

@39 Some of us can honestly say we haven't had that problem... like me, I'm female.

SNL hasn't been funny in well over a decade.

NOT an SNL short. it's a song by the lonelyisland group, original comedy group with andy samberg (snl player) and akiva and jorma (snl writers). now they work in snl also but this is a separate thing.

@20 - Ahh the irony... I can't check my myspace until my home comp is working... gotta love life. Well, I was planning on borrowing my friend's laptop at some point this week... I'll check it then. Thank you!

@42: It's being released as the first single by The Lonely Album for their cd that's coming out in February, BUT it premiered as a digital short on SNL this past Saturday.

Hahaha, I've never done that, but it's definitely funny!

Just awesome...

Not suited for work?? And all this time I thought it ment not suited for women, my way made more sence though....

This really reminds me of Flight of the Conchords (thought not as funny).

It sounds like "Inner City Pressure"..

are these the same guys that made the snake on the plane song. cause this sucked just as bad as that song.

i thought jews were supposed to be funny.

Jamie Lynn Sigler looks hotter than ever.

f***kkk meadow looks so f***ing good!!!

omg the shop cleaner is justin timberlake!!!

@43 FAIL! s.o.l.

Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.

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