Dec 10 2008No Need To Thank Me Folks, Just Doing My Job: More Cosplayish Hotness Featuring Marie-Claude Bourbonnais As, Uh, Something


Remember Marie-Claude Bourbonnais? She was the chick dressed up as Caitlin Fairchild from Gen¹³. Well the photographer of both shoots, Gil P, contacted me with the lowdown on this new set, which features Marie-Claude modeling a Gear of War inspired outfit.

You know, there comes a time in every high-profile anonymous blogger's life when he realizes that sometimes, you don't need to type any more words -- that a picture can speak thousands of them on its own. So I'll just let these photos speak for themselves, which, I think we can all agree, speak volumes. No, boobumes.

Hit the jump for three more, and links to more of Marie-Claude and Gil P's work, including some of Marie-Claude's bare necessities.




This Gallery
Gallery featuring Marie-Claude topless
Gallery featuring Marie-Claude as Army something
Gallery featuring Marie-Claude wearing a ribbon
all via
Gil P's portfolio

Thanks Gil, and keep up the good work.

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Reader Comments

Outstanding! first to pew!


christian wuz here

mmm Flat girl, think she needs a Breast implant (another)

look at the fun bags on that hose hound!!


J i m p too.

Fingerlickin'good... I'd let her step on my nads and call me sissy if I wimpered.

I think the gen 13 is better...

I've never understood why anyone thinks ludicrously oversized cartoonish breast implants are in any way sexy.

If a man had balloons stuffed into his pecs and biceps would anyone say he looked good? no we'd say he looked like he needed mental help.

Boobs are f***ing sexy. fake boobs make me think the chick was molested as a child.

Not digging the short hair.

one time i looked at these photos
and then I... Jizzed In My Pants.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Baja schemes with her girlfriends to mess up Max's all male poker night.

disgustingly large titties are disgusting, large.

@ 9 & 13. You are both gay. There is no such thing as too big, fake or real. It's the fantasy of either of you would have a chance with her in reality anyway...

robotcop is a stud muffin. there, i said it


Jizz in my pants...

Yea, fake boobs are fuggin gross.

Shut up Boost! That's their choice. And if it helps them BOOST their self-esteem, then let them have it. You probably are more disgusting than what you think they are.

and @9 and 13...
You jealous or something?

jjjuuuuussssttt aaawweeeessssoooooommmmeeee ~~ ~

i think its a dude.

....but i would hit it anyway

Wow peter must have bad fake t*** .... or want them or something (?)

"Ooooh, large boobies are SOOO scary. I'm gonna label her as damaged goods to make myself feel better about not being in her league!"

How 'bout we man up a bit, haterz.

@ 14

let's talk titties when you're done with puberty. you'll come around.

@12. I don't see where this looks fake at all. You may have to explain where you see the wrong shadows. This is called cosplay, the gun isnt real, but they never tried to say it was. And what does this have to do with poker night? Are you sure youre commenting on the right subject?

they are fairly large boobies but i must say its all about shape when it comes to big ones and hers are shaped perfectly... so f*** all you faggots that think she's gross... as if you would kick her out of bed... liars all of ya

@23...If you only knew...

@24...Here's a nickle, go buy yourself a clue, and welcome to Geekologie noob.

Want to see some truly fabulous fake ones (and I mean really fake!)?:

24 you f***ing moron. Daisy says that ON EVERY F***ING POST. You goddamned idiot. GO F***ING DIE.

@ 27. Wow, harsh!

i think daisy is running our of random crap to say, its getting pretty out there lately.

anyway yeah big ones are cool, in moderation.

It still cracks me up when someone new questions Daisy's intellect, oh yes it does.

Awesomely large t*** are f***ing awesomely large.

Man she is hella sexy. I liked the other ones better though.

Some men's magazines did a survey, you know: They found that in America it's most common to be attracted to giant gazongas. That's why, supposedly, in Playboy you see a lot of that. Meanwhile, here in Sweden, the lowest common attractor was found to be "woman emerging from water", although that's probably old news, we're far too Americanized nowadays to try anything different from Playboy, and people swallow it.

Huge breasts doesn't do anything for me though. I only see that her back probably hurts, and it's a pity if she needs those things to feel good about herself.

This makes me happy in my pants

curse you daisy!!!!! you've managed to fool one more person!!!!

Seriously? You guys are calling each other fags over fake breast size preferences?

I think that huge, obviously fake boobs are pretty disgusting. Then again, Gadget from Rescue Rangers is what does it for me so who am I to judge?

I'm new to Geekologie, but in my short time I've realised two things.

One, Daisy need to crawl in a hole and die.

Two, everyone needs to CALM DOWN. Seriously. Peace, man.

P.S. have you ever realised how women with overly huge breast implants look dead inside? Look at the eyes.

well i dont hate at all, i like boobs, but i want to ask who in here has actually touched boobs like hers? or implants?

i have to say that it depends, boobs like hers are really good looking, while natural big boobs are really nice to touch, because big boobs like that tend to feel kinda hard , i mean come on look at the pics topless, her boobs couldnt stay that round or that firm unless they were like i said kinda hard, the implant material i mean.

and natural big boobs are more saggy looking and less firm, look at any nude pic of a girl big natural boobs you see that they're not as firm, or round, but they feel a lot better to touch, to grab, so each has an advantage and a disadvantage, really good looking but hard felt, or saggy but soft.

and yeah like someone said if your body was not born with those big boobs, after the implant their backs must be killing them, try to walk around with baloons filled with water the whole day attached to your chest, youll get pretty tired

@37. Her eyes look like she's dead inside because she's French-Canadian, not because of the boobs...

@38 being born with big boobs, your back hurts, too.

Unfortunately, i just cant get over the over-photoshopping of the gen 13 cosplay for me to appreciate this... I like 'natural' cosplaying ;)

she's fukin gross

@38. I have groped silicone, and it's awesome. Back in around 1996-97, when Maxim first came out, there was this "Machismo Test" in one of the first issues. It awarded points based on sexual exploits or what-not, kinda like every other Jr. High survey that gets forwarded and posted on myspace... I was stationed in Germany and a few of us made a road trip to Amsterdam, we brought that Maxim with us and all took the survey, one of the questions was "Have you ever groped silicone?" I hadn't up till that point, so I decided to go for it since we were headed to A-Dam anyway, might as well bump the pointage up a bit. I found this girl with boobs the size and shape of footballs, they were obviously fake, let me tell you, that shit was awesome!

I also recently was hooking up with a girl who got a boob-job done, nothing too big, I think she's up to a D-cup now, as far as the filling a void or feeling sorry comments...wrong...(most) women who get implants feel inadequate with their bodies and feel TONS better when they go bigger. The ones with the back pain are usually the ones who are naturally big and end up getting reductions, and from what I've felt, the silicone (or saline nowadays), is actually lighter than fat.

Plus look at Miss Bourbonnais here, she's gorgeous! Now imagine her with like a B-cup...not as appealing, at least not to me.

Her t*** are far to large. When she is 50 they will be around her damn ankles. A good handful and nothing more. Plus, fake t*** suck. I want to suck on real t***, not a silicon balloon.

The boobs are nice now think when shes like 70. their obviously fake and they'll either one sag and look like giant testicals hanging from her chest or two not sag and you'll have an old lady with giant boobs maing her look scary as hell.

Here is a video of her in military gear:

Agreed to those who agreed with me, the Gen 13 pics are better. Just not diggin' the short hair I guess...

got any nudes?

@ 47. Yes, well topless in the shower, they're on the hyperlink that says "Gallery featuring Marie-Claude topless" below the pics.

And I just looked at them...again...and to those who say "she's fukin [sic] gross" and "are far to [sic] large"...yeah, you're all nuts.

really you had to put an ad on

Is this ? I thought I was reading

#44, who gives a shit....... everything you do with your body now will look like shit when you get old, tattoos, piercings, all that shit. So you're telling me that you are one of them people too busy thinking about what they're going to look like when they get old? being old as hell in of itself is unnatractive, so why even give a f***? you know..... "oooohhh it might looks uglyez when i getz old" shut up you f***ing fag, who cares it's not liek she is doing heroin or some shit like that.

#43, welll..... have you ever sucked fake t***? I agree with you on one thing, while real t*** are more enjoyable...... big novlety sized shit is good in my book too, only messed with 2 chicks with fake titties, and they were awesome, so i guess i know what you mean

wife's got some DDD cups, true f***ing story, it's the only reason why i started dating ber 3 years ago, YEP! I'M A F***ING PIG! AND NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT! I am aware them things are going to suck when she turns like 40 but who gives a shit! you know it's life! when you get old shit sucks!

she doesn't look gross.

I think she's sexy :O

Photoshop ftw !!!

Well i think she looks pretty good to be honest. I mean shes dressed up as a space warrior.....we are already in the world of fantasy. Shes nice to look at and the outfits are pretty cool.

Dont forget all you "i hate fake boobs" guys and girls, that reality is one thing and fantasy another. Do i like the look of big fake boobs? Sure why not. Do i like how they feel? No not so much. So in reality i avoid and in fantasy i enjoy. Not sure why it has to be black and white.

@27. Woah, woah, woah. . . wha, how, WHY?

t*** fake, obvious. the rest of her, tight black leather/latex. very cool.

Yeah 57th!!

Looks cool, no worries there.

I'd say there is an arguement for 'too big t***'.

If a woman turns around quickly and knocks you out, too big.

If you snap you back while doing the missionary, too big, too fake and she should have been on top.

hooray 4 boobies!!

I'd curb stomp that ASS anyday!!!!!!!


Wow, internet rage much? I'm guessing he's the kid who got beaten up at school every day...

...upon which he was The Forum Warrior! (tm)


this one was MY favorite

i meant, THIS ONE:

Well, you gotta admit it is interesting to see a cosplay featuring a woman with comparable measurements to female video game characters...

Face like a slapped arse. Would not.


The woman is dressed up as a FICTIONAL VIDEO GAME character, and here we are deciding whether or not we dig FAKE!!!! titties.

In other news:

Half of you can Kiss my A$$

The rest can Go F#@k Yourselves

I didn't really mean that in a good way so calm down....

@68 - Which half am I in? I just need to know how I'm spending my lunch break...

She looks like a nice version of Baron Harkonnen from Dune. These are very Dune-esqe. LOVE these.


If Marie-Claude Bourbonnais would:

-show more emotions (since it looks like she's still keeping something from the camera-not the breasts, dummy--her being in character);
-grow her hair longer;
-make more cosplay photoshoots and perhaps move to Japan, take photoshoots in Japan or spread her photos in Japan;

Then I'm pretty sure she'll make it big. No pun intended, but then again.

i would drink her bathwater.

I drink coke and Mtn Dew, half the stuff in those are chemicals manufactured to taste awesome, in my opinion augmented (larger or smaller) breasts are the same. They're something that occur naturally, that have been altered to be more awesome for the end user! Me! And yes, cola can be made from all natural ingredients before anybody says I'm comparing apples and watermelons. (see what I did there? A thinly veiled reference to boobs? yeah I know, too awesome for words)


You Kids are funny....

@72, as a model, it's not up to her to show or not show emotions, it's the photogs decision and direction... that you like it or not is a question of taste but it as nothing to do with her capacity to show emotions.

Expect to see more cosplay from her, a lot more.

I realy can't figure out all of these mentions of how fake, not fake, big, too big or way to big comments..... All of the caracters in all of the vidgames and comic books have incredibly enhanced, it can be argued that MCB is the perfect Living Cosplay model.

@ Gil P. Excellent work yet again, Marie-Claude looks amazing!


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