Let's Play Dress Up!: Officially Licensed Gears Of War Armor Suits And Assault Rifles

December 2, 2008


This is an officially licensed Gears of War armor suit and Lancer assault rifle. They're made by Nightmare Armor Studios and probably cost a pretty penny. I couldn't actually find the price for the armor, but the Lancer alone will set you back 950 bones of your enemies. However, if you're poor, you can always make your own suit out of cardboard. Because that's what The Superficial Writer did. And I've gotta admit: the Locust Horde is gonna rape his ass.

Hit the jump for several more of the wickedness.




Gears Of War Armor
Product Page

Thanks to Braden, who once made some pretty realistic Gears of War Armor out of cereal boxes and finger paint.

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