Dec 26 2008High School Students Use Photoshop, Traffic Cameras To Prank Enemies, Puzzle Police


High school students in Montgomery County, Maryland (where, incidentally, I used to live -- go Q.O.!) are Photoshopping pictures of their enemy's license plates, taping them to another car, and then speeding through areas with those automatic ticketing cameras. Interesting....

The Speed Camera Program was implemented in March of this year and used for the purpose of reducing traffic and pedestrian collisions in the county. Cameras are located in residential areas and school zones where the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour or lower. A $40 citation is mailed to the owner of the car for violating the speed limit in these areas.

The ingenuity of today's teenagers is truly awe inspiring. They would even go as far as to borrow car's so they would appear similar to the make and model of the car they were pranking.

Well damn. I catch any of you jerks out there rocking paper GKLGIST plates and I'll rear-end that ass with the force of a dump truck. You know, because that's what I drive. HONK HONK!

Kids Prank using Speed Cameras [lastgeek]

Thanks to Bryce, who doesn't drive a car because he's too busy driving women wild. HIYO!

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First !!!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max and Baja were being chased with an artifact from the queen of england. Baja sped through a traffic cam, and got the artifact in the picture, and Max hacked the camera network to download the picture, all because his cell phone camera was broke.

hahahah wow, such a good idea. They should start doing that with cop's plates.

I'm a former cop, and even I think red light cameras are a violation of due process. Also, since many municipalities are implementing them through private companies and do revenue sharing, there's a "for profit" conflict of interest as well.

I think it would be HILARIOUS if hundreds of people did this with the license plates of every member of their local city council...the cameras would be gone within 30 days.

I used to run red light cameras all the time on my motorcyle. They only took front pictures, no plates, I would flip a bird too. I wonder if anyone ever saves those photos for fun somewhere.

Hey GW!! I go to Quince Orchard!


(not the old lady type, those are ikky)

I think we're missing the point here. 1. Idea's not original 2. It endangers the lives of others - speed limit's there for a reason. 3. If you have to get back at someone, face up to them, not weasel out and do something illegal under their name.
Ergo, FAIL.

one of those "Damn i wish i thought of that" moments

@7 - spit the dick you fag and grow some of your own. Traffic laws are severly over restrictive, and robots should never take the place of real life policemen. That is unless they started out as a man and got modified by OCP, and have the prime directive - Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law.

Your move, Creep.

My mother used to say, everything is games and fun till someone loses an eye…

MoCo represent! (I went to SHS though, not QO)

They installed one of those f***ers in Olney right where it changes from 45 to 35. I don't blame teens for taking advantage of cameras that are there purely for money-making purposes.

But suddenly the ticket my friend got with a picture of a car that was most obviously not his but sporting his license plate makes sense to me now...

Whats funny is i used to live in Montgomery County Maryland too. Until i got evicted from my Chevy Chase home about a f**king week and a half ago. If ur in the Somerset area you probably heard our parties or saw us jumping off the roof into the pool. etc. The MoCo cops are probably the biggest dicks in the world. But not as big as my neighbors. stop hatin.
anyway i digress. crazy kids.

MOCO bitches!!!!


PG County! MoCo's Big dick, meaner,darker brother FTW.

Yeah its not original, some Aussies did this a few years back to one of their vans used for the same purpose, catch people speeding, expect they used the license of the van so it would write itself tickets.

McFeely has the right idea. Do City Council members, etc., for maximum humorage.

ok, time to throw in my MD county to represent, ... HoCo!

@9. Given that I am a very little girl, no thanks. As for the speed limit, I'm pretty sure they don't pull that number out of a hat. But hey, glad I touched a nerve. Happy New Year!

@18 - never mind then. Its excusable for a little girl to be ignorant.

That is so genius, even if speeding is bad!
That said Daisy is still so retarded!

Whit-what? WHITMAN.

Also representing good old MoCo, I just have to say how proud of our youth I am. Those cameras are absolutely EVERYWHERE and I'm 100% behind McFeely's idea.

churchill represent!

god i miss moco!

Yea, MoCo! Wootton ftw~

Bout time someone stuck it to those auto cameras, I passed four on the way to Wootton every day for over two years. This is way better than the time they spray-painted black paint over the cameras and painted "1984" on all them. Classier, perhaps, but it was cleaned in a day.

Awesome story.

Woah! I went to Q.O. TOO :D
Now I'll get to boast it up to my boyfriend, that Geekologist and I went to the same school XP

And heh.. Gotta warn my little brother I guess XD

@15, now that's hilarious!

hey! I live in MoCo. Lets hangout, I know you gotta be home right now for xmas right?

wootwoot! QO representation! all this time is it possible...perhaps I actually know "the geekologie writer"?!? Anyways, gotta hate MOCO popo -- they're the worst!

Pffff rich kid county...Balt Co.! Real Mams County..splendivorous idea tho.

You'd also need to have a mask to hold over your face since most cameras get a video and photo with the driver as well as the plates. A little more work but still easy to do.

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

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