Dec 24 2008A Little Holiday Something From Me To You


No need to thank me folks, just spreading some holiday, um, nipple-stache. And remember, it's not too late to add "new eyes" to your last minute Christmas list.

The nipple mustache [iosoup]

Thanks to Kevin, who allegedly grew a crotch-stache for his senior prom.

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Reader Comments

How do you show case that in public through your tux? Perhaps naked with a bow tie would work?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max's father makes him eat brussels sprouts because as he says, "they will put hair on your chest". Max eats the little cabbages, and hair grows.

Later when Max's dad sees what he does with the hair he forbids him to eat any veggies whatsoever.


PEW! PEWPEW! PEW! singe those hairs right off!

WHAT THE F***??!!!!

I love him a little, I think.

mustache rides - $0.25... LOL

Daisy, stop being a f***ing dumb piece of motherf***ing shit.

You are stupid, get a life, twat.

Chicks digg body hair. This is quite possibly the most sexy thing i have seen all year... thank you for giving me something to masturbate to on xmas<3

I thought it looked like a penis.... Just sayin'...

@ 11

That's what I thought before I read the post.

@ 12

Fallopian tubes.

This is a psycho test : if you see a male organ , you're a homo.

@11: you can be a homo trapped in a female body, this has been scientifically proven, and you're not the only case.


This is clearly a fake. The shadows are ALL wrong.

This is from a scene in the movie Tender Dracula.
Dracula is watching a darts championship on his television while
drinking a bottle of beer.
He scratches himself.

Time passes.

Shortly after the darts match ends, Dracula brushes his teeth and
retires to his coffin.

Ahh, Daisy. With your constant cry of "FAKE" and your elaborate and clever reimagining of some shitty movie... I can always count on you to be there, at every Geekologie post, without fail.

Can't all the rest of you philistines appreciate at least having something constant in life?

Merry Christmas, Daisy.

I'm pretty sure I know this guy.

That's better than my 'dragon to the wagon' hair pattern, cept it sorta looks like a candle. Nice job. This guy also looks a little like tim silvya from the UFC

"You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong." Wow sounds like the Lunar conspiracy convention in full swing.

By the way the mustache pattern looks like cocknballs. I'm off to trim my neck beard.

i dont see any shadows, why would someone fake something like this? you guys are just haters.

That's sexy... I'd hit that!

@16 - I'm with you. Merry Christmas Daisy!

I'm kind of attracted to this man.

This is making me think of Atari for some reason...

What's sad is that's my boss's friend

Thats too rad for words...oops >_<

I would love to get me some of that!

someone should let the "Every Beard" guy he has a new challenge.

I bet that this is the GW!

Super sexy!


Love is the greatest refreshment in life.

For those people who say the shadows are wrong: ever heard of a camera flash? They have those, you know. They're meant to light up what you're taking a picture of, attempting to eliminate most shadows on said subject.

GG no re.

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