Nov 11 2008WTF?: Toyota Corolla Ninja Cat Commercial

This is allegedly a television ad for the new Toyota Corolla. It has a bunch of weird ninja cats in it and doesn't make an ATM lick of sense. And then, to make matters worse, one of the ninja cats steals a car at the end. Now what is this teaching the nation's cat population? Whatever it is, it can't be -- WHISKERS, NO! AWAY FROM THE....*tires squealing* Goddamnit, thanks a lot Toyota.


Thanks to Jaybone the Hispanic Dude from Greenpoint who may or may not be a ninja cat simply going by Jaybone the Hispanic Dude from Greenpoint.

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wierd, but I thought the bit where he distracted the cats by making the light sway back and forth was pretty funny

Oh yeah, and that was totally photoshopped, the shadows were all wrong! ;-)

Memory... All alone in the moonlight...

It wasn't photoshopped, it was edited.

Damn I love it... Do I hear a new movie of the thundercats coming?



This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake, the shadows are all wrong.

This looks like one of the bonus scenes from the directors cut edition of the blu ray disk of the summer blockbuster movie Never Back Down.



This is an obvious failure job. YOu can tell its fake, the person's attempt is all wrong.

This looks like time Daisy said to geekologie that everything is a photoshop job. from the summer blockbuster Never Back Down.

I saw this on tv last night. Channel 10 in Newcastle, Australia.

Yikes. I can't they actually found that many cat-faced people, with breakdancing/ninja/gymnast skills nontheless.

Daisy, even though you've thoroughly demolished that horse due to your incessant beatings, it's not THAT so much that bothers me...

Please, for the love of all that is holy, just fix your grammar!

If I have to read "You can tell ITS fake" again instead of "You can tell IT'S fake," I might have to hurt someone.

If you think that's weird, nothing gets more weird and creepy than this video of kung fu clowns




all your toyota are belong to us

lololol. Cat-burglar.


Holy bejeesus!


I wish today was Caturday.

I once knew a hispanic dude, but he was from Bay View. Maybe it's the same dude.

Cat wasn't stealing a car, that was his car. What, you think a cat can't afford a nice car like that? Don't be racist against cats, man.

That's be specist.

That'd be specist.

woot for the promo - the red cat is my capoeira instructor! awesome to see this getting extra coverage :-) half the other people in the clip do capoeira as well. adelaide crew stepping it up to global!

I wonder what Cat Face would think of this:


Ceiling Cat is watching you drive a Toyota

This reminds me of that song "pussy" by LOA...

They should turn that into a movie.

@ J. Awesome Chobot

EVERY DAY is Caturday, but I still love you for thinking otherwise.

This is stupid and does NOT belong in the "So Freaking Cool" window. Talk about lowering your standards - cats and a Toyota...two things I hate. If they ran over cats WITH the Corolla, then we'd have something to start with. Something with this post just stinks.

Toyota is now targeting furries?

...I think the soundtrack for the commercial should have been "Kitty" by Presidents of the USA.

"Kitty on mah foot and I wanna touch it!"

@32: It worked for Orangina. I think.

My eyes....zey are burnink...

That was so wierd and yet entertaining.

I'm pretty sure my cats do stuff like this while I'm at work.. makes them hungry!


Yeah! Kitty power! :-)

Since when did ninja use capoeira? Listen, I know the whole "ninja" thing is cool on the internets about 5 years ago, but just because they use a form of martial arts doesn't automatically make them ninja.

are you sure?
'cause I thought that the kitten-head people were so totally real!

real... my friend's cat grew to the size of like a small boy and was able to walk on its back legs.

the movement of a cat's face was amazing.

that cat is too cute

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

of course the cat people are real...
this is so cute

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