Nov 25 2008New Cop Car Designed For Cops, By Cops


The Carbon Motors E7 is a new police cruiser that addresses safety and performance issues neglected due to the current practice of retrofitting Crown Victorias/Impalas.

Right now fire departments, emergency medical technicians, the military, and even mail carriers all use vehicles built specifically for them. But the country's 800,000 law enforcement first-responders drive dangerously retrofitted family sedans.

The E7 is being hailed as THE purpose-built vehicle for police officers. It was designed to jump curbs, safely detain criminals, be fuel efficient (40% more than current cruisers), and detect biological, chemical and radiation threats. In total, it has over 100 new features specifically requested by officers. Unfortunately, not a single one is a cup holder in the back.

Hit the jump for a video of the car.

Carbon Motors E7 [motorauthority]

Thanks to guate6, whose modified Camry could kill this thing.

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what i don't understand is, why get new cars when........
i lost it..

it was important though....

buy something or call or something...damn

Man you americans are f***ing paranoid. Radiation detectors?
Cool car tho.

I want to see someone hijack one of these.
Both to see if it's difficult to take and to see how hard it is to catch.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This reminds me of the scene in the movie Never back down where evil robots come out of space and one in the form of a cop car manaces Max looking for his grandfather's spectacles.

We should have robot cops with jet packs instead. Then police cars wouldn't need to be designed.

Suicide doors? Bad idea.

Lambo doors? Nice.

Cop car with stylish features of a tricked out whip? Lame

Cop car with the Dalai Llama driving in it? Very nice.

Cop car that looks like the KITT car? Niiiiiicccceeee!!!

This is actually the only cop car that I liked here in
Nice job GW! You made my day.

Not too much! Wow wow wee wah!


I totally think police officers should get this car. My number one reason? I hate having to slow down every time I see a dark colored Crown Victoria behind me, especially at night. I could totally pick this thing out of my rear view mirror. Cops totally need thier own distinctive car. Maybe a distinctive bike too. I'm always looking out for those pesky BMW's.

Pew pew pew!

Begs the question, where will they install the doughnut dispenser?

I think it looks great and while I'm not a big fan of cops, I think it's a necessity.

Also, it looks like something out of Robocop.

Police should be forced to ride donkeys.

This is a great idea. In these tough economic times, we should spend how much? per cop car so they don't feel left out or inferior to fire departments, ambulances or even mail carriers. Boo hoo.

Police should be "Paid on Commission" & ride donkeys.

Yay, now my boyfriend won't die when chasing after criminals in shitty ass cars!

Did you notice the "Molded" back seat? One solid piece of plastic for easy hose-ability.

Future monopoly. Great waste of Tax dollars.

"Ha Ha nice car officier...but can your car do this? Phoooshhh" (car flies away) said the bad guy.


here, in the jesus belt, they drive chevy tahoes.

Every motherf***er down here drives a chevy truck.
They all look the same at night!

Methinks they do this on purpose?

All of those departments that are beneficial get upgrades. Fire department, ambulance, mail carriers. The cops that ticket me for driving "too fast" (relative), not completely stopping at stop signs (even at the moments when it is perfectly safe to do so), rolling through cross walks when there are pedestrians at the curb (whether they are intending to cross or not), incorrectly mounted license plate (even when it is clearly within the law), and all of that other crap can die in their "shitty ass car" chasing after this "criminal". Maybe the promise of new vehicles will make them less of an asshat? I think not! Do cops need an ego boost? I think not. Do they need to be respected by the community for busting bad guys instead of good citizens such as myself? Yes.
Let them have their crappy cars until they prove that they will be used to protect us from robbers, rapists, and vandals.

It's the police version of the Batmobile. I don't want cops with the ability to "jump curbs." It gives them the notion that they SHOULD jump curbs - and that's where I drive and I don't feel like sharing my sidewalk with anyone. Hence my preference for running down the pedestrians I find walking there - on MY sidewalk. So keep the cops in the streets where they should be.

I could totally see this in use on Rodeo Drive:
APB over the radio: *Code 15...Code 15 in progress at COACH*
Driver: "Hang on rookie, you're gonna see some action on this shift."
Rookie: "What's a Code 15?"
Driver: "There having a 30% Winter Sale."
Rookie: "Double-time Boss."

Well this is just great new cops cars means more troble for me althought. 9 has a good point they will be easier to pick out of a trafic jam and once hijacked I don't think they will be stopping me. So we will have to see how these babies work out.

And p.s. cops should ride trycicles

Man, i wish everyone would stop saying "WWW" for their websites in ads.

But nothing beats a well-trained donkey.

Great, another car to get harassed by.... Can't wait

@13,17 They claim that the car will be priced similarly to current retrofit cars. If that's true then with the better fuel efficiency this should actually save tax dollars. Plus if they really are more durable that the current cars, we'll save even more money by not having to replace them as often.

@7 The suicide rear doors are supposed to make it easier to get a suspect into the back seat without hurting either the suspect or the cop. Not sure how much of a difference it makes but it seems to make some sense when you think about what it takes to get a struggling person into a car safely.

Overall I think this is a brilliant idea. I particularly like the rear seats and seat belts designed to accommodate someone wearing handcuffs (keeps those in the back safer) and the front seats are designed to be more comfortable when wearing all the equipment cops use (maybe they'll be less cranky when they pull you over).

great, take away more sales from GM, ford and chevy...THATS what we need right now.

too bad the fuel efficency selling point is out the window as of this past week.

such an obvious effort to grab up and profit off as much "homeland security" funding as possible.

#5, your "FAKE!" posts are getting tiresome. Please, enough already.

What is this? Robocop's car? I think cops just wanna look cool to pick up more hookers ahah

At 0:32 it seems like is about to say [i]something[/i] else...

I've been wiping my ass with that stuff for like 25 yrs and now I have Hemroids. So who is the dumn one now you or me the guy who wipes his ass with Cop Car Designed For Cops, By Cops!!!

I've spent a good amount of time in a cop car the front... idk, they get along just fine in the cars they have.. the flashlight holder seems like a bit of an overkill.. and the lo jack makes me giggle, but there's some improvements like the solid backseat (no place to hide your stash) and it saves money on gas, so in my humble opinion- i say looks great.

@20, your obviously the asshat in those situations.. only f***tards get tickets for stupid shit like that, and if your dumb enough to get called out on it- well then you probably deserve to get the ticket- which will fund their fancy new automobiles.. just sayin..

In before:






Who the f*** is Daisy?
Quick somebody run her over!

@ #28

Well, either GM, Ford or Chevy should have thought of something like that. At least there seems to be demand for this car.

My friend's dad drives an unmarked Dodge Charger. Well, it has a logo on the passenger door. Otherwise, it's unmarked. And ready to hunt you down.

If I drove this car, I might be tempted to use Precision Immobilization Techniques, running reckless drivers right off the road. Sorry #21, gotta borrow that sidewalk for a bit.

It's a good thing I don't drive a Hummer. Or a Volvo.

cool car, looks like it needs to be in a video game like need for speed 5457547

Crown Vics are very fuel efficient compared to some cars. I think if they wanna save fuel they need to SLOW DOWN when not pursuing someone. In NJ police often accelerate faster and drive much faster than other cars even when they are not pursuing someone. I have had them race up to my bumper at very high speed many times, no lights or siren, just to get me to move over so they can continue speeding. I often see the same car sitting along the road trying to catch speeders 5 min later.

@20, well actually my boyfriend dosn't do ridiculous car stops, he works in the city and has real crime to deal with, like drug dealers and people shooting at him. I've seen the cars they give him to drive and they truly are pieces of shit, some of them barely work, most don't even have computers. So get your head out of your ass and stop driving like a jackass and you won't get pulled over. Every few weeks I get to hear about how his car randomly stopped working or the damn wheel just fell off, it would be nice if they at least got cars that don't randomly have crap falling off of them.

Yeah? Does it turn into a robot warrior from another planet? does? Well....good then...


I agree Daisy, at first look I thought it was a redesigned Barracade for Transformers 2.

Amy, STFU. Nobody cares that you have a boyfriend, let alone that he is a cop. Every cop I've ever met is more crooked than most "suspects".


Shut the f*** up!!!'re very annoying to read.

" a molded transport compart makes ease of hosing it out and concealing evidence when you've tazed and beat a suspect to death "

And how much will we be paying for these new cars? This was the one department that DIDN'T spend 250 grand per vehicle bass price. I have a feeling this is more of a car you'd see on cribs, & thats a bad sign.

not cool or legit until it's endorsed by that guy from world's deadliest police chases

I think this is awesome, looks like the stole the contours from the new chargers, but hey, let em have some fun. They save lives.

It's not entirely true that fire & EMS use custom built trucks. Many small EMS services use retro fitted vans and fire officers use the same cars & SUV's that the police use. In fact, many fire command trucks have been donated by police departments that have upgraded their own units. I'm all for police having safe cars to drive, but I don't like the fact that they throw fire & EMS under the bus to do it. And if they find me a retro fitted Durango that can carry a 105' ladder, then I'm sure I'll find you a fire department that would run it.

1:02 wtf does "Homeland Security" have to do with giving out speeding tickets...give me a f***ing break. NBC detector? I call bullshit.

radiation detectors!!! i need those, you mom was a 'blast'.... get :(

this is a smart idea like suppose somone was holding a gun, and then the car came by...and because the flashing lights giving seizures, the man fires his young adopted son... the cop see him and arrest him! Thus giving the cop more money. Brilliant way to get cops more money!

that is a f***ing nice steering wheel
most peopl in this video are bald
1;54 reminds me of my job when i was at playboy except my expressions were better

Retrofitting family sedans.
Stupid reporting. Reporters read what Carbon Motors wants the public to believe.
All Carbon Motors did was retrofit an Acura (Honda) TL. Ok? Isn't that an imported family sedan.
Why don't they show pictures of the rear. Because people will catch on that it's an Acura with new bells and whistles. Plus there isn't enough leg room in the back. And, the space is going to get worse when and if they add the seperation wall to keep the criminal from kicking the front seats and spitting on the police men.

this is f***ing stupid, cop cars already have "molded plastic" back seats. and do you really think that a car needs more bells and whistles than necessary? a radiation detector? and crown vics have no problems w curbs... i do think the doors are a good idea, tho. but all this talk about a "dangerously retrofitted'? wtf is that about?


@51 there's already a separation wall built in, and the leg room looks better that a lot of cars I've ridden in.

is there any officers, problem ???!!

~Damn Duke boys at it again Jimbo~

HEV suit in car form.

Kind of makes you want to commit a crime just to get into the back seat of that car.

I love all the cop bashing. I'm not a cop, I don't have any friends who are cops, but at least I realize that they do more good than harm. Are there crooked cops? Yes. Do they pull people over for "dumb reasons"? Yes. Would the country go to shit without them? More than likely. I loathe getting into internet arguments, but the ridiculous anarchist bullshit that people say gets me riled up sometimes. Really, can't you just think about it logically for a minute?

I'm with GRAMMARNAZI on this: shut the f*** up!!!

...and donkeys, too.

Reminds me of the Robotcop car, i guess we're going in the right 80s futuristic direction?

Lame. Crown Victoria's aren't great but they are cheap as chips and easy to repair. Even if these new rides are sold at the same price I'll bet the maintenance contracts and spare parts aren't as cheap and as for claims of durability – there's a simple rule there, what are the cabbies driving? cause those guys don't care about anything except fleet running costs and that's why they stick with the Vic (crap though it is). As for the extra features – radiation? chemical? well that's about 0.0001 percent of crimes catered for - phew! And Kerb Jumping ability? I don't fcking think so! Let them get their asses out of the car and run the last yard. Lets see the manufacturer give a few out to departments and let them run them for a 200k patrol miles before this deal is done. if its durability and economy they're after stick them in Toyotas - sorted. Also, you'd have to be nuts to put public money behind a car start-up company -where's the track record in after service etc?

Here's a pic of the Carbon E7 in action.

Amy @15 & @40


I want you to put on some bumper (like blade to strike well) and to looks like horrible.

I want to see your car fully armed.


Yeah I just read the paper the other day about these. Their building them here in Indiana, using an old factory building and setting it up to manufacture the E7.

Safety Standard..... Notice the suicide

Wow...Interesting car, but does it go "VROOM!"? Probably not. I bet my 1970 Chevy can outrun it. Lol. Well, all my ramblings I wanted to say have already been said...
Huh...radiation detectors...

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fukin "BIG BROTHER" at its best!!!!!! our pathetic country is in a serious recession but what r we most worried about?..........FUKIN COP CARS!!!!!!!seriously priorities r all sorts of backwards!!! JOY!!!!

For one're an idiot. The company who makes this car is privately owned and they are suppling this country's workforce with jobs. You on the other hand are sitting behind your computer talking out your ass about something you obviously know nothing about.

@5 you say that about all of the Geekologie posts. STFU.
Now that I've gotten that out of the way, this is so badass, I think I may die of awesomeness overdose. I am SO becoming a cop. I'd use every little excuse to drive like a maniac in that;

rookie in passenger seat; *in a small voice after throwing up* sir? ARE YOU MOTHER F***ING INSANE? THAT"S A BAT FOR CHRIST'S SAKES!
rookie in passenger seat; *begins praying*

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