Nov 21 2008Kitty Born With Two Faces Is Cute, Meow-y


A kitten was born in Australia on Wednesday with two faces. It is super cute and made me wish all pets had more faces. But then I realized how expensive it would be to feed all those extra faces, and decided it wasn't so awesome afer all.

The two-faced feline was one of three in a litter and appears to be doing well.

It hasn't got a name yet, but the owner is thinking of calling it Quasi Modo, according to local news Web site

Yeah, Quasi Modo, that won't f*** it up for life. You might as well saw off a couple legs and name it Cripples.

A closeup after the jump.


Two-Faced Kitten Born in Australia [foxnews]

Thanks to Bryan and Katto, both of whom have seen the three-headed monkey on Monkey Island.

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Reader Comments


it's a freak!


Name him 2-face!!!!!! I know, not original, but awesome nonetheless!!!!


Aw, it sucks we live in a world where this is most probably just photo shopped, pretty sure it's just a rip off of one of Rocknrolla's sub-plots.

Jk... I'm not that unsporty but it is cute in a weird mutated kind of way...


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is like the scene from the movie Never Back Down where Max has a threesome with Baja & her sister Daisy, then Baja gets jealous after Max gives her sister anal & calls Max two faced.

@7 Damn, you are an unoriginal sad sack. Damn man, do you like have your finger tapping the F5 key 24/7 on this place or what?

it's cute when it's a kitten. that thing is gonna look straight evil when it's all growed up. plus, i wouldn't know which one to make out with.

I've seen better photoshopping at a preschool that was teaching young kids how to use photoshop for the first time, because the kids were young, and barely knew how to use photoshop, can I get an Amen?

Damn ...not fast enough...

i´d hit it.
and i´m not talking about the girl.

I know it's not a dog, but how could you NOT name it Cerberus?

...and missing a head. I take it back. I'd name it Duo.

Monkey Island rules!! woooooo!!

when we finally get genetically engineered pets, i'll be in line to custom order 2-headed pets. it'll be the best xmas ever!

Yikes! Drown that thing in the rain barrel, stat!

awww! it's the new kitty god! sphinx are hideous.

Two faces, three noses? Or can I not tell because I'm reading this from my cell

How about naming it Janus, the two-faced roman god? Or a Bond villain who goes on to help fight a war to destroy a magical ring of invisibility. Take your pick.

"You might as well saw off a couple legs and name it Cripples."


@16 - LMAO!

Didn't I tell you yesteday on the penis pasta sauce story that Aussies are cvazy? Jeez why are you surprised. Sun messes up brain, Australians genetically modify cats. Next step on the adgenda is robots. That's right GW ROBOTs that will KILL ou!


@7 Daisy, there's a predictable reaction that links anything done in Photoshop to "fake" when there is usually no such association. While the vast majority of fakes are done in Photoshop that doesn't say anything as to the legitimacy of an image one way or the other.

Ha ha! Each face would only eat half as much.

Actually, calling it Janus would be more appropriate..he was the two-faced roman god of doorways, and death. You know, cause doors are so two-faced..god those romans crack me up

fake, the shadows are all wrong, this is a scene from Never Back Down

This post reminded me of one of my favourite - albeit stolen - pseudonyms.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This reminds me of the scene where Max and Baja went out for couscous and Baja had some stuck to her chin, in the movie Never BAck Down.

The shitting on Daisy for her Never Back Down comments was good the first hundred times or so. It's getting f***ing old now though. Get a new ax to grind people!

Why is that so f***ing cute?...and freaky! I want it!

Dude this is so f***ing old.

Yeah, quit shitting on my family.

Crap a double headed ceiling cat!

i wonder if it eats from both sides of his faces

HAHAHAHA!! Priceless

Uhm, what would the cat think when it saw a bunch of cats with one face?

haha..reminds me of the cat spider jerusalem owns in warren ellis's "transmetropolitan".that cat was one hell of an evil bitch.

It died.,21598,24680159-2761,00.html

@10 the pic is not photoshopped....

FREAKY!!!!! but kwl

LOL #36 thats what I thought of when I saw it! Someone needs to photoshop a cig in one of its mouths!

PS - Transmetropolitan is awesome everyone should read it.

YES!!!! I GOT CREDITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man Im happy now, my friend and I were wondering if this would get put up and if I would get mentioned man this makes me seem sad my friend and I talking about all this all nite at a party lol yay! Im so happy credited and a red bull <3 and DAISY GO LOOK ON TODAY TONIGHTS WEBSITE ITS ON THERE AS A VIDEO hang on heres the link its been all ove the news here and now its sad that he died but he was soooo cute so yeh to all those who think its a fake check out the video link and then honistly say its a fake(not just sayin it to try piss me off) now if its not on the "fetured vids" it should b around newho yeh I is happy now

@40 - WTF? Don't go to the link, its some porn site with a bunch of trojans.

#10 - what an ass. IT'S REAL you pretentious schmuck! Now get your dick out of those preschoolers and let them Photoshop you a brain .

it looks delicious

Well, that really is a siamese cat.

#33: Now there really IS no escape.

#42: Noob. Just ignore Daisy, and maybe she'll blow up or something.

Respect o #19, thank god i typed a search or I'd look like a biter. Seriously, all two headed creatures need to be named Janus, and i think this should be a law. It's like women impregnated by the Devil and naming their (inevitable) son Damien. Just needs to be done

#41 u r a tool yeh cos a yahoo site will have porn and trojans dambass

UPDATE: The rare two-faced kitten born in Midvale on Wednesday, which captured the world's attention, has died.

The Kitten, which was being kept at its owners home with its mother and two siblings, died late yesterday after getting fluid in its lungs.


Wow, all I need now is a bun, relish, onions and ketchup.


....not the cat, thats definitely real! The shadows are all wrong on the lip piercinhg however soo fake!

F*** you guys are dumb. this is not a fake. It was on 7 news (Australia) a few nights back (with full HD video and interview). The thing is a mutation, it can see out of all eyes, but feeds out of one mouth. Thankgod the thing died, it was probably suffering the whole time, but the greedy owner decided she could cash in the story.

Regardless of the stupidity of the fellow above, I promise all we Aussies aren't clueless, it is true that the poor little kitten did die over the weekend.

Your post fails. My post stated the facts.
1) the image is real
2) the cat is a mutilation
3) the cat died from 'fluid in it's lungs' - which would be a very painful way to die.
4) Any decent vet would have put it down straight away, the cat would have suffered its whole life.
5) "I promise all we Aussies aren't clueless" - the fact you made a grammatical error when writing that sentence doesn't really help us.

i dont like that cat, its 2 faced. do ya think its got 18 lives.

Hey look!! It's the perfect pet for our next president.

Normally I am not a "cat person," but this one is OK.

Sorry Geekologie Writer, but thi9s has to be photoshopped.

I live in Perth Western Australia where this kitten was born... it is about 35min from me and unfortunately the poor little thing passed away early Sunday Morning =(
100% NOT fake (for all those people who thik they are photoshop spotting pros (obviously not as great as you think you are, are you!)

yeah most all of them two faced animals f***ing die within a couple of days of being born

Loose-fitting is good- Form fitting clothing restricts the blood flow inhibits the correct breathing techniques. You should be able to able to perform various yoga poses. Try yoga shorts, sweat clothes, Leotards or yoga pants.

And now it's dead...

Someday it will work in the Kremlin with a Two-Headed dog.....

The cat is a Mutilation? Watch who you're picking on for grammar buddy?

No matter how good a vet is, they can't just go around euthanising other people's animals whenever they feel like it, otherwise they would've put you down long ago.

did anyone else notice that the cat's bleeding on top of his head, well anywho we can all agree this is god's cerberus prototype, and that creepy lady looks like she's about to eat the cat.... that would be a cool article.... but yet yur articles are really cool....
did anyone else notice a samurai in the back trying to kill the cat?

-> 54
p.s. I referred to you as clueless because you actually argued with the claims it was FAKE!

The kitten has a very cute faces, too bad about the chicken feet though.

so did anyone see the photographers last name being POON!!!

It's not a fake.
I'm from Australia,
and it was all over the news last week.
It's very cute now,
but when it grows up,
it's gonna scare A LOT
of little kids. :S
plus me. haha

Name idea.... Gemini

CUTE!!!!! But might not be real. Still Adorable! Cats RULE!!!!!!!!

How about One-Two?

my face is photoshopped

It's not fake, there are multple cases of this happening, here is a video of one from Ohio:

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are the two faces active?

Cute? Are you kidding? *shiver* That thing will haunt my nightmares.

can I has too cheezburgurz?

so so so cute hope it is actually real oh well can i buy it.

all you others that say drown it or it's scary.GROW UP AND GO F****** YOURSELF

hey peoples real or not don't go disin it ITS CUTE ya whatever i don't care go f**** yourselfs UP THE ASS. F*** U LATER

Look behind you a two headed kitty !

Ok you guys who say this is photoshopped are idiots. The story was done by Fox news, Fox may do a lot of crap but, they dont photoshop and make up stupid stories. They arent a tabloid. Do some research before you go making lame claims.

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