Nov 3 2008How To Get Hit By A Bus: The Immersion Scarf


Ooooh, I like that tie. The Immersion Scarf is basically a smaller version of a whatever the hell you'd call this thing. But, instead of being used in conjunction with a computer, it was designed for use with cell phones and portable gaming systems. And no so much for warmth and privacy as much as anti-glare and privacy. So yeah, totally different. Nope, no idea theft going on here at all. And also, no plagiarism. Just kidding, I copy/pasted this shit from your mom's blog. Funny lady!

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures.



Immersion Scarf: When you absolutely, positively need to look like an idiot [slipperybrick]

Thanks to Richthegringo, who's learning Spanish through correspondence course.

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1st eees

Oh my goodness! This is very cool! Is it real? I seriously can't tell. It's such a great idea, I just wish it was real. Good photoshop job though, and very awesome! Oh yeah, and I am first?


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadows are all wrong.

It is however almost exactly like the scarf Baja wore in the movie Never Back Down.

@2 Are you fail?

if i ever see anyone with one of these on, they're getting a wiffleball bat straight to the back of the skull.

Hi #4!! I don't know who or what that means. But, nope! Bye! :)

Sorry @2. I was wearing this scarf while I was posting and was distracted by all the laughter.

I'm going back to not linking to my myspace....
@6....we know who you are.

I just figured out how to solve my speeding problem. With the Immersion Scarf, my eyes will never be off my speedometer again!

yeah no

@9, Then all you'll need is something to fix your impending paralysis and you'll be set!

if i see one of these out in public. i would grab the device, and stretch it back. hoping that it flicks back at their face like a sling shot.

Hi Diesel!! I know who you are too! Hi! :)

made by muggers for victims...

using this product in public is truly the best way to get your shit stolen

And I love that I get to you! :)

I don't see the practical-ness of this, I walk around and play not sit...

@ 15 Not sure anything gets to LSD...he's pretty nonchalant about everything except his secret lover Daisy...anyway I digress

These things look like your ripping your face off with a piece of cloth wrapped around your face. Which reminds me, this would be a good thing if your a Fugly and dont want people to see your hideousness, yet still play with yourself. Or I'd def. get one so I could watch porn in public.

this looks like a porno- thing

What a failure.

Awesome... Geekologie is (unwittingly?) advertising an anti-gay marriage proposition to me right now. I'm sure that GW has no control over that, but heads up dude-- your blog is spreading ignorance and evil.

Nice shoes.

I'll take 3 of them.

Its like wanting to get mugged while wearing a retarded head scarf.

Can you imagine if you sneezed in that thing? Not to mention, that would be hot as hell on your face.

maybe it works though... based on the picture of the person in the park, if anyone sees you wearing this thing, they will assume you are completely out of your mind and clear the hell out.

I've just patented my newest invention. It's a sleeping bag with a flashlight taped on the inside, and it's designed for public porn-viewing. Magazine only so far, we're working on laptop add-ons.

Wooot finally I can watch my favorite pron movies in public. Need a bigger on for around the waste.

oh wow those are totally my favorite ninja turtles.

Everyone needs a Thneed.

@20 - KEWL!!!!!!

would be funny if someone used this at night. the killer would probably choke the victim with this thing too.

maybe i need more coffee but that thing looks very bondagey... and i've just made that a word. yay!


Virtue is a jewel of great price.

I wanna get hit by a bus so bad.

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