Nov 27 2008Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pongs With Nunchucks

This is an ad for a special Bruce Lee edition Nokia N96. It's an oldschool looking video of Bruce Lee playing ping-pong with nunchucks. It's obviously real because Bruce Lee learned martial arts from God himself and once got a chick pregnant with a single karate chop. Nine months later, you were born. Feliz cumpleaños!

Hit the jump for another ad of Bruce lighting matches with the chucks.

Enter The Ping-Pong [kontraband]

Thanks to KXHone, who once played ping-pong with a samurai sword.

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Reader Comments

First. Fake


wooooo totaly real! anything bruce lee does is freakin real!

Racism lives
and respect for dead people

Who the hell cares if it's not real! It"s awesome!--f***ing freaky awesome.


Woah, where's Daisy? This post has been up for more than 5 minutes and she hasn't posted on these "obviously" real videos yet? Is she sick? I think someone should go check on her.

That was totaly awsome. Bruce Lee was the best, right behind Jet Li. He would take on four at a time wnd kick ass.

It's too bad he wasn't still around to see the awesomeness that Chuck Norris has become.

Yep, no need for Daisy on this one, she's got a point...the shadows are way off...even a broken clock is right twice a day.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is absolutely like the movie Never Back Down where Baja reveals her chinese pingpong skills by paralyzing Max with her mind & a Del Taco milkshake while defeating the ever so critical GW rebels with rubber duckie paddles while chatting in the wheel of fortune chatroom about pirate maps, jetpacks and mtv raps. All this happened right before Max ingested star wars puppets that were laced with cocaine, mashed potatoes & gravy - something he'd won on wheel of fortune after making a controversial appearance wearing nothing more than a cardboard box & talking about how stupid people can be for driving so poorly on icy roads & complaining about Daisy posts on geekologie.

I wasn't going to frequent this site that much untill I read daisy's comments. I just about piss myself every time!

BTW bruce lee is king

Wow that was amazing.

Oh Please, Bruce Lee IS God!!!

WTF is wrong with daisy??? dried up cunt has got nothing else to do??

@15 Didn't you notice there is more than one now? Just ignore the trolls, they love to piss you off.
Does look fake tho... The cheesy "whoosh whoosh" noises are not helping to convince me either .

@ GW hahahahaha! Feliz cumpleaños!!!

Pretty sick, the only way to beat an Asian at ping pong is with ANOTHER Asian, but with nunchucks!

this is fake. as a bruce lee fanatic.. i can tell this is complete bs. for one.. look at it frame by frame.. it's not his face. for two.. he's got a slimmer more defined body. and for three.. the quality of the video is just waaaay too sharp for that time.


Oh my f***ing god, I hate #11, Daisy, and that f***ing "FAKE!!!" shit he/she posts in Every f***ing post, I want to tape his/her eyes open and pee in them.

Damn fine vids :oD

Can somebody please explain to me what the ''This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong'' is all about. And what the f*** has the movie Never Back Down got to do with it!??

Bruce Lee is the Messiah.

And Daisy, for breathing "fake" near the demi-God, now has a life full of karma trap doors.

OK n00bs, here's your link to the beginning of the end. The thread that started the NBD ref's...

Bruce Lee always had an issue with shadows and frame by frame on film, he was too damned fast for the cameras... c'mon I see a few people who claim to be true fans, you should know that they had to change the speed and filming technique to capture his movements...


I has a nunchuck

@ Thumper, maybe its was Daisy?

If it was daisy then we have her IP.

Only one contribution, and that was the very first appearance of meme on the nbd wiki entry.

Of course it's fake. Who cares? Still cool. Bruce Lee is the man unlike all you affliction T-shirt wearing mother f***ing faggots that think because you wear a shirt you're suddenly on your way to becoming a professional fighter. If you were such a man you wouldn't have gone crying to the cops about some punk making you his bitch and tossing your military ID into the street. A marine and wearing an affliction T-shirt and still gets punked = ultra faggot.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is obviously the film Max viewed as part of his extensive martial arts training in the movie Never Back Down.

@ Thumper
That's ridiculous. If you go to the Flabber link, you can pretty much read what went on here, only in dutch. Well I assume - I don't actually know how to speak other languages. But really, this doesn't seem like something that could be wrong.


Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris... sorry

Thumperchica, I know where the NBD reference started, but do you remember where the photoshop and shadow reference started?

30: What the f***?? If you're going to post a Daisy comment on a topic that's already been Daisy'd, at least try and make it worth reading with some creativity! That was lame, ghey, effortless and pointless after reading all of 11's nonesense about del taco and bacon ice cream (which was us

25: Too funny. Is it possible to tell when that was added to Wiki? If it's been there for awhile or was just added??

I found the following after googling 'This is an obvious photoshop job & 'You can tell it's a fake because the shadows are all wrong' I wonder how many boards are hit with 'Daisy comments' like this one.... ((Comment #7))

Woops - In my last comment I meant to say about 11 in parenthesis was "which was usually funny" I did not mean to say "Which was us"....

This reminds me of when i used to do the same thing with a mouse. Were's the awesome you say? It was a cordless mouse...

@me .33 I think it was this one, at least this is the first I remember.

Am I wrong?

I think this is where the photoshop comments really took off though...

Sorry but yeah that is NOT Bruce Lee

@ 34/Known - you do realize that's the real daisy, right?

After looking at this video 30 or 40 times it begins to be less awesome. But, awesome none the less.

This is one of the shittier things I've seen.

After looking at this video 30 or 40 more times it begins to become more & more awesome again. But, I think I just like saying the word "awesome".


40: No I don't know who is the real and who is not.

It just seems pointless for someone to top an already comical Daisy post with a lame one like that. Then again, Daisy posts overall are pointless now, aren't they?

Daisy is nothing but a 2 bit whore.

45: Coming from you I can't tell if that's an insult or not, but I'll see if I can't get 2 bits for the cause

i think that ball is fake as well....

yeah brandt cooley! tape his eyes open and pee in his eyes!!

@28 - If you take the time to follow the IP, you find its coming from Korea. So lets just block the range 211.196.x.x -211.199.x.x and daisy is history.

inetnum: -
netname: KORNET-KR
descr: Korea Telecom
country: KR
admin-c: IA9-KR
tech-c: IM9-KR
mnt-by: MNT-KRNIC-AP
remarks: This information has been partially mirrored by APNIC from
remarks: KRNIC. To obtain more specific information, please use the
remarks: KRNIC whois server at
source: KRNIC

wow. the "Never Back Down" references are so much funnier now that I know they are actually referencing something specific, thanks for the link #24. And I'm not even a noob.

Of course it's real PHOTOSHOP DIDN'T EXISTS THEN!!


They were funny.

It was a way to get these f***ers that shouted "FAKE!!" every chance they got to shuttup.

But now Daisy took it too far, and now it's just annoying.


I don't know, Daisy is kinda funny. Reading through this thread it appears to me, if we find someone in Korea that also speaks dutch and english then we have our Daisy, and we can either kill her or buy her drinks and dinner - depending on how big her boobies are.

I really dont care what people say, fake or not fake it's f***ing cool.

F***ing awesome

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@56 good job youve learned ctrl+c keep up the good work

You guys are idiots. Not only is that NOT Bruce Lee in the videos ( you'd think people who claim to be fans could recognize one Chinese guy from another), but the videos are a produced TV commercial.

Gullibility is never in short supply...

That is not Bruce Lee but even so the video is freaking awesome. I mean pingpong with nunchucks, I can hardly play pingpong with a tennis racket. I was lmao that all that matters.


"SHUT THE F*** UP" ..... nobody asked you!!!

I was a great fan of bruce lee and was so curious to know how we

lost this legend and i found an interesting topic here and came to

know he died

If y'all would support your comments with evidence other people would be more inclined to read them. For instance, "shadows all wrong" isn't evidence. Information about the source of a fake, from a respectable publication (like a martial arts magazine), would be evidence.

Fun opinions, tho.

i think it might be real there is a bruce lee secret training vid that has him doing many crazzy things also look at the training vids of jet li

@51 lol

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

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