Nov 24 2008$450,000 Watch Features Real Moon Dust


The DNA Moon Dust Watch from Geneva watchmaker Romain Jerome was created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing is limited to a not-so-limited edition of 1,969 (get it, because of the year?).

'The case of the watch is made with steel melted with fragments of the Apollo 11.

'The dial and face is made from minerals that include real dust from the moon - this is a world first. The moon dust had been melted into it.

Each piece will run between $15,000 and $450,000, depending on the amount of moon dust (cheap bastards didn't even use cheese) and Apollo metal included. Some of the straps are even made from the fibers of a spaceshit! Wait, I meant suit, spacesuit. Anyway, this is a total ripoff. I bought an authentic angel dust watch from a tweaker for only $20. Whee, ants are crawling under my skin!

The watch that is out of this world: Timepiece made from moon dust will cost £300,000

Thanks to Uncle Eccoli, who doesn't need a moon dust watch to know it's time to party.

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Reader Comments

should be poon dust

it just looks like a filthy watch some old dude found on the beach with his metal detector. The moon landing was fake anyway so I guess it's kind of a movie prop. Still expensive for a prop tho'.

Great! 'Cuz I need to snort moon dust really bad.

poon dust doens't cost that much on dickerson rd


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is like the scene from the movie Never Back Down when Baja steals Maxs neighbors watch but is later caught admitting it in a wheel of fortune chatroom after being questioned about it when naked pictures of her and Max turned up online from a stolen cell phone that Baja lost after eating bacon flavored ice cream one day & also after she sold Max cocaine laced star wars puppets in a cardboard box from Del Taco.

@4 Hahaha! @1 Buuuuurrrrrn!!!

Hey guys! Should we make our own forum site? We'll take about how the moon is actually a giant hardened semen of a god.

And Mars is just some piece of shit that happens to revolve around the sun.

This is the ultimate geek watch

You know what? If I had the money, I'd buy that.
I'd buy everrrrrry thiiiiing *muh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa*

Not true. It doesn't have any magical powers...that we know of!

NASA must be in dire financial straits to be selling off bits of history to the swiss. At 300,000 quid, not one of our frugal fold reside in that market. Of course the face of this bauble does look of swiss cheese. In fact, I find this in its entirety, quite cheesy! And, of course they wouldn't comment on where they procured the said artifacts. It is as you see, aliens from outer space do not exist!...?


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake hbecause the shadow's are all wrong.

This is a lot like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Baja watched Max dust his watch collection and then she mooned him.

@10 - Whats a quid?

Haha, I remember when £300,000 meant $600,000 just this last July... Now it's only $450,000. A few more months of UK Pound shrinkage and any red-blooded American will be able to pick this watch up for 10 bucks.

yo geekologie writer: why do you ALWAYS add your own inappropriate commentary to your posts? do you think they're funny? now i can't show this cool stuff you put on here to anybody because it's all r-rated because of the language and references! i mean, sure, some slightly inappropriate posts are ok (just no porn or anything) , but do you really have to add swears and sexual/drug references when you post them? do we even NEED your commentary?

@14 well f*** ME!! Of course he has to put his commentary on it! SHIT! I wouldn't even come to this page if it didn't have what's on his mind. and as a matter of fact they ARE funny. Don't like it? Make your own damn website

Wow, a watch with real dust from a studio in the Nevada Desert...

Just kidding, Mr Aldrin! I think you're rad, please don't punch me.

@14 - Do they have your picture in the dictionary next to the definition of douchenozzle?

Talk about gratitude.

And youre not even brainy enough to search the interwebs for moon rock watch, or follow the link our gracious host provided.

i mostly come to this website because of all the funny shit the GW comments about, he is F***ING HILARIOUS, and i probably spelled wrong half the stuff i wrote

#12: If I remember correctly, it's an interplanetary unit of money.

But anyway, this is the first stupidly-expensive watch that sounds like it's actually worth the money if you like space and stuff like that.

its probably beach sand with cheap metal, you cant even tell time on that!!

@14 Dude be careful..... I heard the GW writer is a total psycho and the last person who said something about his blog got raped by a team of those steampunk hemaphrodites in a a screening of that awesome hit movie Never Back Down. I would move and definitely never come to this site again. Pretty smart to use the name Anonymous though for security reasons, very stealthy...He probably already put a curse on you to give you nightmares of old stopwatches and Lego robots. Right?

Doesn't having all that dirt running loose in the watch just f*** up "the works"? Just asking.

@14 - If not for his commentary... this would just be a news site. Not a blog... jackass...

AHHHH SHIIIIIITTTTT nore stuff with chimeran virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(stuffs dick in jumbo sized marshmallow peep)

Hooray for dirt!!!!

If you got water on it would it get soggy and mashed in?

DAISY 1 & 2! No apostrophe on "shadows". Please!

holy crap! the guy in the back looks like homer! why am i the only person to ever notice these important details!!??
a $450 000 watch....well atleast it was made from recycled products....another piece of history in my hand....why not if thats real lether and if i didn't work part-time as a road sweeper i might buy it

wow $450,000 watch which is £275,010 which is expensive but most expensive watch is $23million dollars which is insane all diamonds its amazing type in google in images bulgari then see what comes up $155,000 watch its beautiful shame i cant afford £100,000 becoz i dont earn money but why waste moon dust in a watch anyway no point?

Haha, I remember when £300,000 meant $600,000 just this last July... Now it's only $450,000. A few more months of UK Pound shrinkage and any red-blooded American will be able to pick this watch up for 10 bucks.


a little bit expansive for sand i think...

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