Oct 6 2008Tallest Lego Tower Record Already Beaten


Sometimes victory is fleeting. You have to realize that you can't have the tallest LEGO tower forever, and that some jerks from Vienna are probably gonna trump you within months of the feat. And that's exactly what happened. Hundreds of children helped construct the tower to celebrate the 100 Years of Friends of Children (WTF?) festival. And you know what? The kids didn't even have the common courtesy to blow the other tower out of the water. Nope, they just made theirs 7" taller, for a height of 96.72 feet. You see, that's the matter with kids these days, they're freaking lazy. If they're not playing video games, they're just barely beating world records. Seriously, somebody should build one to the damn moon already. Imagine -- a LEGO tower six miles high!

Lego Tower Record Broken [uberreview]

Thanks to Delphine, who's gonna help me start construction ASAP.

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lazy assholes. should have been at least 100ft.

sflkvervnoewirnvoie, well 3 is the closest ive gotten to first

but yea why the hell stop that short of 100.

Raise your hand if you think this is stupid.

I woulda made it to the moon and BACK!!!

I belieeeeve I can flaaayyy

Friends of Childeren festival??? are they all pervs?

*raises hand

*was already raising hand*

Common, the moon is farther than 6 miles away!

It's gotta be at least 10.


Yes, Matt. No need to sign your name on the bottom. Unless you like getting your testies spanked by the Test Tickler.

I will climb this thing and reek havoc! But seriously, how about the tallest FREE-standing lego tower. How bullshit it is with cranes and wires holding it up, might as well glue them together and use a steel frame on the inside then fill it with concrete then wrap the whole thing with metal bands which are then bolted together, wrapped in chains, dipped in gold, mounted with tripods, painted green, sprinkled with sugar, sanded down, then put 26" rims on it.

Matt: seriously? It's in ITALICS! Of course he knows it's not 6 miles...I'm sure he saw Apollo 13 years ago when it came out. Chillax.

...besides, it's more like 6.1 miles, duh!

Sucks they only made it that much higher...hell, I'd build a lego...anything really and send it over there so they can really trump the previous record...with all the legos I have, I'm sure I can make something at least six feet taller.

Agreed, where is the tallest FREE STANDING lego tower?

Why not just hop up there and add on to it?

It's ocer 225,000 miles to the moon when it's clsest to Earth. That would be one long-ass Lego tower.

I remember thinking that the tallest lego tower in the world was the one I built by myself in my basement. It went all the way to the ceiling. Ahhh, memories of my childhood....

.....okay more like last week.

...okay yesterday

oh, and btw, whoever is using my name to go around to post rediculous entries, I just want you to know you're a spineless worm who probably still has sex with both of your parents.

Forget the Space Elevator. It's a lost cause. Now, a Lego-Lift(tm) ... that I could get behind ...

100 years of kindergarden and then they making that huge tower

i live in vienna :P

now that i think about it, i like to have sex with both my parents too. so i guess that guy using my name is my twin.

...im a homo. sigh

man, would love it, if some 6 yr old kid destroys that!!!

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