Oct 8 2008Prevent Drunk Emailing: Google Mail Goggles


Google recently unveiled a Gmail application that may help prevent drunk emailing. When in use, the program requires a potential emailer to solve a few mathematical problems before the message can be sent. Pretty clever, now make something similar for cell phones and we'll be set. Or you can just subscribe to The Geekologie Writer's method of drunk messaging prevention -- dropping your phone in the pisser when you're trying to text. I touched a urinal cake with my finger!

Google's Mail Goggles Prevents Drunk Emailing [wired]

Thanks to The Superficial Writer and DJ LIBOR, who both probably regret sending this tip.

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Reader Comments

Eh, Sounds like an okay concept for those who prefer to drunk email.

You think google would make one for drunk calling/texting.

I may be drunk, but I'm second

And now that I think about it, what about drunken Math Professors? They can probably do trigonometric functions completely wasted in their sleep.

I need one of these for my phone...

The bar room hero could have used it last weekend . . .

Dear GW,

Your tags for this article are delicious.


i suck at math regardless of how intoxicated i am. how about a usb breathalizer verification? huh? yeah? shut the f*** down.

@ Daisy

Maybe you could go back to the Fake, photoshopped, never back down posts.

That is totally a fake Daisy, you can tell because the Never Back Downs are all wrong.

"I touched a urinal cake with my finger!"

We are waiting for the review of the taste. "Full bodied, with hints of berries and apples, strong finish."

"one time I texted a random person a picture of my gonads on accident"

you perv, and I've been right here, on your site this hole time!

If only it stopped me from posting on forums!

Prevents drunken emails? How will i ever email at work?

this is NOT fair to dislexicted poepel, si ti?

I'm sotally tober

alright, fine, you caught me. i am totally the fake Daisy. but you can obviously tell because my shadows are all wrong and i frequently Back Down.

i'm looking for a dude that i can make out with for a couple hours. ;)~(=

I thought you were a dude? eww

@8 - I totally LOL'd...
If they could ad this to my cell phone text service, it would save me a lot of trouble...
I am a drunken texter...

and I love the tag lines... They were actually funnier than this post - which was hard with this one... Good Job GW!!!

f***ing perfect

whas up thumperdchich u wannt to come overe and parrtie illl bring thne luv oils

and to whoever sent me that mssg on myspace, i can't respon w/o adding you, and your add feature is beyond excessive... sorry, but HI

I've got an imposter now!

Whoever you are, thanks!

If you were here, I'd kiss you on the BH.

Thanks for touching me last night in the men's bathroom.
It was nice, Call me!

What ever happened to Smoking Girl, i miss her.

Writer: excellent tags...put a smile on my face and all. Great work

Neat idea, they should have this application for all phones.


This is so crap... Who uses Googlemail anyway?

Fake or not, the Daisy posts are actually funny this time! Bravo!

As someone who get's WAY too excited at the thought of answering simple arithmetic questions against a time limit, I'm all for this.

By the way, top form GW!! Absolutely crying with laughter. I've also dropped my phone in the pisser whilst texting, then washed it in the sink, dried it under the hand drier and took it home to put in the oven for a couple of minutes. All the buttons on the left side still work!

Because electronics + urine + soapy water + intense heat = AWESOME

never had that problem with sms or mail.

forums on the other hand!

pretty weak shit, computers and drinking is the whole point of life

I have a special talent when I'm drunk.....Throwing up in your car.

They do have that feature as a pay service in Europe for your cell phone. It was originally to stop drunk calls to your boss. As far as my computer goes, the CD tray holds @ least a 22 oz.

Drunk e-mailing is easy. Now e-mailing on mescaline? Totally different. It's hard to type when the keyboard wants to bite off your fingertips.

If the Google crew were smart they could make the guy give his credit card numbers

wow who carez when im drunk i cant even talk stright let alone type i can understand druken phone callz but emailz really

For the geekologie writer, Theymake an application on the T-Mobile G1 called Drunk Blocker that does the same thing only it dosn't allow you totext or talk to certain people when you get drunk.

I just love the stuff you put on here:)
<3 you Geekologie writer!:3

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