Oct 6 2008Passengers Worried X-Ray Security Shots Will Wind Up On Facebook And Myspace


Passengers are worried that pictures from a new x-ray security camera, the "virtual strip search", will end up online and display their privates for the whole social networking world to see.

Readers feel the new security measure has gone too far.

"Sure as heck, some customs officers will make snide remarks about young girls with breast implants and people with piercings in private locations. You betcha some will appear on Facebook or MySpace," said a post on news.com.au

However, authorities insist there's nothing to worry about.

"Faces are blurred and images are not saved and cannot be transferred," said Office of Transport Security executive director Paul Retter.

Oh yeah, because I'm dying to see some fuzzy monochromatic images of a chick's privates on Facebook. Wait....I think I am. Sweet!

Passengers fear airport "virtual strip search" [news.com.au]

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Reader Comments

Tengo MIEDO!


cant wait for my balls to be on your computers im always in the airport

It makes people feel safer about flying? How much "safer" do people want to feel? You are 30,000 feet above terra firma. You probably have a better chance of dying to a malfunction in the airplane than you do to some shmuck bringing a weapon on board. I can't even get on a plane with a cup of coffee from the airline's very own lounge because it's "a security threat." At what point is enough security, enough?

make a x-ray cup with a secrect message on the front

great, first the "sniffer" and now an X ray machine... what has the world come to?

oh, and she has a muffin top

Great - as if being "randomly selected" for extra screening EVERY time I fly and being molested by some burly bitch with a flashlight wasn't enough - now she'll get to visualize what she's man-handling...

..GROSS wtf is a "sniffer"?!

I'm going to wrap my junk in aluminum foil and pretend I have a cyber-dong.

So, am I to understand that they select people to do this too? I would assume they only let females view females and males view males. If not then of course you're going to end up with perverted men singling out young nubile women to scan.

Anyone know where I can sign up for this?

"images are not saved and cannot be transferred"


hmmmm, how'd this one end up here.

Oh crap- it's the gay gym teacher all over again!!!

Wonder if I can get wallet sized

I don't know what everyone is worried about, it's not like you can see the guy's penis or something?

Wait, what? Well then, smarty pants, where are her boobs if that is a woman?

The images are obviously have to be saved...how else would you be able to use them to make a case in a trial??

It'll be so embarrassing if the inspectors/monitors sees my lonely single nut!
I'm never gonna travel again.

@12 very good point. and im sure none of the security people have a camera phone, and none of them could take a picture of the screen. but who really cares about that shit its not like you can tell who is in the image anyways. im more worried about the fact that you will be getting exposed to more radiation for what purpose. so people can have a false sence of security

Obviously, any security person, or anyone near security with a camera can "save" one of these images. Sheesh.

@5, 10: Hint: Airport security has no humor. None.

Well, okay, they have some humor, but it involves making you really late... and probing.

can it pick up buttplugs?

Wow people worry over stupid shit. Do they not have anything better to worry about? Like what they're wearing or something?

@20 - The airport security folks have lightened up over the last few years. One thing I do that always gets a smile from the security guard is, while the guy looks over my passport and boarding pass, I say in a fake russian accent "I can assure you my papers are in order, Comrade".

Just sent my application, i always wanted to be a custom officer.

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