Oct 28 2008OLD!: UFO Guy Probably Tripping Constantly

You've probably seen this video before, but I hadn't. Does that make you better than me? Oh fo sho. Anyway, it's some guy that has sneaking acid onto planes down pat, rambling about a UFO siting in Chicago last winter. He reminds me of the rainbow lady, if the rainbow lady was a dude telling me my face was melting off.

Thanks to Miriam, who loves antiques as much as I do.

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Que true.

Ok "people", Aliens, E.T's whatever you wanna call yourself. Theres no proof the news reporters says? HOW MUCH MORE F***IN PROOF DO YOU NEED JACK ASS, you yourself is proof that there is life in outer space. cause you all know where standing on a ball floating in the same space right, so yea, we must deff be the only ones here, there's is noooooooooooooooooo way in hell theres is other life out there we'de be retarded to think there was... and even more retarded to think they might be more advanced then us. COME ON PEOPLE OPEN YOUR F***IN EYES!!!!!!!!11 WERE NOT ALONE!

i want some of what he's on...

What's the big deal? He's just a weird guy, not really worthy of some viral internet fad.

He is so smart and sexy...

Also hahahaha @ Sharpie.

Isn't it obvious we're not alone??? Isn't it common knowledge by now that Steve Jobs and Bill gates are alien's fighting for control of the entire human race using their machines they have in almost EVERY household / business there is?

C'mon you guys seriously


I think I know that man. He looks way too much like my cousin for comfort. I have only one choice:

Im off to commit Seppuku now, to protect my precious genes,.

I'm seeing aliens everywhere woooot. There a lot of aliens in our nation capital you just have to smoke some stuff before seeing them. But i recommend mushrooms for seeing all kind of colored aliens.

@2, 7
Its all true afterall. We aren't alone. There are 6 billion like us on this planet. It's a conspiracy.

On a serious note, I have always been a believer in other life forms ever since I saw the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith making out with my dog on my back porch. Strangely though, she didn't leave anything for me in her will.

wow.... something daisy didnt ruin...

@5.. yes. this guy is extremely handsome and i love the way he talks. he is a very wise and deep thinker. id bone him in the bh all day long then cuddle and talk about ALIEMS!

@ 11 Don't be so sure.

also am I the only one have trouble understanding this line?

"It's some guy that must have sneaking drugs onto planes down pat talking about a UFO siting in Chicago last winter."

i keep trying to understand what GW was saying, but it makes no sense to me. anyone?

@13 ya ive noticed some mistakes in other articles... gettin lazy? just a slip? we all do it and its still funny stuff but he needs to read his shit before he posts it.

It IS JUST some guy (SOME GUY that must have sneaking drugs onto planes down pat) talking about a UFO siting in Chicago last winter."
As in, "It is just some guy talking about a UFO siting in Chicago last winter. Some guy that must have a thorough knowledge of sneaking controlled substances onto commercial airline flights for in-flight use.

Two missing coma's and you can't figure it out? C'mon, are you new to the internet?

Dude- I live in Chicago, many MANY people reported something at O'Hare that punched its way vertically through the cloud cover. The mechanics reported it, the guys in the tower, guys loading the planes, it was a serious deal.

My horrid spelling of comma as coma probably made it worse huh?

BTW - who cares if we're the only "life" in the universe, it's not like you're having Marvin the Martian over for poker next week...

@17, you should care, cause if we were all loyal respectful people we would be in contact with them. but instead us humans are full of hate and jealousy which makes us no part of whats really going on. so instead "they" formed a government, made schools, taught us only a certain amount of information and was denied access to our 3rd eye. If we would of all united this world would not be what it is today.

To all those of you who can't understand the GW, it's okay. He's obviously an alien using some dialect foreign to you, a language where perfection ISN'T required to get the point across.

I know it's strange, but together we can decipher it and make sense of this whole thing.

What a bunch of tards.

@19 FAIL

Can i be the first one to say first in this post?

Can i be the first one to say first in this post?

Wow, i even said it two times, that makes me twice the man i guess

Sharpie, if you don't get some more respect for your uncle Diesel, I swear I'll hunt you down and force you to make replicas of star wars ships using nothing but q-tips and your own semen.

That guy is my new hero. Aliens could be made of water, lol! Uh... We are made of water.

LSD if you dont take your head out of your ass and see me as a little nephew rather then a piece of ass im going to cal the cops. im sick and tired of your dick plunging in my ass for every comment i make.

Sharpie, I apologize. Things here at the office have been kind of rough, so when I come home, I don't want to talk about your day, I just want to abuse your asshole and not think about life.

I didn't realize it was starting to hurt you. I'm sorry sweetie, here, take my card and go buy yourself some new shoes.

that's much better

He wants to BELIEVE IT!

Also, it's not just two missing commas, it's the complete lack of coherence and the use of "siting" as though it made sense.

Wow i just bumped the australian party dute out of my all time hero position for this guy. "They could be made of water" touche

Sharpie, I hate to HAVE to point this out to you...
You do realize that you started out here bitching that christians/etc. were judging your beliefs and that it was wrong...
And you haven't stopped shoving your New Aged Alien Love down our throats since right?
I don't come here for spiritual enlightenment, GTF off the high horse and chill out.

Wow... this guy is going to Arizona to see air force one? This guy is soooo knowledgeable about UFOs! They must be real!

Area 51 is a decoy- air force one is the real thing! They're out there! Exclamation point!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadows are all wrong.

It looks more like a deleted scene from the movie Never Back Down.

drugs are bad, drugs are good
see little mean greens runnin in da hood

i cant believe he said that there are aliens made of water what shit was he smokin to come up with that

holy shit ballz! don't mess with texas, it's not nice to pick on retards! and shame on you WGN. you'd figure if the news was actually trying to snag a credible witness for whatever dumbf*** story they were covering, they wouldn't pick the first most tripping balls, hippie numbnuts they could find. leave that kinda journalism for fox news. fair and balanced.

whoever started to criticize me for criticizing the GW, get over yourself. i just didn't understand what he was trying to say, but if you want to start freaking out about the internet and grammar, go right ahead.

p.s. daisy, will you marry me?

@35 Man you're ignorant. Humans are ~70% water. Most life on earth (microscopic, but accounting for the majority of the earth's entire biomass, including all plants, animals, and insects) is composed of even more water than that. Statistically, we are far more likely to discover a predominantly water-based lifeform than any other. Don't dismiss everything that idiot says just because he's an idiot.

@ Ali - i read that line like 7 times.
So "down pat" means that the person is good at said action? If so then I don't think i'll have to go back for number 8.

Man, why isn't anyone "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE"ing me on my comment? F***. I thought it was really clever.

Wow thats awesome

Kinda reminds me of Owen Wilson

@ Ali-Don't worry, it wasn't that easy to comprehend. I don't get with why certain people had to jump at you for trying to understand something, that wasn't even written correctly in the first place.

Has anyone checked out thumperchica's or LSDdiesel's myspace pages? Can you say 'ugly'? No? Well than can you say 'fat'? Ok, good. One of the two will suffice. Late 20's retardation really does kick in I guess? Must be something about getting old.

...here come the predictable responses.

Damn, that guy is a riot!

He definitely has bedroom eyes.

What does the "P" on the shirt mean? Police?

First, this guy is kinda cute with a great smile and great hair. Just needs to lose a little weight.

Second, this is fake. He's not even from the South. If he were truly a Southern he would pronounce water as "worter."

I met this guy today! He works with me at VRC-40, a squadron in the U.S. Navy.

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