Oct 21 2008Bacon Tuxedo Looks, Smells Just Like Bacon


I know what you're thinking, "What IS that dapper ass-sockpuppet wearing in the picture?" And that, dear reader, is Uncle Oinker's Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo. The suits comes in four different sizes (from this little piggy to wild hog), cost $100, and have been chemically treated to smell like bacon sizzling in the pan. And give you cancer. Which, I think we all can agree, is a small price to smell delicious.

Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo [newsblaze]

Thanks to Julian, who once owned a chicken suit but couldn't keep the women away from his meat.

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Reader Comments

bacon frist?

It would be better on the woman, that man scares me.... :(

I think cops should wear these so we can smell them coming

@3 - you beat me to it... damnit

hahaha, sorry it was the first thing that popped in my mind. also. I highly recommend if one is to wear this suit to stay away from the near by parks in the area. you might get bitten.

HMMMM...would've been better if he was laying on a big frying pan with the chic in an egg suit! Damn asians...all that technology and there making bacon suits!!!!LOL

Farvas number 1

hmmmm yummy! i want to paint my big manly badass toyota yaris in bacon print........

@6, that's whats up! i agree with you that with the shit they have to play with........why the f*** are they making bacon suits. i bet if you go to work smelling like bacon you'll get alot of pussy, im going to try it.

If you wear a bacon tux, your sausage will collect dust.

LOL click add to cart.


@11 Well i guess that shits real then, WTF? thats one pricey piece of f***ing bacon!. wait this cant be real. If i showed up to work smelling like bacon and wearing something so hideous, i might have a good chance of getting fired. Now if i was a car sales man that might be a different story.


Thats a complete photoshop job. You can tell, the shadows are all wrong.

It kinda looks like Max's senior photo from the movie Never Back Down.

'Hunney can i wear the bacon suit for our portrait today?"

So even if I get my bacon suit dry cleaned, it's still gonna smell like bacon? Thank god.

Awww... look at the little bacon bow tie!

I used to have a bakin' tuxedo, but it was just a normal tux that I would smoke pot in.

That's the EXACT suit you should wear when you meat your jewish girlfriends parents for the first time.

"Mom, Dad. This is Gilbert."
"Hello, Gilbert."
"Greetings and salutations, Mr.and Mrs. Finkelstein."
"Well, Gilbert, you certainly have an air about you."
"Yes, I noticed that as well. Do I smell sausage, young man??"
"Sir, I must humbly offer the correct reply to your query...it's a derrivitave of a different cooked breakfast side dish."
"Hashbrowns...I knew it!"
"Dad, it's not hashbrowns."
"Don't tell me! I know what it is...umm"
"Dear, it's not that important is it?"
"Dammit Ursula! Shut up! OH! It's scrambled eggs!"
"Honey, eggs are usually the main dish."
"Arrgh! I'm SO close!"
"Sir, may I tell you?"
- sighs - "Alright...tell me."
"It is bacon. My suit is bacon."

omg, LSD thats a geat idea, They need a Tux that smells like Pot. I'd deff roc that!

@12 - You could only wear the Bacon Suit if you were selling Chevy's or Fords, all other dealers would beat you.

Bitches love it...

Jesus Sharpie, do you get paid per comment or something?

I know huh, what a comment whore... oh... wait... (pay no attention to the girl who totally comment whored it today)

@ 18
f***, that was wonderful
do you write for Mad tv????

....And the award for trying the hardest, and probably a little too hard, goes to.... Captain Morgan!! That's right #15, congratulations you turdburglar!

@ 24 - I wish.

@ 25 - Thank you, but why do you think OctoGooch (#15) is a turdburglar?

being a woman, i have to ask the menfolk here: what occasion would you EVER look in your closet and go, "No, no, the black tux is just too perfect. I need something sleazier, trashier, something full of shame.....Ah, the bacon tux it is!"?

bacon tux = pussy repellent

if they made bacon scented moo-moos, now that would make sense.

sorry, i had random things going on in my head.

I think it was because Octogooch octoturdburgurled him.

Im totally getting this. I would sizzle in it. Id have to find my self a nice woman who knows i bring home the bacon and let her strip this off of me. Then we could totally Pork like pigs in a blanket. I may even let her stay for breakfast. Smoke and a pancake anyone?

I've been octoturdburgurled twice already this week.

I think it would make me that much more attractive t the hosebag. She usually waits till I'm naked to lick me all over, but with a bacon suit how could she resist?

Maybe Daisy could wear it and a bear would come and maul her to death, slowly and painfully. Let us all hope.

obviously photoshopped. compare quality of the bacon suit compared to the lady's dress. looks unreal.

The suit doesn't look bad. I'd wear that, without the bow tie. Too bad it smells.

Did anyone else notice that her hand looks like it's melting into his arm?

if you go to the website and try to order it you find its an April's fools joke.


If my ex-husband had worn this on our wedding day, then our marriage would have lasted. It's pure floozy repellent.

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