Oct 2 2008Aaaaaaah!: Scary Ass Robot Girl

This is a robot girl named Repliee R-1. She's an android built by Osaka University and based on an actual 5-year old girl. And I think I speak for everyone when I say they chose their model pretty freaking poorly.


Thanks to Firuz, Tytus, Jake, and Justin, who all agree the only good robot is -- wait, there are no good robots.

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I'd hit that.

Damn. now I've gotta wait to get back home as the work firewall doesn't let me view this video :\

third. and freaked the f*** out.

The music makes it that much worse.

@2 you would it even if it was just wires and shit

She needs some chapstick something fierce.


Great. That will give pedophiles something to add to their Christmas list.

That, eh...is it just me or does this robot look retarded? Could just be me.

And we're one step closer to sexbots, my friends, one step closer. *shudders* Blah.

if i ever had a robot, the last thing i would want it to look like is an asian child with downs syndrome. honestly.

#11 said it. bad case of the downs! lmao that thing looks like it belongs in one of those grudge movies!

the eye flaps are broken, and the mouth hole is ripped. ..me thinks the creators have been enjoying this thing a little too much!! lolz

Jesus...I like me some loli but that is f***ing creepy.

Looks like something out of Freddy Kruger with the puffy cheeks..>_<.

"... 50 sensors, and a number of motors allow her to move more like a human WITH RICKETS than previous robots."

It looks like one of Sarah Palin's paint chip eating kids.

THis kinda reminds me of those 80's scary movies like THE THING, or stuff ALIENS where the special effects used to show replicas of humans looked like this,

the music makes it even more scary, that thing freaked me out the second i saw it, then it just made me laugh so hard, Of all the models they could think of first they think of the ASIAN NERDY looking robot and now this!!!!

it's just horrible

The coming robot apocalypse has no use for Downey androids.

Just like Snoop, she can't quite open her eyes all the way.

@16 hilaaaarious.

Who decided creating a robot with Down Syndrom was a good idea?

F***ING SCARY! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Why would anbody do that! F***ing scary, fuuuuuuuuucking scary...

Also, she reminds me of of a zombie... Stood there, all twitchy and scary... D:

It was made with 50 SENORS?? Damn mexican laborers....

@3 - videos and NSFW. I know your pain all too well.

aahhh.. the care free days of unemployment, those were much happier times.

Cool and all but Maybe its only me but looks like shes kind of hung over.

thank goodness they used a drugged/molested 5 year old as a model for the pedophiles who will be online to buy this robot.

Hey look, were closer to a robotic apocalypse....YAY

I hope they don't let that one robotics guy that likes to grope the robots near her. I don't think she can move fast enough to get away.

@ 3 & 25 - me too... *tears up* I used to not have to worry... now, it censors it all out - so even if I wanted to watch it, I couldn't...

that reminds me of the little dolly from the movie the sixt day.

Those are some disgusting ass eyelids. But I can't deny that this is the sex doll of the future. Or at least I pray to god that it is. Lord please let me have a creepo twitchy zombie baby bot of my own!

WTF eyelids!!! What would be the point of a 5 year old looking robot girl?

crreeeppyyyy but she looks like the kind of person that would give u a sheet of paper in school if u neede it

This robot's on drugs

Yup. Cool. I've always wanted to be murdered by a homicidal robot who also looks like a mentally challenged 5 year old with mumps.

This is creepy but if you want to see something good there was a bear in Kitimat a few weeks back that opend the door to subway and had a little wander around. (Three weeks ago but only just showing up on in the interweb.)

It's a good thing they kept it this size. That way, the head's at the right height for a good swing of the trusty ol' baseball bat...

(The thing really did creep me out though, so now wifey sleeps on the couch, and the baseball bat sleeps next to me in bed.. just in case the invasion's coming at night time...)

Here is the link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjrI5ELkj3Y

I am Legend iRobot, iPhone, iPod!!!

i'd hit that...

with a baseball bat!


It needs one more sensor to look in the mirror and see how fugly it is and put itself out of misery.

can we say SKYNET?


robotic girls won't squeal to the cops.
i want to see her older (more attractive) sister

aahahaha! Hey,any single lesbians here? f*** "Bob" and Gianna! I ain't a goddamned ROBOT!!!deb

OK, that dropped DEEP in the "uncanny valley"

RealDolls look much more lifelike, and they aren't even that (relatively) expensive. If they're going to put all the effort into making a "lifelike" robot, why not put the same effort into its exterior appearance?

That's funny dude. Number would most probably hit it even if it were just wires and sh*t.

I hope I can have my own Cameron in my lifetime.. Seems like were getting closer to terminators every year.

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