Oct 3 20083-D Force Field May Make Touching Princess Leia In (And Out Of) Her Metal Bikini A Reality

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed the Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display, a 3-D interactive force field that may make touching Princess Leia's golden boobies a reality.

This tactile display enables tactile feedback superimposed over 3D graphics projected in free space, which provides more intuitive handling of 3D "touchable" graphics. For example, users could touch Princess Leia projected in the air.


The Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display uses multiple ultrasound transducers to project waves into the air. Without gloves or attachments, and without risk of penetration in the body, the device takes advantage of a nonlinear ultrasound phenomena called acoustic radiation pressure. This allows for the creation of spatial shapes of acoustic ultrasound radiation pressure, which is what gives you the sensation of touching Princess Leia's breasts for real, even feeling the nature of the material

And you thought I was kidding, didn't you? I was not! And also, I demand a demo. A private demo. With mood lighting and aromatic candles.

3D Force Field Opens Door for Holodeck, Virtual Touchable Leia [gizmodo]

Thanks to Sean and Michael, who both claim to have been intimate with Princess Leia in her younger (but still totally legal) years.

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Reader Comments

Mmm U slave Leia me Han solo

Yes two Star Wars posts in two days!!!!!!! Thanks GW


I hate to lower my self to this level but.........

you're 4 posts behind.

also, fake. This is the fight simulator from Never Back Down.

Ah number 5 but if you noticed i was first and second

Ah, but number six your posts now average to 13/4.

Enjoy your fractionfail.

Awwww well at least it was fractional

<----- I am this number and almost as old.

Liar, it's magic. Where's Criss Angel?

Very cool, but it looks like it can only detect one point in space. Which means youd only feel the boob with a single point on your hand and the rest of your hand will be a 'ghost'. Get it, idiots? Yeah, me neither, I just made that shit up.

OMG!! This video is for conformists!! It's so mainstream and totally fake! I absolutely hate it with all of my black rat heart!! I HATE IT! This sort of technology is going to ruin our lives and make it possible for PEOPLE TO KILL EACHOTHER waaay easier. OMFG! I'm gonna go cut myself and shit!

I've seen a mime before. I saw one trapped in a box before, not just tapping a teapot.

<----- hands 12 an exacto blade and paper towels.
This is actually pretyy cool and the applications could be quite interesting. Glad to see GW is back to posting decent shit and not women in cow suits posing for mug shots. (that shit was lame, yo)


@11 - you would do it, especially if that single point were a nipple...

my local pub has got one of those. its in the toilet. the call it 'hand fan'.
f***in bullshit.

Seriously? A teapot? Start thinking nipples buddy. These holographic sex-pots won't build themselves.

"...which is what gives you the sensation of touching Princess Leia's breasts for real..." seriously who says this? Dubious. But desirable.

Guys. It's a fan.

that teapot must be so turned on

Hmm, looks very interesting.. any demos as to how this things really works? :p


You had me at "Touching Princess Leia In (And Out Of) Her Metal Bikini A Reality". I read the post and then started to get really excited... you know dimming the lights popping in my worn out vhs tape of jedi (yeah, we've been through a lot together). Then I watched the video. Not only was there nothing about Leia, there was nothing remotely similar to a boob. Damn you GW! You owe me for this one.
I must admit though, thats one sexy teapot.... grrrrr.

WTF? 24 comments and not a single Holodeck reference??

Turn in your geek-cards, all of you!

You just KNOW that they are showing a "teapot" when it's actually a penis. These guys are ghaay!

OK, I was all into this whole virtual sexbox thing until it said " without risk of penetration". What use is a 3D hologram of princess Leia if there's no penetration? Someone needs to go back to the drawing board.

Also, need to know info: is it safe to stick my junk in it?

Its my turn to use the sexbox
NO It's my turn to use the sex box and her name is Sony

so they got the feeling right...now they just need moisture and warmth eh :P

If someone where to take this a little further they could set it up so that you could potentially keep say, a ping-pong ball in mid-air buy adjusting where the "point" is so that in a limited area it could float around any which way. Maybe.

Can we build hoverboards (back to the future style) with this shit?

how come they havent made a sonic screwdriver with this yet like the one on doctor who that would be awsome

all i want to know is... what happens if you stick your head over it?

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