Sep 24 2008We're Saved!: LHC Shut Down Temporarily


The Large Hadron Collider won't be doing any colliding until next spring due to a magnet failure that allowed a ton of helium to leak out one of the tunnels.

Cern said the most likely cause of the equipment failure was a faulty electrical connection between two of the accelerator's magnets. This connection melted during testing of the machine and caused a huge leak of super-cool helium.

We're saved! There will be a Christmas after all! Just kidding, the robots are coming. Let's just say Thanksgiving won't be so thankful this year.

On a side note, your friend the Geekologie Writer is going through a really tough time right now (divorce). Please don't give up on him, he'll be back to rocking the shit out of shit as soon as possible.

Collider halted until next year [bbcnews]

Thanks to Flash, Josh, Daniel, and Dave, who all know the only good collisions happen at the demolition derby.

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Sorry to hear about your divorce.

Good luck.

We'll all miss your awesomeness until you sort that out.


El Basto

Were are the ninja turtles when you need them. I still think they need to build more sewer exits for the Turtles to get around easier.

Sorry to hear about the divorce,

Best wishes to you and were all here for ya!

Hang in there brother. I'll spend the down time constructing my impenetrable black-hole-and-robot-proof fortress. Largely out of rice-krispies boxes.

When will he be back? i suspected a different writer...


Divorce sucks. Throw her into the LHC: two birds, one stone and all that. Seriously though, don't let her get your Transformer Action Figures. Don't let her take you down, man!!!

Jesus, WTF don't you already know how to type?

Sorry to hear about the troubles dude. Hope you feel better soon man.

Best of luck to you Geekologie writer, my thoughts are with you.

Take whatever time you need...Your work here is very appreciated and I'd rather have it in small doses than not at all. Puts a smile on my face every day!


Hehehe, Irony tickles.

well that's what ya get for all them wise cracks about ya gf lol she finally caught on.... i agree though throw her to the robots as a sacrifice maby you can strike a treaty or deal or least use her to break um to pieces

@ 8 -

Yes very well, but this year my gay high school makes typing class REQUIRED to do any other technical class... :(

Oh my Good! Its the leaks?! Tha'ts meen it can killing evryone when its going on!! I think this is the BAD Guy. Please help, we can do IT. ;)

Its and its meen that Gas price will go up! >:x~

Glad to hear you are losing 250 pounds of ugly fat.

Its odd that its painful to split up with someone you hate to be around, but it does. As someone who was asked to leave his residence and never return (like Felix Unger) my advice is to drink heavily.

Geekologie Writer = Rulz.

Ex Wife = Drulz

I 'll miss you!!! ,, ... LET ME HAVE A ROUND OF PEWPEWPEWS!!!! for the GEEKOLOGIE WRITE !!!!!!!!

The collider shutting down and now the Geekologie getting a divorce ... call me a conspiracy geek but all this must be related in some real deep level that is hard to conprehend for us mere mortal humans

you know that, that thing is going to rip open a portal for all the robots to come throug, and they will all be dressed in christmas robe and look alot like that robot from futurama and ironically have a female voice, because nothing is worse then getting killed by a robot santa that has a nice voice, like come here human and wham like a cock roach she kills you when the lights are off because i hunt them in the dark with my night vision goggles on and a glow stick i throw across the room like indiana jones would do if he was hunting cock roaches

So when did the wifey find out you like to take a dick to the face?

@13... Really? A High School for just gay people? That's tizzight.

yes. im kidding. you with your gay high schools and such.

Hey guys, leave Jesus alone - just because you've got a God complex doesn't meant you're automatically great at everything - some things need to be worked on.

GW -that blows - you should go look through the Leia galleries... they don't talk back!

sorry to hear about the big D, but if the Geekologie writer needs a shoulder to cry on or say, a lover, i'm willing to volunteer myself for this position, as may be in lust with him. just kidding. But seriously, let's make out and stuff.



Oh, almost forgot PEWPEWPEW GW - Never Back Down...
I finally caved - oh the shame!

A ton of helium is quite a lot.

How would you measure that, being its lighter than air, and air covers this planet.

Where did this helium escape to? Are all the hardon geeks walking around talking like the chipmunks?

Thats like that scene in Never Back Down.


Waaaah. Seriously, bitching about a divorce? C'mon, dude. This site isn't for your whiny, personal life. It's not, it's a tech blog.

Dude when its all over come to Ireland and hit the piss, it'll fix all your problems, I do it every few days.....

P.S they sure got some mighty fine guiness over here.

God damned magnets!!

Two things I absolutely hate are magnets and clowns!

I guess the worst would actually be a clown holding magnets .....and helium balloons. I'd REALLY hate that!

Stupid clowns! ....stupid magnets! ...helium is cool.

I think the GW might have gotten this mixed up with some film stills from the new Transformers movie. That is clearly Megatron's nipple cannon. We are still screwed....

And GW... may the divorce be with you. "She broke my heaaaart so I broke herrrr jaaaaaaw."

Sorry to hear it man, I hope things work out for the better. I dont know what im going to do while im at work get me through the day...*sob* @27 god hates you and your technologies...Dbag.

Hope things look up for you soon, GW. We'll miss your awesome culture-pushing and caustic wit in the meantime!

@27, you are the worst kind of person. Show some respect. No one's forcing you to read this site.

I'll always love you, even if your wife doesn't.

Hey GW, sorry to hear about your problems......Ummm, you don't mind if I ask your ex -wife out do you?

On a different note: Never Back Down Hairdo Collector.....Never Back Down. Oh, I mean Hardon Clitoris....Handjob Claptometer....Errr, you know what I mean.

...think about it this way: YOU'RE SINGLE, BRO!!!! STRIPPERS!!! WEEEE!!!!

Jokes on all you sexist homos.

Geekologie Writer is a chick, and she caught her hubby in bed with the aupair while the kids were outside playing.

The GW is a deep thinker if you know what I mean, and has very few prospects for future love outside of Italy AKA the land of Ginormagantuan.

Sorry to hear about the divorce/separation. I'll pray for you. Hope all turns out well.

Sorry about the big D, Geekologie Writer. I think you should totally take up mad jandal's (28)"s offer and go over and party in Ireland! But if you can't afford it (divorce sucks), you can always come down here to Dallas and party your ass off! We have music, beer and all the big-haired girls you could want!

Although, if #37's right and you are a chick, well, we have plenty of cool cowboys for ya, too!

the helium was 'Super Cool'

Youch, GW! Sorry 'bout the divorce -- but don't you ever forget that you completely rock the house.


Thank you. I'm sure all the talking to yourself you are going to do and thinking you're "praying" to nobody is really going to help. Dumbass.

Let the religion discussion commence.

Holy shit!

The GW is getting a divorce AND I just found out that Jesus goes to a high school for gay typers.

What is the world coming to?

massive hugs for GW dont forget we all love you, you crazy robophobe xx

pewpew, geekologie writer, pewew

Divorce? Ha! No wonder why.

Sorry to hear about the dee-vorce. Get a good lawyer and try to put it out of your mind. Good luck!

F*** you.
You're an idiot.

F*** you.
You're an idiot.

There's nothing like a black hole to cause faulty electrical connections and helium leaks. Uh oh...

Divorce sucks.
@41- Seriously? That was perhaps the most unconstructive comment I've read on this forum EVER (and that is saying something). Congratulations.

Looks like Master Chief jumped in there and once again destoyed a "HALO".


Yeah, seriously. It's not unconstructive, I've had 3 (mind you one duplicate) comments on just that, including yours. That's three times the constructive comments in my book.

Oh, and @49

Good comeback. I'll have to write that witty piece of literature down for future use.

@Miles, again.

And you make it sound like these comments are the pinnacle of higher learning. It's a f***ing comments section on a semi-tech blog. Get over yourself.

You make it seam like the pinochle of pinocchio, dude! It's not like they're ever gonna find out! Let's just get all over eachother and eject our CDRW drives simultaneously. What a bunch of holy idiots. It's quite possible that I'm the third turd burglar.

Ugh, sorry you are getting divorced hon, that blows.

Also sorry that some people (I'm looking at you #27) think they're cool when they criticize someone else for feeling like they aren't giving their best and wanting to give an explanation of why. This is why highly functioning chimps are still just chimps, the subtle details of social interaction and adult behavior get lost in their relentless pursuit to see more poo fly.

Anyhoo, stay sexy and remember that there are women offering to make out with you to help you feel better. If that doesn't help, go ask the Superficial Writer how many women have offered to let him stick his tongue in their mouth today. (Besides Brittney. She's only offering because she heard he chews KFC flavored nicotine gum and wants to see if it's true.)

"And you make it sound like these comments are the pinnacle of higher learning. It's a f***ing comments section on a semi-tech blog. Get over yourself."

Are you really making this criticism directly after suggesting that comments should have "literary relevance?"

I'll stick with my original comment. You're right though, it wasn't terribly profound. But sometimes even the most obvious of truths need to be expressed.


Sorry, where again did I mention that this site SHOULD have literary relevance? Oh, that's right, I didn't. I said it doesn't, because it doesn't.

Bring on your rebuttal bitch! I'm here all day!

Good luck with the divorce, keep on truckin'.

Yeah GW. Best of luck. Dont let these sons of bitches try to tell you what your site is all about (#27, you fat asswad).

@ Icon - "Good comeback. I'll have to write that witty piece of literature down for future use."
@Icon imposter 55 - I totally lol'd... now I need to use the pinochle of pinocchio in a very serious sentence...

I'm just flattered there is at least one poster out there who tries desperately to pose as me, and continue to fail in every instance.

You love me, you really love me!

Sorry to hear about your divorce....cheer up....

PEW PEW PEW!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear about the divorce. You are still awesome in all the loyals eyes :)

@ 58
Sorry about that. I assume that you understood the significance of your own sarcasm, and so, knew what you were saying.

It does explain how you failed to grasp the significance of your criticizing me for my unintelligent comeback, then immediately shitting on someone else for expecting too much from comments.

So perhaps we've found the root of your idiocy, but that doesn't negate it. But I'm probably missing something. I assume you'll let me know...

damn sorry GW. you're the highlight of my day. sorry the ex don't feel the same.

I know I have never posted anything b4 but I look at this site everyday, I just wanted to say stay strong with the divorce, I know how you feel... I just got told I should be receiving the papers any day now. Look forward to the great work again when you get back! PEWPEWPEW!!!

Am i the only one NOT SAVED by the idiots at CERN???

home video shot during the test firing:

this is icon again, i just want to says , im now officially full blown gay,
and taking english class since my ex boyfriends and their girlfriends proof-ed to me i was dummer than a "turbo-rave-boy".

If you are a hardcore reader/one hand commenter, you would have noticed the geekology w is a human male, and also rub some salt on his eyes, as HE (GW) met HeR(Katherine) in college, VTech to be precise. Yes, I'm that tigh' with the GW yo'.

I hope that you are trolling us about the divorce.

If you aren't, don't worry. Everything will be alright.

Divorce? Really, dude I'm sorry. I personally will miss you till you get that all worked out... As I see it, her/his loss.

Sorry to hear about the divorce. Even if you hate the person, it's still not easy.

Sorry - a bit late here, but I couldn't think of anything useful to say. I guess just that we love you! Awww... Now come here, give me a hug.... Dude - I said a HUG. Well, okay, but just this once.

Also - would you people quit referring to this as a technology blog? It's a geek blog. Granted geek and tech often go hand in hand, but there's more to geeks than mere modding and binary watches... (Isn't there??)

The reason it shut down was because the small black hole it produced caused the matter being sucked in to create friction on the magnets wich caused them to melt, Oh yea how does something melt when its at a near absolute zero temperature

hahahahahahahahah, breath, haahahahhaahahhaha

Its a lie! They are just saying this to conceal their experiements

But if it is true Ill get to play Fallout 3 after-all!

(which is the only reason I keep on living anyway...)

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