Sep 4 2008Showing Off: How Not To Win A Fight

This is how not to win a Capoeira fight. It really got me thinking -- If I'm ever in a real fistfight, I'm pretty confident my opponent will break me like the pasty little Eloi that I am. Unless, of course, I happen to be packing a taser and don't deep fry my own scallops trying to get it out of my pocket.


Thanks to Ian, who once punched a guy back to the future.

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also, that guy is an idiot

This is from the movie Never Back Down.

Holly shit some one is first !!!!! that never happens anywhere . thanks so much for being first Ryan.

It may just be me but that looks alot like a scene from the movie(Never Back Down)i don't have the movie or i would double check,so in short i dont think its real.

I'm not one to usually point out an "epic fail" but this does the extreme.

I'm a fan of capoeira and all, but there's a time and place...this was the place, but the time was completely off. That's what you get for showing off.

yeah seriously - also cant watch this clip enough - its like punching all the people who post "first"

hahahahahaha pwnage.

Sure it's fake, but it's still goddamned hilarious.

Damn, haha!

you're giving free advertising.
it's a viral for this movie:

same fight different angle.

This isn't real! it's from the lamest movie called "Never back down"

This film came out like a year ago

Ah haha stupid viado dancing around with his boha drums. ... how i wish this was real.

p.s. you be sellin me drugs.

I'm glad I didn't know that was fake when I watched it.

I'm also surprised so many people are willing to admit that they saw the film Never Back Down.

this is fake. its from the movie never back down's from a movie I just saw like four days ago with that Digimon Hounsou fellah; it's like Karate Kid for the dumb

So I guess this is from the movie "Never Back Down"...

if it was real.... that'd be pretty cool cuz he got his ass OWNED...
but it was choreographed and scripted for a movie.... sooo....


@13, good call on the 'only the strong' reference.

I guess it just goes to show how awful this movie was, so few people have seen it that it isn't recognized when a clip is passed around as a viral...

Wait, is this from Never Back Down??

Yes, from NEVER BACK DOWN. I've had to email idiot MMA "fans" over and over that this is a scene from a movie. They should know better... f***in shame.

Did you really just reference the Eloi ? That's awesome. Also, I think this clip is from a movie.

its from never back down, but i dont know why people are saying its a lame movie, you guys are geeks thats why.........i think its 1 of my favorite

What movie is this from?

The Time Machine reference for the win!



thats all


When I first watched it, I thought it was a real fight. I'm surprised the guy even tried to get up. Bummer that it's not real.

in this video you guys can see the movie camera flying by over the crowd.

i dont think this is a viral video.

I guess it only works in Tekken!

The world where swelling and abrasions never appear, mouth pieces are never worn, and every stupid kid is sponsored by combat sports international to beat each other up in parking lots.

See... you don't fool a man who was born and raised in the worst barrio of rio de janeiro. We gonna find out real quick, who de real capoeira maestre ees... een dees nayborhud.

Not real. Wish it was. Love capoeira. Hate Eddy Grant/Lenny Kravitz wannabes.

PS. you will, in fact, be selling me product...NOWPICKITUP!

My smart brother Ryan found out that the video was staged. It's for the movie Never Back down. You can see that scene towards the end of the trailer.

It was probably part of a viral ad campaign for the movie.

Still funny tho' :)

As Smoky once said.... "You got knocked the F out!"

24 How could you possibly like that movie? When I saw the trailers for this, I thought it was a comedy ...honestly. 'Never back down' LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OMG LOL

Wait, wait, wait...just hold on for ONE STINKIN' MINUTE so I can get something straight...

This is from Never Back Down, right?

hmmm not real?

does anyone on here actually read comments before they post? THIS IS FROM A MOVIE RIGHT? WHAT'S IT CALLED ?!??

Despite never seeing "Never Back Down" myself, it was clearly obvious that this was taken from a movie. You're a fool if you even thought for a second that this was real.

Holy shit. This site has the dumbest f***ing commentors I have ever seen. Great blog, but jesus you have some serious morons on here. Great detective work to the 20 people who informed us that this was from a movie. What was the name of it again?

GUYS! This is from never back down.

I'm gonna have to check out this Always Progress Up movie. Sounds really good.

hehe a real capoeirista would never pop up like that so close to his opponent in an mma event. i think this is from a movie or something, the name is right on the tip of my tongue....

also, that guy is waaaayyy too skinny to ko anyone with one punch.

what is he, 5'10" 145? anyways, i think this is from a movie.

black guy is a dumbass lmao no this isnt one of your breakdancing competitions u retard learn 2 fight or ill beat ur ass

well i still think this si a real fight i tink ur just saying that because u want to fight like that , in fact i saw the fight in person im the guy in the blue t-shirt at the top right corner

This is the scene prior to when Jake reads about the Never Back Down meme on Wikipedia in the movie Never Back Down.

daisy should see this


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is obviously from the movie Never Back Down.


This is clearly a fake. The shadows are all wrong.

This scene in Never Back Down was lifted from the film Tender Dracula.
Dracula and the mute ex husband of Dracula's wife are having a fight
over who should murder the actress with an axe to the back.

@50 - Priceless.


This is exactly like dividing by zero


Watch this asshats

This is from the Move " Never Back down", I was there during the shooting !!!!

Puzzle solved.

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