Sep 26 2008Safe For Work Porn Is Still Highly Questionable

Note: Possibly still NSFW

This is an allegedly safe for work porno video. It's supposedly safe because they've cleverly covered up all the action with cartoons. I dare say I found it more stimulating than the real thing. Especially the pinball scene. RAWR!

Diesel: SFW XXX [creativity-online]

Thanks to Jonathan and Patricio, who, despite the tips, insist they're not perverts.

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Mmm porn


How does one go about getting in a porn video anyhow?

Send me an email; I'll have my mom hook you up.

1. move to the san fernando valley in california
2. make friends with a woman(or man) who has a decent body(decent face a plus)
3. convince them to start posing in 'soft-core' porn
4. then she tells the studio that she'll only do male-female work with you
5. voila!

...or you could just buy your way in. porn stars are basically pricey hookers. ENJOY!

This makes me uncomfortable.

Gee thanks guys! Now, I'm going to persue my career in porn! I'll give you guys the credit to my success!


Check out some of my NSFW pix ;)

like the one where im pooping on the sidewalk ;)
ya'll know me, still the same ol' G

There is nothing like good ol' fashioned 70s porn. Seriously.

I found that to be the most hilarious thing ive ever seen in my entire life. ENTIRE LIFE.

@10 youre hole entire life?? oh mans! wow! this is must being the most important ekciting part of your life!! Thank God You arre ok! Shup up and peeing on the floor!

Ali is right... I live in san fernando valley ,CA. Studio city to be exact. We are the porn capitol of the world. 3 girls I grew up with have done some sort of porno...And I shit you not, I was an extra in Naughty college school girls #17...

and to LSDiesel- if you do move here, watch out for that 405 traffic...I hate the world a little bit just because of it...

hmm..... sadly enough this would not fly at my office, meh... buncha douchebags!

OHHHHHH BOYYYYYYY, hahahahahahaha that was really funny.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA oh man thats some funny shit.

that's really .. umm.. creative?

Aww no longer avaliable. At least I saw it once. Hilarious.

Saw it. SAW. Like the movie.

well the video says is down but i was able to watch it on the link provided

this is really awesome, i wonder if YOUTUBE would take it down or not, i once saw a real brazilian porn clip on youtube, it was over 3 hours and the video was still on the site, it was a girl and a guy in a shower and they did everything, it was hardcore porn, i really couldnt believe it, i wonder if anyone here also knew, sometimes people put things on youtube with really weird names so that noone knows is a bad video, like another video of a real striptease called book report or something like that


so geekologie writer, are you pretty much just stumbling through youtube and posting that as "news" these days?

@20- Hey you F***ING DOUCHE! GW's going thru a Divorce so Back The F*** Up!
And is that really the most cleaver thing you can come up with...

PS: Your comment was clearly stolen from the movie never back down...
PSS: By the way...that was soooo two days ago...
PSSS:I'm obviously cool cause I'm writing this at 10:00 on a Friday night...

Isn't this that one chick from Never Back Down?

LOL Guys, I was totally getting a half chub.

Taste the rainbow.

@13, thanks for the heads up. I hate traffic.

I dont feel bad for GW, he gets around 50k us ad revenue from this site a month, how can you feel bad for a guy that makes that much from running a blog which features content not of his own.


Aw, I tried to watch it and it says "Sorry, this video is no longer available" ...

@28- Hey Bob... You didn't read number 19's comment , did you...

Fake Amy is fail. Real Amy is win. <3

LOL, too funny! I'll have to share that with my friends.

My apologies to the GW. Divorce is never easy, but I'm sure that you'll have your pick of the ladies later on.

DAM IT its been deleted ¬¬

hahaha hilarous!!!

@23. you've only got half a chub.

Guys, these are just previews for the movie "Never back down".

Holy Crap that was funny, definitly NSFW - but lmfao!!

Lots of PEW PEW PEW in the chicks' mouths :\

In my work, it's still NSFW, but I'm sure som places would find it funny.

Damn it, I meant "some" not "som"

I was in that Movie!!! That's me getting the change out of the old style payphone.

Amy, maybe you could look for change in my payphone some time?

amy, we totally know you're an old dude that gets off on making guys think you're a girl. kind of like i'm an old dude that totally gets off on making girls think i'm a slightly younger dude. but it's alright. we like the fake pic, and we still want to come all over her face. ...don't we fellas?

Who is this Amy?

Do you have stairs in your house?

OK - to everyone who see's Arny and thinks it's Amy... look again... The imposter has been posting as ARNY for a few days, with Amy's links...

What's the title of this video? I registered for creativity-online but it says I have to pay and subscribe to watch.

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