Sep 11 2008Buy Your Own Creepy Bioengineered Pet


GenPets are bioengineered pets specifically created to make petcare as simple as possible. They come in a state of hibernation, but awaken when the sleep inducing protein serum is removed from their nutrient supply tube. Some highlights from the FAQs:

Are Genpets Real animals? How?
Genpets are living, breathing mammals. Bio-Genica is a Bioengineering Company that has combined, and modified existing DNA to create the Genpets lineup. Genpets have blood, bones, and muscle; they will bleed if you cut them, and die if mistreated just like any other animal. The electronic components are only in the packages and are for basic life support, outside of the packages the Genpets are wholly organic.

Do Genpets feel pain?

Yes. However the Genpets have limited vocal chords so they will not create a large amount of noise when disturbed.

Can Genpets become angry or violent?

The Genpets are designed to be docile, combined with that, the nutrient packs keep them well tempered. If a Genpet were to be taken off of its nutrient pack it would die long before any behavioural issues could develop as the nutrient packs are also the Genpets sole source of food.

If you haven't guessed by now, GenPets are faker than my girlfriend's bra busters, but not nearly as fun to poke at in the car while she's trying to drive. GenPets a hoax and art exhibit by Adam Brandejs, and are meant to start an open discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of bioengineering. But they did a bangup job on making the website look believable, so send friends and family there to freak them out. Or, if you're really aiming to scar them, make em watch 6 girls + 2 pitchers.

More pictures after the jump, and stop searching you sicko, there is no 6 girls + 2 pitchers (I hope).




Official Website

Thanks to David and Miss Rachel, who have both killed multiple pet rocks.

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Reader Comments


err...about 2+ years too late on this, but....FIRST!


that sucks

i really wanted one

fifth doesn't count does it :(

"Do Genpets feel pain?"
"Yes. However the Genpets have limited vocal chords so they will not create a large amount of noise when disturbed."

GOOD, because the last thing a need is my 80 year old neighbors thinking there's going to be a nuclear strike (which, indeed sounds like little baby creatures crying... who knew?).

Haha funny stuff, but no.

The entire concept of a completely bioengineered anything creeps me out. We humans will eventually technologically phase ourselves right out of existance...

Sweet! Finally something to put on the shelf next my bonzai Kitten!

I think that the are rather creepy..... they dont look like anything familiar... atlest make 'em dog or cat or something familiar-ish, even if they are going to be fake....

Still..... .creepy....... not cute in the least bit.......

The idea of armies genetically engineered slaves has really appealed to me for a long time. I'd be able to get them to clean my house, and get me beers, I could treat them like crap and they would have to take it. When they get old you can return them for credit, since the army of slaves would eat food manufactured from the bodies of used up slaves.

Can you imagine being able to buy a sex slave with 3 fully functioning holes, no teeth a self lubricating ass and a genetic inability to get pregnant or to carry disease?

@ Foobar - Just stop by Riverside, CA - and get a "girlfriend"...

this is older than the crust in my grandmothers panties....

i remember this from like 8 years ago..

Heck First never actually counted.

This would be creepy as hell if it were real. I wonder if Dr. Moreaux could have gone this route.

Fake site.... and its wayyy old

@2, 12

No one cares if you saw this before. Your post simply to say this was old and you saw it 8, 10, a brazillion years ago is pointless. Not everyone sits on the interwebz like you do all day. Some of us have important shit to do during the day than look for bioengineered pets.

I'm not one of them, but I'm sure there are some people out there.

^--- and 14

dude this shit scares me cause it could happen
then what........some old creepy guy goes and trains them to eat real food and it starts to walk, and millions and millions of them start to take over the World!!

wow dude........i would find that so nasty...

@ icon
you are a beast.....i love your comments=]]

@17 - Don't be such a pussy. You engineer the clones without the ability to reproduce and without the PEWPEWPEW geneand we are completely safe from clone uprisings.

Let them work hard and make them age quickly about 15 years in a month. you buy them when they are about a month old, and return them a month or 2 later.

Whats your problem? thought things through.....i would want some slaves =]
ok your right lets make some creepy bioengineered guys to make me food

i particularly like the way that "Orange" model in the last picture seems to be developing some kind of sores, possibly because the "nutrient pack" is almost depleted? is "model" the word i'm looking for here? i think so.


Try almost FOUR years old. Geekologie yet again remains on the cutting edge of stuff everyone else got bored with years ago.

Mr Geekologie writer.... w.r.t ure 6 girls and 2 pitchers... all i have to say is this...

rule 35.

^-- and 22, see post 15.

I can do this all day.

Icon, that is so old, I saw that post way back when you did it at 1:50pm.

what the frak .. are they serious ,, that is nasty !!!

@10 & 17

You guys need to rewatch ST:DS9. The Dominion wrote the book on genetically engineered slaves, like the Jem Hadar. The key is to make them dependent on a controlled substance that only you can provide, like ketracel-white (ie. cocaine).

Coky The Bear sez: "Only YOU Can Provide Cocaine For Your Cloned Slaves!"

If these have been around so long, then you all know not to feed them after midnight because they will all turn into.....Sarah Palin

It's okay to feed them after midnight... Really! Don't listen to a word this
^ ^ ^ deceitful harlot ^ ^ ^ tells you!

FOILED AGAIN! Curses....

The really nice thing is they taste like chicken! So go ahead and pull their plug. Then drop them in the deep fryer, YUM!!

doesn't anyone remember lovelump?

My first thought was: PETA would have an aneurysm if this were true. PETA scares me.

this scared me as much as bonsai kittens did. and was about as real too.(-_-)

You're all a bunch of turdburglers

my god i hate you all

If anybody believed these are real, they have to be the dumbest assholes on Earth.

They look gross, also ugly. Glad they're not real, because I sure wouldn't want to take care of one of those things. At least make it furry.

I'm really enjoying the comments this round.

for once it didn't revolve around "OH MY GOD R THEY REALZ?!"

also, ICON has renewed my faith in the species.
thank you.

You are welcome sir. Cheers on the awesome website and exhibit with these little guys. Do you think they will ever be for sale as a novelty item? I'd love to own one just for giggles.

From the pictures they just look like they sit in their original packaging for their whole lifespan and you feed them through the tube. Even if it is a hoax, I want to see pictures of them moving around and stuff.


Not the brightest crayon in the box, are you?

i actually know who is responsible for this integrated media project...they went to Ontario College of Art & Design....this sure was a good one..

Oh thank God they're not real!
I was nausiated there for a minute..

Funny writers ;)

The whole idea scares me shitless and I'm sure mankind will produce something like this one day. I would still be curious to buy one....

ok WTF ......................................

this is not cool make animals like this ..,.
the posen who did this shude be exicutid
No realy this is not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"1. Amy - September 11, 2008 12:59 PM




This thing may scare my future son to death if he awakes on the morning and turns to see the sunshine on his window xD!

how can I buy a genpet?¿

I have really enjoyed reading all of your comments ! I lmao !!! Its really old news to most of you, but I only heard about it JUST TODAY from a co-worker! Hell, this comment might not even be posted, . . . thats how late I am !!! lol

were i can buy a genpet??y wont to buy for 2 years,and i have never find a page in the web whit that information.
sorry for my english, is because i am spanish

fucking hippies are always bitching about something and always thinking they know everything.

Ya, I got a really good feeling that these things are just doesn't seem possible...but I do agree with ^^^Val^^^. I think that maybe there is some kind of force that only wants humans to know so much about earth and the life it supports and how life "came to be". I mean know one really knows how or why the big bang theory happed, there have only ever been assumptions...and scientists have found that there have been otherplanets just like ours that had died off......

if those things were in a movie or an anime it would be sooo cool :D

are still the gen pets on the marcket? how could i get one of this, im from Venezuela thanks

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