Sep 23 2008Penny Gets First Change(!) In 50 Years


To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, the U.S. Mint is redesigning the penny and releasing four new designs. That's them in the picture.

The designs show milestones in the life of the 16th president: the Kentucky log cabin of his birth, his youth working as an Indiana rail splitter, his service at the State Capitol in Illinois, and his effort to preserve the union during the Civil War as depicted by a half-finished image of the U.S. Capitol dome.

The first of the coins debuts Feb. 12, with the others following in three-month intervals. The release date, besides being Lincoln's birthday, comes a century after the production of the original Lincoln cent in 1909.

Eh, I would have gone with a more traditional image -- like standing over a dead bear with a plasma rifle, puffing on a stick of dynamite. You know, the classic Lincoln pose.

New Lincoln penny designs unveiled [cnnmoney]

Thanks to Alex, who thought these were the new Lyle Lovett pennies.

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theze look like they would be older than the current kind we have now! aw shoot bubba shoulda designed 'em instead.

I see they're going with the shaved lincoln. Personally, I would have at least left a racing stripe on him.

Old news. Saw this on Fox yesterday. SCOOPED!

They should have commemorated the 200th anniversary by discontinuing the god damn thing. Leave it to the U.S. government to keep a monetary unit around that costs more to make than it's worth.

Here i was clinging to the hope that america was going to get rid of the penny and switch to the rounding system.. especially since it costs more to make a penny than its worth.. in australia the smallest coin value is 5 cents.. so you round everything to the nearest $0.05.. besides.. i throw pennies away as soon as someone hands them to me.. sometimes i throw them away in the direction of the cashier's face. thats the only time a handful of pennies is ever worth anything.

I saw the first one and thought, old Abe gettin his jack on to some civil war era porn.

Never Back Down

Aww c'mon guys, where's your common cents?

The one in the upper left...can't put my finger on it, but it looks like David Schwimmer...or better yet, John Turturro, yeah, that's it!

With the economy the way it is, they should get rid of everything under $1.

I wish the next president luck in being able to rectify this problem (the economy).


4 minutes too late.

would have been better showing linc freeing slaves running out of the cottonfields and the mexicans running into them

Your Tax Dollars hard at work!

Why is Kramer on our penny?

...Kramer works too I suppose.

"Eh, I would have gone with a more traditional image -- like standing over a dead bear with a plasma rifle, puffing on a stick of dynamite. You know, the classic Lincoln pose."

hmmm.... sure, that'd rock... But I think that would be more Teddy Roosevelt

@13, awesome.

I can't really think of anything clever to say, so I'll just let everyone know I'm really high right now. And work has never been better

Jesus, people. Leave the damn money alone.

If you change it every year to thwart counterfeiting, they can just print out whatever they want and say it's the new 87 dollar bill.


Lincoln chopped logs with a croquet mallet?

@18 - If you look, you'll notice a wedge-style splitter already in the log - you use the wedge, and hit it with the mallet and PRESTO the log splits... much like Whack-A-SlowMonkey

"Higher zinc, copper and nickel prices are raising the production costs of the nation's coinage," the Mint said in the letter, which it provided to USA TODAY Tuesday...But Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Mich., one of the letter's recipients, says Congress is unlikely to consider changes, given that the Mint is still making money on other coins. 'We'll wait this one out,' he says"

So far it looks free of Illuminati - Mason symbols

@16- Must be nice. I have a hard enough time sneaking beer in my 7-11 BigGulp.

@5, you just explained why you'll never be rich. If you throw pennies away you are likely frivolous with your money and probably in debt. People have saved enough pennies to buy new cars.

Many people hoard pennies and sell them by weight for the metal value which is often more than the monetary value.

The economy is in the shitter, we (the U.S. taxpayers) are about to drop $700 billion to fix it, and uncle sam is wasting money redesigning the god damned penny? Who gives a SHIT about the penny.

They didn't even give him his hat. The most iconic and well known thing about Lincoln...

Other than that Civil war thing.

(Was going to say "slavery," but didn't think making a joke about it, or whimsically calling it a "thing," would go over to well.)

at least it is not marred by the "in god we trust" crap.

The Penny sucks

Well I'm against keeping the penny....but I'd like to see lincoln stay on the money...considering he's one of the only presidents on money that wasn't a slave holder(Washington), rapist Slave Holder(Jefferson), or Indian killer/anti-Semite(Jackson).

Seriously, our country is economy is busted and the U.S. Mint is going to circculate pennies of all things. Pennies are f***ing everywhere, in our couches, ashtrays, dryers, old pants. Do we really need more pennies? The quarter thing is cool, the nickel...meh, now pennies? Damn whats in the water up there?

@26, It's because of the principals this country was founded on that gives american's the freedom to express themselves as you clearly have no problem doing.

Not preaching, just saying think about it

aww shit
I live in the capitol of Dumbass, you remember when they changed the 20 dollar bill? I almost got arrested buy fat angry people in a Krispy Kremes
NOW they'll thnk I'm from Canada! shit!

great... the economy is turning to shit and the gov. is redesigning pennies.
The US is f***ed.

Hmmmm this would be ok if only cashiers didnt look at you like your a complete retard for trying to use more than 8 in a transaction. Its like, "55, 56, 57... what? why are you looking at me like that? (Smack) I love you mommy dearest! Im Sorry!"

Side note: Ever try to buy crack with pennies? Yeah... that was one messed up easter...

Penny? WTH mate. Think you need to get a clue on your currency. The penny is British money. I don't care if you yanks call your cent a Penny its clearly f***ing not.



I agree with 4, they need to stop making these damn things and take them the F*** out of circulation. its like just have the government melt all pennies it gets down into copper and then it can take it for scrap cash to put in social securirty or whateva..

@19 you can hit the log splitter with the flat of the axe. the same axe that you use to make the log splitter in the first place.

Slow but Sure,


Shaved Lincoln. lol
That sounds like a bikini wax.
So what will it be this month ma'am the Siqourney Beaver or the Shaved Lincoln.

Halo plasma rifle+Lincoln=INSTANT WIN!

abe lincoln once too drunk to taste this chicken

This is great! Really. I'll make my own little contribution to the list soon

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