Sep 29 2008Mmmm, Good: Wasabi Ginger Lollipops


From Lolliphile, the makers of the Maple-Bacon lollipops, comes their newest flavor -- Wasabi Ginger! I love wasabi. I can eat a whole ball of it. I eat it until I cry. Same goes for ice cream. Oh, and cereal.

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that's intense


What a complete photoshop job. The shadows are all wrong.

Its a mock up of an idea from the movie Never Back Down.

@2 - so you'd bring them camping?

Giving these to small children could provide some amusement.

oh douchie your so lame ^.^
intents quite hilarious(dripping with sarcasm)

What a fun Halloween treat to give out to the unsuspecting children. Just wish I could be around to watch them get their first taste. THAT would be funny. Yeah- I'm a mean SOB like that.

i think i just puked a little in my mouth ..
uggghh that's disgusting !

I'd Never Back Down from an exotic flavor.

Next up are cocktail-flavored suckers. Just wish there was a way to keep the alcohol in them!

@7 - LMFAO!!!! That... is... GREAT!

wheres the online store?

If you idiots don't think Amy's real, try using your f***ing brain and when you go to the pic in her link, check out the rest of her album. She has hundreds of pictures, you stupid f***s. She's a real person and there's an idiot imitating her.

@13- WTF? No more coffee for you, friend!

@13-..... Where the the did that come from??? You get the randomness award.
Also the stalker award...

That sounds like something I'd want to give out on Halloween
but I'd label it "Strawberry Sunshine"

Thanks for that! It's a perfect surprise birthday gift for my sweetheart. *After* his birthday, I'll point out the geekologie RSS feed to him.

@17 - I already know about the geekologie postings. Get me something else bitch.

@6 - What about my "so lame"?

Glad to hear you have fun while you're camping. You probably want to leave a window flap open or the dripping sarcasm will make everything in the tent soggy.

@5 @7 - Do you really get your jollies making kids cry? I guess if you 2 get together you can reminisce about the good old days when you were able to put razor blades in the apples.

Ohhhh man! if i was a doctor or a dentis I would hand these out to kids instead! them little guys woud just hate me that much more! imagine being some kid thinking the lollipop will make up for getting that shot you hate so much, and then BURN! big nasty wasabi-ginger explosion!

Linah..... you rock so much

What will they think of next?

@13: That was a total non-sequitur.

I don't know about the wasabi, but a ginger lollipop would be delicious.

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