Sep 5 2008Gungan Delight: A Jar Jar Binks Salad


A Star Wars fan and culinary artist wanted to make a Star Wars-y dish, but was reluctant to eat any of the cool characters. The solution? You guessed it -- Jar Jar.

Jar Jar Binks was easily the worst thing about The Phantom Menace. If I could create a scrumptious salad out of him and serve him up with a tasty crostini, perhaps I might have my revenge.

Jicama proved to be just the right medium for my sculpture -- it's a tuberous root vegetable that is perfect for food carvings. It's crisp, cuts easily and doesn't dry out quickly. Jicama doesn't taste like much but readily absorbs the juices and flavors of a marinade or sauce.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures of edible Jar Jar, including one with a knife in his head, along with a link to the DIY page. And if you do decide to make one yourself, remember: save the neck for me, Clark.

Hit it!





Jar Jar Binks Salad [onlyknives]

Thanks to Kristy, who once punched through a plasma TV at Circuit City because it was displaying Jar Jar's fugly mug.

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Reader Comments

Hahaha nice Griswald's vacation reference.

Touche Geekologie writer, touche!


whats so bad about jar jar

Looks fantastic. What a great job! I hope the creator ate him slowly.

Here's an idea: Why not have food that just looks, for instance?

Pfft, because that's FAR too boring. Why have hair, when you can have hair that looks like a helicopter? or a rhinoceros? Why have plain' ol hanky panky when you can dress up as a giant Tetris block and bang your partner wearing the 4-square?

I just made myself sad...


That tetris comment got me hot.

Speaking of hot, you're pretty cute Amy. I have my L-block tetris costume in my closet at home. I can be at your place in 10 minutes.

Only if we get to stage a Tetris deathmatch first. Nothing is more hilarious than seeing an L-block beating the tar out of the useless S-blocks. Inferior little bastards.

i just threw up a little in my mouth

The only good pieces in bed are the four square and the L piece anyway. Sometimes it's fun to have a I piece join every once in awhile. You know, spice things up a bit.

thats disgustingly awesome!

@Icon, I like your style. C'mon over and we do some math.

We'll see how many times your L block can go into my 4 square.

Not sad any more, but strangely I'm weeping down my thighs.

Tetrisex. I like it.

When becomes the highest grossing porn sight ever, I'll give you all the credit.

A mediocre representation. Anyone who saw the movie knows JarJar was loose loping mass of twisted steel and sex appeal.

If jar jar jumped on your back, would you leave him there, or beat him off?

Strangely hilarious, I can't stop looking at it and laughing.

Can't help but dig the Amy/Icon diatribe. For Mac Guy to follow it up with "beating off" Jar Jar....priceless.

...eighteenth? :D


Its a total photoshop job. The shadows are all wrong!

@19 - ever consider the idea of multiple light sources?

@2 what not wrong with jar-jar

Seriously the tetris thing...Classic!

@Rod: ...and with *ahem* relish.


hi u im lula i love u so mach michael jackson

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