Sep 12 2008Burn Whatever You Want Onto Your Toast. Cha-Ching, eBay Fortune Here I Come!


Similar in concept to the Note Toaster, comes this little marvel of bread heating technology. The brainchild of industrial designer Sung Bae Chang, the Scan Toaster connects to your computer via USB and can burn pretty much whatever the hell you want onto your bread.

The toaster utilizes a network of toasting "modules" -- hot wires that rotate within a 30 degree radius -- that burn the image or text you have selected onto the delicious slice of your choice.

Awesome. Crank out a Virgin Mary or Large Hadron Collider and start raking in the dough on eBay. Or, if you want to get really creative, a giant member spewing butter or jam. Just saying, sex sells. Unfortunately my condo doesn't -- somebody buy this freaking dump already.

Scan Toaster puts the power of 'miracle toast' in the hands of mere mortals

Thanks to Julian, who's looking for a lovely lady to butter his bread. And also, make him an omelet.

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Reader Comments

WEWT 1st.

Hmm i wonder what bewby toast would taste like...

Probably taste like hand cream *wink*

This would be cool to own... Now if only I could afford an actual desk to put my computer and Toast Designer on...

2nd bitches! go mccain and palin! those f***ing sluts!

Toast, butter and sliced green peppers for breakfast?

Toast with a picture of Yin/Yang and a fat lady wearing a thong.

Where the f*** is this a suitable breakfast. No sausage or eggs.

And the toaster looks like a retro '70s piece of groovyness.

Maybe I shouldn't drink so early in the morning.


hey that note toser is bitchen
"hey honey, I think we should break up"
"you never talk to me!"
"who says I can't cook?"

zOMG.... Satire has once again become reality:

@5, I think this would be a genius/classy way to dump someone.

Leave them breakfast in bed with a toast message saying "We're over"

and maybe another one saying "Btw, I want my jacket back"

one of those toasts looks like it has the smith's chart in it

will this give me cancer?

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