Aug 11 2008Weapon Wielding Wobots Worry World

This is one of the most disturbing videos I've seen in a long time. It's two robots going at it with medieval weaponry. I have no idea why they exist, or what they're demonstrating, but I can't believe some shmuck programmed robots to swing weapons. WTF were you thinking? Like I don't already have enough to worry about. This is definitely gonna give me nightmares and daymares. But hopefully not a rash. I just got over the last one and can finally sit down on the toilet again. I freaking hate hovering.


Thanks Brian, I love fearing for my life.

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Wow, we're weally wusing wa w's!

Tell me about it, I have hemorrhoids, man, what a pain. And it is no picnic when trying to wipe. The video is disturbing mainly because of the music in the intro. It has a creepy 80s science edutainment tv show sound to it. What would Mr. Wizard say?

Wielding. Not Weilding.

Screw Mr. Wizard (seriously, I did, and I'm not proud). What about Bill Nye the F***ing Science Guy?!?

Besides, robots have been killin' each other ever since they started that "buncha deathbots in an arena, smashing each other" show.

Alright, alright, break it up you two. Now take it easy or get outta my medieval robot bar.

Is the knight in the middle a Cylon? I mean he's got the red eye. We're gonna die!

That's the stupidest video I have ever seen with robots. Bad find

they look like theyre drunk. theyre not even hitting anything forf***s sake. but the fact that they would take it into their little robot heads to start wielding weaponry is worrying in itself. when they figure out how to hit shit, then we`re in trouble.

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