Aug 27 2008Tokyoflash's Latest Wristwear: The Rogue


The Rogue is a watch that, when worn, lets others know you're chock full of bad-assery. And, quite possibly, bionic innards. The $155 watch comes in both black and silver, and is sure to turn heads and drop panties. So, how do you read it?

Once mastered, navigating the time is simple, but creates a sense of mystique to the uninformed. The outer ring of small dots represents minutes, every fifth dot being slightly smaller to distinguish five minute groups. The ring of large blocks represents rough minutes, the position of the gap indicating approximate minutes. The inner ring of blocks represents hours, the position of the gap in the ring showing the current hour as on a clock face.

Perfect sense. But I'm just going to tell everybody it's a miniature radar anyways. A dork-dar if a guy asks, but a poon-dar if it's a sexy lady. Because women really like it when you refer to their nether regions as "poon". As in "I'm trying to get some poon on my pudding spoon". Oh man, they love that one. Trust me, I'm a podiatrist.

Hit the jump for a picture of the watch in silver, and a graphic that helps explain how to read the time.




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Reader Comments

First! :)



Most flatulent of you all

*head is turned looking for panties* Dammit! Not again!

Actually, I was first, but this damn 9.6k dial-up is killing me...

I'd buy that for a nickel!

Omg stop with the firsting and (wait.... firsting? like fisting!!!) and actually make a real comment such as, "I'd buy that for a nickel!"




Chock full?

Chalk full.

Dude, that's Star Castle!!!


Ummm, yeah, whatever you f***wit plebs up at the top. Stupid f***ers, get a life.

Sounds like someone is angry they got 12th. :(

14th! I like to play too!

The "first" comments are ridiculous. Bunch of knobs - who are you trying to impress?

Cool watch though.

...and 15th. Double :(

I just wish the watch was in english.

Oh for christ's sake, 17 comments and no mention about the watch. I would totally buy that watch, that's just awesome.

FIRST... watch I've ever seen this awesome. I so want it in black. Because then I'd officially be awesome.

yeah i'm getting that.. i need a watch.. and a new conversation piece.. my old one (ink pen flashlight) stopped working suddenly.. sharper image wouldn't replace it.

That thing is awesome, I really want it, preferably black.
Anyone wanna buy it for me?

Lol, it's an Omnitrix, for adults.

That's a flashy looking watch ~good stuff

I got it in Japan and on the way back, Air Marshalls saw it and confiscated it thinking it was a bomb remote or a time travel device. DHS can suck my balls, if it weren't already squished on aisle D.

Hmm... I wanna get one for my boyfriend now...

Black or silver? Silver watches look way better on him, but this watch looks badass in black. Ah, shit.

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