Aug 21 2008Oh Boy, Oh Boy!: iPhones Now Shipping With Preloaded Pictures Of Cute Factory Workers


Somebody bought an iPhone and found out it it came preloaded with pictures of a cute iPhone factory worker. That's her there! I think this is the just the impetus I needed to finally make the iPhone switch. I hope I get some factory photos too!

UPDATE: Some guy's balls. Lucky me.

Hit the jump to see two more pictures of mysterious factory worker girl.



New iPhone Comes Loaded with Photos of the Girl Who Made It [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments upskirts?


She'll be fired shortly... and then shot.

I was once more defeated!

Haha!! Guess they thought before the final package was sent they could get in a few pics. Don't blame em though.

Where's the bukakke shot?


Oh, hey, that reminds me. I borrowed your new iPhone for a minute when you left it on your desk.

She reminds me of a Hello Kitty train conductor. She could be hotter, but I'd bone her. My little Hello Kitty train conductor.

hey!check the background... they're not using apple computers to make iphones?

@The Superficial Writer

This is a friendly reminder that all company correspondence MUST be written in LOLcat format.

hahaha, I was going to say the exact same thing, Lynsey. That's right, manufacturing is all powered by Microsoft. In fact (dare I say it?) I bet the motherboards, chassis, and operating systems are all coded and designed on a PC. It just goes to show you that Micr

oops, sorry about that. My Dell crashed. Anyway, what I was going to say is that Microsoft is the best operating syst

ugh God damn it.

It's a fake! Real asians don't have straight teeth!

At least she probably won't be fired. The co-worker who took the photo however...

she should definitely be beaten for wasting such precious time but i don't think she'll get fired because she's only 12 and probably works for free

dude, did I say I love this blog?
I come here everyday and piss myself
@8 you rock

I say fake, everyone knows the camera on the IPone doesn't take pictures that good. And since when did China allow women in the workplace?

#6 I think you made me piss myself...hope the boss doesnt bother me for the rest of the day.

F***in-A people, this is China we're talking about, so she's probably 12. Pedo-Bear approved! \m/ ^_^ \m/

@20 pedo-bear does indeed approves.

Tits or GTFO

Hasn't anybody learned anything from the Olympics she is not 12 she is "18"

Sooooo, This explains the price cut!

@6, you forgot the L's


It's like a message in a bottle!

"Dear Yuppie American..."

This reminds me of that old fortune cookie phrase, "HELP, I'M BEING HELD CAPTIVE IN A CHINESE BAKERY" Only it's not a joke. She really is Chinese and really is being held captive by Apple. Those twin victory signs are well-known Chinese code for, "I haven't seen the sun in four years."

We all have made the honest mistake of believing that this is truly the girl that works at the iPhone company, when they have recently released a statement that in the importance of government interest, this is not the picture of the actual factory worker, but someone more "aesthetically pleasing." The will of the people has spoken.

The greater good

First eh? So, er, why are you second you stupid f***er?

Well, Well, Well. I do believe that goes against their contracts. Those workers might get fired.

a) she's not cute.
b) she should get fired.


a) She's adorable! How rude!
b) Fired for what? Pissing you off by being so adorable?

RoFLMADness. u Kids slay me.

I got cho sweat shop right here, baby san!!

Ha, I find that pretty funny.

18. boredom

China factories are mostly female employees.

She's mostly cute too.

At least now if it breaks, you know who to blame. And she's totally Korean, I don't know why everyone assumes she's Chinese.

I think this is a brilliant marketing move. Every iPod should ship with a picture from the person who made it. Maybe even a recording where they tell you that they hope you enjoy your iPod.

This is the funniest comment thread for dynasties.

Boss: Whatchu doing Ling Ling? Make iPhone, not play wit Ding Ding
Ling Ling: I take pictcha you naked right now boss!
Ding Ding: I go now. Me eaty dumpling. bah-bye!
(a loud noise: DOOOOOONNNNNGGGG!)
----iPhone, Me likey!----

Slacking and taking pictures is basically what gets you in trouble.

lolZ she has Asian condoms on her fingers!

that is a lucky girl. The photo must change her life.

@40 Agreed. Racial humor is the BEST isn't it.
Geekologie writer - please post more stories featuring racially diverse people we can abuse. Let's REALLY get the party started on this blog!

Just kidding. I'm sure you're all lovely people.

@45, unfortunately we are not lovely but I applaud your attempt at seeing us in a positive light.......a$$clown that you are....

You see what I did there?

Actually I have no idea if you're an a$$clown or not, I'm just guessing. A prediction based upon your sensitive nature if you will.

If theres slanted grass on the field...

The guy in final packout who is 'actually doing her' (or dreaming about it like the rest of us) wanted to get her pic and email it to himself, but they don't allow cameras in there! He forgot to erase the pics from the iphone or he got caught and beaten is my guess. So how much is a ticket to Beijing? She's probably available now!!

Well let this be a lesson to all those couchetards that told me a child made all those pieces of crap from china. Now I don't have to feel guilty buying that crap that's made in china.

Hmm. I'm feeling a little disappointed.

that's Charisse Pempengco.

@49: She is young but not underage, it is legal for a 20s girl to work in any factory in any countries (maybe not Arab countries).

Apparently you have to be retarded to comment on this site.

8. Konkey Dong - August 21, 2008 1:03 PM

She reminds me of a Hello Kitty train conductor. She could be hotter, but I'd bone her. My little Hello Kitty train conductor.


I actually think this was pretty nice. The pictures are decent and the girl is not ugly or anything... I hope they don't fire her because of this. That would be very rude.

I really hope nobody gets fired for this.

In China, people disappear for less...

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