Aug 26 2008Move Over, Robot: Goblin Shark Is Scarier

Goblin sharks look scary as hell and are scary as hell. Sure they're only a couple feet long, but they're uglier than my sister and have tons of sharp little teeth. Watch the video around 0:20 to see how it's mouth comes out of its face Aliens style to munch on dude's arm. Also, a friend told me that's what a woman's vagina looks like.

Japanese Goblin Shark [collegehumor]

Thanks to Libby, who once punched a goblin shark in the mouth because it looked at her funny.

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Reader Comments

Wow..... FAke!

Well, not really fake I just saw japanese, the bombs must have done smthing to the ocean!!!! that is creepy as... the geekologie guys sister!

Yes every girls vagina comes out like that and gobbles your cock

which feels fantastic and defeats the purpose of a blowjob if she doesn't have nice teeth.

That thing looks like it needs to be punched. You don't see that too often in animals but this one genuinely looks like an asshole. It's the Pete Wentz of the animal kingdom.

That's a little one! I've seen preserved skeletons that have jaws over 15" from front to back! How'z that for scary?

Awesome vid, though! Never seen a live one before.

I've always said that when she smiles, Jessica Simpson is a dead ringer for a Goblin Shark.

@7 Rofl! agreed

its not fake you f***heads how would you like it if someone saw a video of you wanking and said it was fake eh????

omg this is so FAKE. they obviously used mirrors, a puppet, a poopette, a rainbow trout, and a toupée. but it still made me poop my panties!

i f***ing shat myself

Woah that thing is... insane
it kinda goes crazy toward the end

n lol @ 7

At 1:15 you see it's head glowing with an intense light that beacons you into the jaws.


Thats just ugly, the FRILL SHARK is horrifying. check it out on youtube

What makes the goblin shark really scary is it swims around with an eerie horror movie soundtrack emanating from its core...

"Also, a friend told me that's what a woman's vagina looks like."

wow. that was hilarious. thank you mr. geekologie writer, thank you.

I've read that in Asia..all things alive can be prepare you for new sort of sushi now ;)hummm

I shrieked like a little girl when it shot out it's mouth... :(

Apparently, it can grow up to 11 feet and weigh 350 lbs - that's scary as shit!

all shark jaws come forward when attacking. Not fake.

@21 I've got something that can grow up to 11 feet and weigh 350 lbs :)

Sonja is right. Most if not all shark species' jaws work the same way as shown in the video. The upper row of teeth closes down onto the lower row instead of the lower row moving upward, unlike mammals. It's a prehistoric attribute that exists in sharks to this day.

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