Aug 27 2008Grown Man Builds LEGO Boba Fett Costume


Simon, a grown-ass man, went and built himself a full Boba Fett costume out of LEGO pieces. As you can see, it's pretty damn impressive. Right up there with that little kid's cardboard Halo arsenal. Hit the jump for a bunch more of Simon and his costume, along with a Vader version he made as well. Uh-oh -- I just had the most brilliant idea ever.

Introducing the First Annual Geekologie LEGO Leia's Golden Bikini Contest! Full rules follow.

1. Contestants must construct and model a LEGO Golden Bikini
2. Digital photo required in entry
3. Must be holding a sign that reads "Geekologie" or "I Love You Geekologie Writer, I Want To Have Your Babies But Know You Don't Want Kids Right Now And I'm Totally Cool With That" or something similar so I know it's for the contest
4. No dudes
5. Hey you -- the guy that thought it would be funny to still enter anyways: stop.
6. LEGO pieces optional
7. Bikini optional
8. Naked photos only

Contest ends when I feel like it. Winners will be notified by personal stripper-gram. Your choice: fireman or police officer, I play both equally well.

Hit it for the photos.








Guy Builds Full Lego Boba Fett Costume, Somehow Manages To Keep Marriage Intact

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Reader Comments

Boba Fett dude has some serious time on his hands, and obviously no kids.

The pick of Vader is hilarious. Right up there with grandpa's pj skeletor costume.

Finally, a practical use for Lego's!

Hey, GW, I'm gonna help you judge the contestants on this one. So go ahead and forward me all of your entries. You have my email address.

I'm not kidding.


Not joking at all.

Show me pictures of boobs.

And vaginas if you have any.


sorry GW, I was so excited that i didnt read past step 3.

i guess you can just clear your inbox. the 3GB of pics i sent of myself might be taking up some email space.

Damn! The sad part is my wife would totally agree to build and submit something like this...I wonder if she would let me use hot glue?

Loose interpretation of 'man'. More like man-boy.

Hmm, somehow I thought he'd be fatter...

#5, don't you ever, ever let that woman go, she is the best thing that will probably ever happen to you. :p

Hmmmmmm.....I have legos....what I lack is a camera...I know! I'll steal a scanner!

I have no life..............

What a twist of fate. I just finished my Lego Sarlacc. Check and mate. Now king me.

lol vader looks like he got an underbite

Did he really need to make a LEGO cod piece?


Yes...... He did.

Last time I watched the original trilogy, Vader wasn't wearing a lampshade.
I mean, I know LEGOs aren't that accurate as building materials, but come on man. Dude looks like he has the Astrodome on his head.

Damn it. I was thinking this would be funny to send a picture of myself then I read rule #4. Figured hey, still. Then read rule #5. DAMN IT.

dad? is that you?

#1: you call that "serious time" ?

The guy that built the olympics out of legos and out of cards...that's "serious time"

It's cool, I'd do it probably, given the time, boredom (lack of things to do...almost never happens), and enough pieces.

Lampshade Vader FTW?

Rules 4 and 5....GW is a mind reader!!!!


There IS someone who actually gets laid less than I do!

Something tells me that when this guy is not wearing LEGO underwear, he probably uttering those famous words: You want fries with that?

Likelihood that he'll ever have sexual relations with a real woman - 0%


I want my boyfriend do do this with the Darth Vader one. Srsly. This is awesome.


Correcting yourself in seperate posts ftw.

i love how in my head i say "this guy's a total geek", but at the same time i think "that helmet is totally awesome and i wish i had it".

i'm sure there are many others who feel this way.

monthy alimony and child support: $5 000

divorcer lawyer: $10 000

motel room per night: $50

building and wearing your own LEGO fett costume: PRICELESS.

It's a trap! The Geekologie Writer just want's to steal your costumes! He doesn't care about the pictures!

I saw this guy at Dragon Con... Picture here ( )

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

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