Aug 22 2008DIY: Guy Is Building Himself A Lamborghini


33-year old Canadian Woody "Wood" Sticksandbranches is making himself a Lamborghini. The vehicle is built on top of a $60 Pontiac Fiero chassis and promises to be one hell of a good looking ride. Nice work Loggy, I can't wait to see the finished product. Maybe you could take me for a spin sometime. But no funny business -- I don't care if you do drive a Lamborghini look-alike. Just kidding, I'm cool with a little hand action.

Hit the jump for a photo gallery of the build process.










Ultimate Fiero resurrection: Lamborghini Reventon replica
DIY Lamborghini [make]

Thanks to Zyclonis, who made himself a Ferrari but wrecked it racing a rocketship.

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Reader Comments


FIRST!!!!!!!!! Sweet ride.....if i had metal shop skills like that in high school i would have driven around in a cutless cierra.

Probably very safe.

Do you think he's realised that he won't be able to buy windows to fit the car?

Still, beats the cardboard replica of a box i had in development for a few years but never got round to makin'...

Does it have a curb weight of 20 tons? I give it a top speed of 50 MPH. Unless it's on a downhill and then I give it a top speed of: "watch out for that tre! This giant piece of crap has no contro....."

Seriously you think windows will hold him back? There are people who make custom windows and if you already put that much time into the thing, i kinda think he would go for some windows lol

@4 do you realize you can get glass cut in any shape you need at any Home Depot, Lows, or any hardware store that offers glass cutting?


Hmm just on the glass issue. it seems that in one of the pictures there is already a windscreen.

@7yes, glass can be cut, but is it curved to the exact radius that he built?
come on, lets use our brains.
@6 your prob right that he will get something custom made


Yeah, there's no real aftermarket and custom car market at all. custom parts available. Fabrication? No such thing. and this "making glass" you speak of....what kind of crazy witchcraft is that?

I have bad news for have been diagnosed retarded. and your retardation is infested with AIDS.

Sorry, just another "wanna be" loser.

Agreed, I think the net weight of this machine will be somewhere upwards of a number that i can't even pretend to count to. I mean, not only is the ENTIRE body fabricated out of what appears to be STEEL, the dashboard is made of steel. I mean, yeah, cool and all that dude can build a car from steel but goddamn, maybe learn what cars are made out of now-a-days. Oh hold on, the phone is ringing...
Yes, I'll tell him.
Hey, mr. Fabricator, the fifties just called, said they wanted their horribly inefficient and costly ways to produce vehicles back.

and your retardation is infested with AIDS. hahahahahah!...brilliant!

You know, you can put a V6 in those from a '96 Lumina, and then turbo charge it. My friend is currently building a Fiero with that engine, though he's keeping the plastic body. But there are people who have gotten excellent power out of the car, and even with the amount of metal lopped on top, I think 500 ponies should be alright.

This ritzy bastard better fake-gold plate the thing. Or at least Burberry the shit out of it.

For f***s sake people, follow some links. The guy is estimating somewhere between 3000 and 3500lbs. It has a twin-turbo Chevy small block. If his transmission can handle the torque this will be insanely fast.
Windows are no big deal, and I'm not talking about going to Home Depot and buying regular glass. That'd be a a great way to end up decapitated. I'd guess, to help keep weight down, he'll either go with Lexan or some thick polycarbonate.
I hope he plans on some good thick padding to cover the metal dash.

That's pretty awesome kudos perhaps I'll make myself a Mirage GT with paper mache that's as much skill as i have.

I love all the haters on this site.

It's hilarious that some guy completely fabricates a f***ing lamborgini, and the best you dumbasses can come up with is "it's gonna be teh slowz" and "never goin ta fin' sum windowz"

The only thing you've ever fabricated is a turd and maybe some other retarded posts.

Yea, it's all that custom crap that's going to cost him. Gauges, glass, head/tail lights, seats/interior and of course those lambo engines don't grow on trees.

Of course, if he just wants to give the illusion from a distance I'm sure he can rig up some crap to finish it.

how do the airbags pop out?

#17 Thank you. The most intelligent post on this thread thus far.


That being said....
This thing is awesome. I mean really really awesome! No matter how you look at it this dude must have some serious skill. I would like to know a bit more about the engine hes building for it though...
@15 on the engine note that could work, but i would rather like to think he'll squeeze out a little more. Maybe 850 HP... yeah... that sounds nice...

@19.... you shouldn't have drank so much last night...

Normaly, Ive got no problem with Canadian joke... But that was close to the line of offensiveness...

All steel, eh? i wonder how much that cost him, with the rising cost of steel these days...

Do you idiots think that this guy isn't going to be able to fab or know someone who could fab head/taillights, gauges and glass for this car. He has nearly perfectly matched the body lines of the Reventón, no small task itself. I think he probably thought the entire process through, electronics, engine and all before he made the first weld on the framework.

The Reventon he's planning on building is the ultimate Lamborghini.
See what it will end up like:

I'd give the guy the benefit of the doubt.
It should be aluminum based on the estimate...

Any person who builds a decent kitcar (and this one is more than decent) knows what he's doing, and if you look closely at the bodywork, it's quite good. You don't just build a kitcar for kicks.

That'll buff right out.

I know I would spend all that time fabbing a replica of the Reventon so I could put a supercharged Lumina V6 engine in the car. I'm pretty sure this guy has other plans for the motor. The suspension on the other hand, should remain stock. Those fiero's had the sweetest suspension ever. I'm going to swap out my evo's suspension this week for fiero goods. That isht is hot.

"if i had metal shop skills like that in high school i would have driven around in a cutless cierra."

I had metal shop skills like that, and all i made were very convoluted bongs.

@ all of you
F*** YOU!!

I read all the posts and don't remember who said what, so here's my take: windows, gauges, lights, etc. not a problem, all easily done.

lambo engine? not likely, but my own personal choice: 2JZ-GTE (I-6 with twin turbo...the Supra Mark IV's engine)...or more than twin turbo.

I say this is completely awesome. What the real lambo has with engine weight, this one has with body weight. Of course, carbon fiber would have been ideal, but it's still awesome. I salute this guy.

I consider myself a fabricator of some talent. This guy pegs the meter. I am humbled and awed, sir. The fact that you are a hoser makes me doubly proud.

You lot are incredibly thick for a bunch of geeks. Going on about the glass. It has got a windscreen in the fifth picture, how did you miss that? Are you all disabled? Don't you think he designed it to take an existing window?
By the way he is probably building this with 'having a bit of fun' in mind. Do any of you know what that is? Here's a clue, you wont find it sat beating one out in front of world of warcraft or pictures of your cousin off her myspace page.

@33 - indeed, good eye ;-)
@12 - that comment was hilarious because at first I honestly thought you were talking about yourself
@16 - YES

Well, I'm glad there are still people who know how to actually make physical things and I'm surprised at how many comments there were from people who actually know something about cars. Personally I don't know shit about building custom cars, except that it's a lot of work, but nonetheless I would say that this is really impressive. And yeah, gotta agree - I'm pretty the guy's planned it out to the end!

wow this guy is amazing! not only is he building a Lambo, its the Raptor F-22 Lambo, quite possibly one of the rarest of them all. This actually just came out not too long ago this year and he's building a replica already :D I like how the interior is replicated as well.

I work at a laminated glass plant, and I can honestly say it would be a piece of cake to cut windows into whatever shape he wanted them...If he wanted it to look like he was looking out a goatse, it could be done. The process is called waterjet cutting, and it is way easy.

This is freakin awesome though. Godd job, buddy.

nice one there by woody but i was kinda wondering i think he should get a better engine than the fierro just saying the body is nice and wish him luck selling it on ebay for maybe 800k (resonable price for the body with motor)

a fierro has a bad engine im not hating the car im just saying get a better car before you have to ruin all the body again unless you can just take it out in a flash then yeah but a honda or toyota engine would do they last longer than the fierro if he is reading this

i wish i was woody but if i can meet him sometime that would be cool i want to learn how to make a lamborghini reventon auto body but i do wonder did he used pictures or blueprint of the real thing

Very nice, but it will be heavy and slow.

Also where will he get windows?


God,,why didn''t this guy just buy the real thing,,,that's what alot of these mousepad quarterbacks would have done, so while he is sitting around being proud of his home built Lambo, we can sit around being proud of our posts about it.
I have been in the auto customization business for years. I can say this guy is very tallented. It's been stated the glass is no problem. As for an engine, It is very easy to drop a V8 Caddy Northstar engine in a fiero,,,been done many times. Would be a very dependable engine with aprox 350 HP which is about what the Fiero trans will handle.

Hey to all u guys hating on da car, u guys r just mad dat u cant make shit wit ur hands, all ur good for is WOW and jacking da f*** off, so i give dis guy mad props cuz atleast i knw dis car will probably look better dan da shit ur parents r driving u in.

I guess there are allot of uninformed folks out there. The metal is Aluminum just at the Real Lambos I bet. A thin gauged steel would weigh no more than a standard car or are you all to young to remember super fast solid steel cars??

Great job, keep up the super work as you will far exceed those who jealously blast your car. Rick

Hey, wanna sell it to me for less than a million? =P hahahaha I kid. but seriously this is amazing. It does look very close to the real thing. :) Keep at it!

#38 -reading is fundamental. Windows? That issue has already been explained. The guy obviously already had that figured out. Just look at photo #5. As far as the weight is concerned, I am sure he isn't concerned with that at all. People don't build kit cars to dominate on the street, they build them for show and style. I am sure however, that whatever engine he puts into it will crush most of the riced out civics you find on the street.

#39, very good post. I was thinking the same as far as engines go. A supercharged or even naturally aspirated Northstar would be a very good choice. Bothe make great power and have enough torque to push the heavier weight of the car.

The craftsman behind this beauty should be praised, not flamed for how much heavier it will be than the carbon fiber of the original is or where he will find guages for it (Pep Boys would be my guess, but then again, I don't know as much as you Harry Potter wannabes out there).

Awesome! Keep up the good work! =)

i think the man did a good work for a copy of a Lambo build in a garage that's awesome..the curves...anything...keep up good work :D

BTW what is about that's justa little heavier than original...not so hard metal...:P


I actually feel stupider from reading the posts here. Well about 70% of them. The other 30% are from well edjucated intelligent people the rest are from morons that dont have a clue. Wow really a lumina engine or the one about putting fiero suspension on an evo because itz do shit. Really? How do you people make it through a day?

My hats off to the builder. Amazing talent and dedication.

quiero tener esos planos me gustaria hacer el mio tambien podemos comunicarnos via correo gracias!

dude nice work. thats so epic but you should definetly put some of your own design on it somewhere so its just that much more special

good for him he have maybe two good hands and when he ride i want to ride with him :D

the reventon if ironman inspired it not batman

im by far no expert but i just wanted to add to this glass bull @#$% this is a replica off a real car so there r cars out in the world with glass that will fit this car ok makes sents...... so last year i was driveing dawn the streed a rock brock my winshild and just the othere day someone brock into my car by smashing a side window i was abal to get brand new windows and my car was made in 91 so sober up for theys 2 resons thay make spare glass for cars evan lambos

I think it's pretty cool to build a lambo like this but the problem is it's not the real "blood" from lamborghini

Very cool

wow man thats realy good work wish i could do that wish you all the luck man
thier is a company in america that dose custom headlights and gauges

Aii all u haters are just jelous

damn this car is off the hook, i mean the mere fact of being able to bend steel into a magnificent form of art as the reventon is absolutely astounding. all of y'all talking about problems, this and that, we live in the 21st century hello! i'm pretty sure he can make it. kudos to you sir!

this is dedication right here...these morons posting stupid comments are idiots, because you CAN cut windows to fit it fairly cheap, and, a nice v6 or v8 could easily fit into to this master crafted body work to make it go tops 120mph. very nice job, and good luck.

all you people are weirdos the thaught of making your own car is beter than having the money and buying the real thing its a sence of self pride somone comes up to you saying ahhh sweet where you get it from what would you rather say "i built it my self " or " ah jus blew £450,000"
building a car yourself not only takes time and skill and lots of preperation after you have finished building it you get a sence of acheievment like oh yea just built my car how many people can say they have built there own car

amazing! really really cool!
to all haterz u prolly cant make ur asses a car that would move 30kmph!

Fantastic looking project. For all of you negative people, you shouldn't open your mouth if you have no idea what the hell your talking about. A few points to educate some of you.....custom glass is readily available and even if the cost is a bit high it is still an overall deal considering the value of the car vs what he will have invested in, you cannot just get the glass @ Lowe's, etc. that's plain glass he will need laminated safety glass at least for the windshield, but the best route to go is with lexan or a polycarbonate product, etc. this will be stronger, more durable, most likely cheaper, can be curved to fit and is much lighter to help offset the rest of the weight of the body which brings us to the next point, weight.....John DeLorean used stainless steel in his namesake vehicle which didn't make it too heavy, it looks like this body might be made of aluminum anyway. If it is aluminum then it would be keeping company with the likes of the original Shelby Cobras and a vehicle built by Bill Mitchell in the 60's called a Cheetah, both of which used aluminum bodies. If you think they're slow then your just plain brain dead. Research Cheetah's and then tell me what you have or have ever driven that's faster and street legal ? ....The Fiero uses a chassis that's much different than typical cars making them much stiffer, lighter, and stronger. During the production years of the Fiero GM built several prototypes with a variety of powerplants including the Buick 3.8L Turbo from the GN/GNX line as well as a couple of small block Chevys from the Corvette line. What they ended up with was a Corvette slayer at less than half the price. Some of you called the guy a loser, wanna be, etc. Well any dumb ass with the money can buy a Lambo but I want to see you buy the skill to build your own car not to mention it would be nice to see the look on your face when a guy like this blows your cookie cutter car away. Think about it the best performing cars in the world are ALL hand built one at a time and the builders of such cars are more aware of ever aspect of that car than the guy that just buys it and drives it off the lot. Hell most supercar owners can't even change their own oil. Yes real supercars are great too but their nothing truly special when you know there are other ones out there in the world EXACTLY like yours right down to the tires, windshield wiper blades, battery etc. Want to see what happens when someone chooses to follow his own path rather than be a blind follower like some of you that just drive a stock car (damn sheeple ), just look up Carol Shelby, Bill Mitchell, John Lingenfelter, Reeves Calloway, the Gottleib family (search Big Red Camaro), etc. If you have what it takes to keep pace with this crowd great but if not then just stop being jelous of people that have skills you wish you had and either acknowledge the skill and effort that goes into something like this, or just shut the fock up and stop pi$$ing on this guys fire. Finally for you a$$holes that talk schitt but obviously don't know schitt, regardless of weight anything can be made quick and fast with enough power an M1 Abrams main battle tank is proof of that as is the projectile from a main deck gun on a WWll battleship.....Just think a projectile that weighs as much as a heavy car that can give a Suzuki Hyabusa one hell of a head start and gain on it like it's running backwards. Suzuki wins for lightweight, main gun wins for performance.......Game Over You Lose !! Again I think this is going to be a first rate finished project and I wish the builder luck and much enjoyment. One last thing for all you haters, WHEN THIS CAR IS FINISHED IF IT DRIVES PAST YOUR CAR DON'T LOOK AT IT, JUST LOOK OVER AT YOUR WIFE / GIRLFRIEND AND SEE WHAT SHE'S STARING AT......I'LL BET SHE WON'T BE LOOKING AT YOU !!!

@60, Don Isenberg, very well said, can't agree with you more. In life you get the do-ers and the whingers and this guy is a do-er and an excellent one too. I guess I don't have to tell those of you that commented negatively which group you belong to.

People saying it will be heavy and will be slow it won't be that heavy like come on really he could customize his own ENGINE and put as much horse power as he can don't ya think it will run FAST!

You people really need to read through all the comments before you open your mouth. If you would, the more intelligent people wouldn't have to keep correcting you about every little detail that has already been discussed ten or fifteen times over.

This car is frickin bad ass shit I'm so inspired ima make my own lambo outa my old monte frame if anyones got any pointers or tips hit me up and once again this thing is so cool and probaly cheaper then buyn one and a lot more fun bc you built it

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