Aug 29 2008Cyber Clean Cleans Electronics, Tastes Great

Cyber Clean looks like, wait, is a slimeball and cleans your electronics. You just take the $8 Play-Doh, mash it into your keyboard, digital camera, phone, taint, etc. and then remove. Presto, clean and germ free! I just got a sample, I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: j 09ctju j0954iy[ 0]kt [p9i34poi 34po]i0-] ln p;7816e6 erw761ew 786er w34[io pjkofp[i[12r c x213t43v2gv45 n67un,87m.8 0/-[=]/9+281708+ oi;jmio;im,,m
Keyboard's clean!

Cyber Clean cleansing goop: 'I press it on, and the mess is gone!' [dvice]

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Alright that's it. Enough. GW you have to stop taking your readers for granted and start doing your goddam job. It's been over 30 posts without any hot girl cosplay action. Do you torture us for fun? No, no, no, posting links to old posts doesn't count. Doesn't need to be related to technology that much, we're very tolerant. "Hot girl probably owns ipod" or "Cyber Clean could be applied on this cat girl's keyboard" that works. Get to it.


/ cillit bang

Haha.. that's actually a pretty good idea.

Won't it get stuck under the keys?

My first thought was that's you were were saying after applying that thing to your taint. Thank God that was your keyboard. Shit.

I'm not one to criticize. I love you in a totally stright, but definitely borderline homosexual kind of way. But I have to agree with Ben's remaining hairless testical on this one. Could you please do us loyal readers a favor and post something loosely associated with techonology but mostly associated with two girls making out? If you'd like, a cup could even be introduced. Just help me get through this day at work with a nice, tasteful, semi-pornographic, not-going-to-get-Popadopolis-fired-for-looking-at-girls-smeared-in-what-appears-to-be-fecal-matter post.

#6: save the cup and the 2g1c reference, I agree.

loyal reader for about a year and a half now...

Looks great except how to you clean the goop? Or do you keep rubbing the same filthy blob all over everything?

Did the woman with the mac lift the letters of her keyboard? Oh, and I second the more-naked-or-semi-dressed-women-on-geekologie motion!

@ KeL

"Or do you keep rubbing the same filthy blob all over everything?"

It worked for my last girlfriend.

GW...I love it when you make me laugh out loud!

HAHA Love the update!

Am I the only one who's noticed this is totally a cross between Gak and Floam?

i had this crap when i was a kid. it doesn't clean anything.
and it smells aweful.

they used it on a f***ing i phone they are dumb like hell

B&W infomercial dramatizations rule. This just made my day.

Also, I second the hot cosplaying women motion.

Dude, what about the women readers??? Don't they deserve some cosplay action too? Oh and it looked like there were pubes in the CG part of the video... I know that's some thing that constantly slows down my typing...

Cardon..... what do you type with, and can I watch?

i never have to shower again

Favorite part: iPod girl's abdomen at 0:40. They probably thought they needed more "sex" in the video.

I just love the name of this product, as there's nothing inherently 'cyber' about it. Someone obviously came up w lemon-scented silly putty and an overpaid marketing team did the rest...

FINALLY! I can get that odd combination of semen and Hot n Spicy Cheez-it crumbs from the crevices of my keyboard and my phone...and my printer.....and my car...yeahhhh.

I have this ( I live in Hong Kong, it's been out here for a few months) and it works quite well. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn't believe how much crap was in my keyboard.....

secondly how to clean it? you wash it under the tap in your hands as if it were a bar of soap, the stuff comes off, you put it back in the bag it came in and in about ten minutes its dry and reday to go again


clean... your keys? Has anyone in the whole humanity ever felt the need to sterilize his keys? Or am I strange because mine are not perfectly aseptic?
I'm confused.

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