Jul 18 2008Steampunk R2 Is Cute As A Victorian Button


This is a picture of a steampunkified R2-D2 made by Deviant Art user Amoebabloke. Because, let's face it, steampunk and Star Wars are a match made in heaven. Like crabs and Old Bay. Or beer and liquor. Or my penis and coworker's coffee. The point I'm trying to make is this: that shit was scalding this morning.

Beer Barrel R2-D2 Steampunk Sculpture

Thanks crowbarsamuri, can I be tireironninja?

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Reader Comments

Nice job....could make a cool kegerator

So I'm confused. Are robots not the bringers of doom as long as they can brew beer and are readily combustible if they get any sneaky ideas?

@2, apparently so according to Mr. Flip Flopologie. One day he is warning us about the coming Robot Armageddon and the next it's all about robot beer dispensers and steampunk.

All I can say is Skynet is real and it will spell the end of humanity as we know it.

OMG Thank you Geekologie writer. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed sticking my penis and coworker's morning coffee. Do you add special sauce to all the salads in the fridge too? If not you should try it. It rocks. Are you single? We should maybe get together for a beer or something. Don't worry I'll bring the yours from the fridge for you.

Steam Punk is retarded. What's wrong with just living in 2008 and making cool things? Is life so bad that anachronism is the only way to cope? If you're so into Victorian England stop bathing and ask some Lice if they want to move in?

Crabs and Old Bay...Sounds like someone is either from or has recently been to my fair city of Baltimore, MD.

Wow, that's just too cool for words.

Worst Steampunk-related thing you've posted.

@5: You're talking about neovictorianists. They're fagots who try to bring steampunk to the actual 1800's level. Which is ridiculous. I dress in steampunk sometimes, but I enjoy modern day and a nice shower.

hey, a blinging r2!

looks like a little pony keg

I seriously just had a seizure... when I was through twitching on the floor, I recovered just enough to be able to type this-


This is why God has forsaken us- because little retards like YOU forsake Him by ****ing up Star Wars sh*t and spending hours upon hours on something so worthless and time consuming. I'm working on my MFA and volunteering at the goddamn Animal Shelter, so don't act like I'm some a**hole who spends too much time on the computer. You think I want to come home at the end of the day and see something so utterly devoid of creativity that it makes me, as I said, ****ing seizure??

I am giving you a THUMBS DOWN on StumbleUpon...

Thanks for the helpful input. I'm sure one thumbs down for a piece of art will do all the damage you need it to.
I can totally see your point about it not being creative, what with the amount of detailing and craftsmanship involved in this piece.
Also, Molly, good for you, bringing up your selfless hard work caring for animals and doing your MFA. Good for you. Completely relevant to the article too.
When you've finally pulled your head out of your rear-end, how about rejoining civil society?

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