Jul 24 2008Stay Calm: How to Survive A Car Crashing Through A Diner And Into Your Table

Kenneth Anderson was enjoying a cup of coffee in a window seat at his favorite diner in North Carolina when some car came flying through the window and mashed him and his table into the bar. He walked away with minor scrapes. I love how afterwards he puts his hat on nonchalantly like nothing happened. Congratulations Kenneth, you win the Balls of Black Holes Award for the day. If they were any denser, your crotch would swallow the planet. Bravo.

CCTV Awesomeness: How To React When a Car Crashes Into You During Lunch [gizmodo]

Thanks to Ross, who once stopped a cement truck with his sultry gaze, for the tip.

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Reader Comments

An aspiring Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris wouldn't have moved an inch from his chair, and carried on sipping his drink without hesitation.

I also found out he's right wing homo-hating creationist the other day. Ah well, swings and roundabouts.

My town made geekologie? With this country boy? kill me now.

So that is what Superman would look like in his late 50's

haahaha something similar happened to the restaurant i use to work at during one of my shifts. an employee ran her car into the building by accident...or so she says. it was like 2hrs before her shift too, so i think she just found a brilliant way to get out of working that night...

God damn it, North Carolina is one great state.

Here's your coffe and eggs, hon. The side of toast and Buick will be right over

Hahahah 'well they do say smoking's a rather dangerous habit..' ohhh mannnn

I like how the guy says "Kenneth Anderson was just chilling.." First off when do you think this dude was last called kenneth? He's a Kenny all the way. And is that supposed to be what he said to reporters "I was jut chilling..when lawd would ya believe, straight like a bat atta hell comes this heyar car through the windugh and would you believe i dun lot ma smokes."

That is one hard-core mother f***er right there.

Accidentally drove into it? Ha, no accident there. That was clearly intentional.

maybe he had an on going tab of free coffee for months and the owner decided to make a statement

It's too bad NC DMV revoked those WTF license plates. I have a feeling Kenny here could use one.

Oh my God, you killed Kenny! JK...

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