Jul 11 2008Redneck Mansion: Too Good To Be True


I knew when I saw these pictures they were too good to be true. And sadly, they are. I had to do some interweb spelunking but, finally, got to the bottom of their origin. Touted around the net as a "redneck mansion", the structure was actually the set for a performance of Anton Chekhov's play Ivanov at an outdoor theater in Amsterdam. So yeah, shit. Still an awesome setup though, I'd totally live there. Anybody want to get together and build something similar? I'm thinking something like an Ewok village in the trees, but with double-wides. Who's with me? Also, I apologize to all of those who had their hopes up for this being a real redneck mansion. Believe me, I was right there with you. This is the second time in 24 hours I've been tricked into thinking something was something that it's not. The first being the dude still asleep in my bed.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures of the thing.



Redneck Mansion [trendhunter]

Thanks Romeo, now let's get started on building one for real. I know where we can get some trailers. Of course, they'll have to be fumigated. And, well, peoplegated.

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Ok, so this is a little old, but whatever. I don't care what it's called. I'd live in anything that's got the word "mansion" in it. In fact, I have lived in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. That place was awesome, but it was too noisy, so I moved out. And by moved out, I mean they caugh me pissing on one of the gargoyles and had me arrested. Oh to be 13 again....

Mr Popadopolis,

Were sorry, but you have not been selected for the Geekology writer's position.

Thank you for your interest. Your resume/fictitious bullshit will be filed along with all the other hacks'.

Geekology HR

I'd love to Manage a trail park like that. aslong as Ricky the shit leopard wouldn't be living there

SHIT! Myself, and others I work with, have been dreaming of this utopia since it first went around some time ago. I thought it was a pretty masterful example of making something completely cool with limited means. My cube mate has this as her desktop background...it gave us hope - Hope that we could decide to leave the day to day shit and make something great with nothing. That picture made me happy.

Is it true that each trailer comes with Britney Spears? I mean authenticity is important, folks.

You might be a redneck if... yeah, that is pimped out livin right there!

i saw the pic, read the title, and laughed

@1, no shit? I lived in the small world ride and I never saw you around.

My morning tea was an adventure....almost ruined my back lifting the teacup to take a drink.

I just have the image of some redneck using an elevator made out of Lego to get to the box at the top, but falling down because of a small gap

Shit this is old! I saw this thing like 2 or 3 years ago online!
losing your edge geeker... losing your edge.

Dammit!! I was all ready to go too. Can't you let us have a little bit of time before you burst our bubble?

I've been needing a place to stay ever since I was thrown out of Captain EO. Yeah, its been a while....

@2...at least spell GEEKOLOGIE correctly

Geekologie HR,

I thank you for trying to take this matter of Mr. Popadopolis in to your own hands; however, we do wish to notify you of your termination at this time. You are no longer employed with Geekologie.com and we will provide you with a lucrative severance package which is outlined in a packet that will be mailed to your home. In the future, please refrain from using profanity when notifying applicants of disqualification of employment from here on out.

Geekologie CEO

To the Geekologie CEO;
You stated that the HR representative is now terminated and thereby receiving a severance package. It is then therefore redundant to insist that profanity is to not be used "from here on out".
You should instead fire your assistant whom I assume dictated said message for you. Or, if the dictation was correct, then you should perhaps invest in a vacation to soothe yourself of any further oxymoronic paradox episodes.

An avid reader of this here blog

That's like a hillbilly Ewok village.


When the phrase "here on out" is used, it is used as a reference for jobs in the future, if a job may be obtained. It seems that the HR department needed to have a background check to see if they have obtained any education, for the misspelling of our own website is obsurd as well.
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Geekologie CEO

she said dictation

She's actually "Smoking" because she hearts wicca and the local puritan counsel found out and brought the BBQ to her place.

I hate you all.

PS Mexican stinky balls.

HA! Bathroom Attendant! My job sucks worse than yours! I research old shit to put up all day. All I wanted was a Pepsi.

I think the highlight of this entire post is "oxymoronic paradox episodes".

P.S. In case the Geekologie Web Development manager is here, can you see to it that hitting "tab" in the "your site's URL" field moves the focus to the comments field (rather than jump all the way back up to the top of the page).

No Jason, but you can go f*** yourself.

If one likes to be technical, life is the leading cause of death.
Eat right, Exercise, Die anyway.

Oh, and on another note, with the use of the pronoun 'you' and without a break in the paragraph, the phrase "from here on out" technically applies to the 'you' in the aforementioned sentence. So if one wants a general statement to be made, one must make it known that there is a break from the prounouns used. I suggest you make a memo of that to your secretary.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

this is in fact real , but it is only in a exhibit and not that big .

too bad it's fake. my inlaws would just love it. there's plenty of room for all the dogs and the junk they order from all the infomercials. there's even room for my sister-in-law and her boyfriend to move in with all their kids.

Melrose Place Mississippi?

awesome shelter!

I also hate you all.

I would live on the top so that nonone would have to walk past my house to leave. I think it is cool

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