Jul 16 2008Pope Benedict XVI Sending Text Messages


Pope Benedict XVI is now sending messages of encouragement to pilgrims (you know, the people that ate with the Indians) via SMS texting. The first message was sent this morning and reads as follows:

Young friend, God and his people expect much from u because u have within you the Fathers supreme gift: the Spirit of Jesus - BXVI

No he didn't. Did he? He did. He used a U instead of spelling you.

Hs holiness,

U R lIk 100 yr.z old. pls dun uz U insted of "you" n futR txt msgz.


d Geekologie Writer

p.s. i M l337 txtor

Note: The story is real, the picture I made.
Pope Benedict XVI texting out messages of encouragement [engadget]

Thanks Julian, but seriously -- stop texting tips, they cost me 40ยข apiece

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Reader Comments

1st......SHITS WEAK!

2nd.....i wana see the pope laying down and a bike and texting...lol

that pick look faker then a mug

At least he wrote out Jesus. watch, it won't be long before he's referring to him as JC. This is still pretty awesome I wonder what his PSN and Xbox Live names are. It would be awesome to play some Call of Duty with Darth Sidious over here. Is it time to pwn some noobs your holiness? You bet your ass it is.

Next thing you know he'll be smashing his collection of Star Wars collectables.

Where's the giant dell tattoo on his arm?

This is so obviously fake that I have to wonder why you even bothered posting it. The fourth iranian missile was a better photoshop job than this :p

NO SHIT that the pic is photoshopped...

I can't vouch for the story, as I haven't researched it (nor do I care to), but I'm pretty sure you geniuses referring to the picture being fake don't realize that sometimes when there's no usable image for a post, the Geekologie writer just puts something funny in there, that's not meant to be taken seriously. If you're just being facetious, try to be funnier when doing so, thank you.

Amen Rod, Amen

I agree with Julian the pope should play CoD4 =D

leet text from the pope:

'believe in teh holy 5piri7'

#7: You don't think the writer knew that the image was fake? (And probably made it him- or herself..)

i wonder if the pope invested talent points in lolwell

So do you think "OMG" would be considered blasphemous?

What a f***in' pedo cunt the pope is! I wish someone would exterminate that muthaf***a!!!

Did you guys not read the note or the article? The writer said that he made the picture.

The Pope rocks! True, he does look like Palpatine, but eh...

I miss JP2 :\

im getting tired of dumb fcks not knowing that photoshop is HILARIOUS if there is no actual picture of the topic.

"whoa, so fake!!"

-good observation, you are truly a smart person!! you can tell the difference between a real [lame] picture and a photoshopped [piss in your pants funny] one. I bet you text while walking!



wow, pope benedict is a geek here :D love it.

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