Jul 18 2008Epic Failure: Translate Server Error


If you're ever in China you have got to hit up Translate server error. Best food EVER.

Then we'll grab a bite at 404 Not Found [adfreak]

NOTE: I don't actually know if that's a restaurant or what. Anybody that can read it feel free to add.

Thanks Jason, a problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll miss you.

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Reader Comments

:( *tear* you have a good weekend too. sniff sniff

Sweet action.

Now I'll HAVE to go to the Olympics... Hilarious...

Geekologie Writer I challenge you to a backflip contest.

That's because somebody used online translator and ended up like this......wahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt get... What the dude mean??

As long as this is not photoshopped it is the best thing i have seen for a while.

I posted this one days ago (uh! ;) at Spreeblick, one of germanys largest blogs and the comments told me, that sign really actually says "Cantina". So, you are quite good with food ;)

That is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. And I LOVE YOU, GEEKOLOGIE WRITER!!!!

The actual characters are can ting (pronounced tsan - ting) which means restaurant.

Yupyup, 餐厅 means restaurant.

I think I'm in shock. hah.

and, mr. geekoligie, we will meet again, may be not today, maybe not tommorow, but on monday...

i think it is intended. look at that free press he is getting

I just hope the servers in the restaurant don't screw up all the time, because that would suck and would make the experience with great food quite crappy. If they do well though, they get good tips.

at least this one is geeky. you're getting closer geek writer. closer.

That's awesome.

I miss you too, Geekologie writer!

you know.... if the "translate server" is going to throw an error message, shouldn't it be in the source language, not the destination language?

I have been to the CeBit 2008 in Hannover and encountered halls full of booths whose captions can be estimated by the following formula:

return rand("Shenzhen ", "Beijing ", "Ming Yao ", "Zhang Li ", "Tsai Chin ", "Ming Hu ") + rand("Electronics", "Technology", "Technologies", "Tech", "Technics", "Systems", "Production") + rand("", " Ltd.");

or for better readability:

(+ (rand '(Shenzhen Beijing (Ming Yao) (Zhang Li) (Tsai Chin) (Ming Hu))) (rand '(Electronics Technology Technologies Tech Technics Systems Production)) (rand '(#f Ltd.)))

I was amazed that most CEOs could hardly understand any of these languages I could speak fluently. Some other offices did not send any employee to Germany, but rather some students of Chinese universities with language and technology knowledge, but unfortunately only little knowledge about the office. They did not even know where to look for the manuals and documents inside the booth even though they were present. Combine this idea with one or two employees and you got a bullet-proof i18n system.

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