Jun 23 2008Robotic Snake Swims Underwater, Frightens The Hell Out Of Swimmers Everywhere

Well I hope everyone had a jolly summer solstice and danced around the maypole and burned a witch or whatever the hell people do these days, but I've got some bad news: robotic swimming snakes. Now I hate to ruin your Monday and have you all cowering under your desks for the rest of the day, but I feel it's my duty to let you know about these things, lest you be foolish enough to think swimming is still a safe activity. Which, officially, it no longer is. Now the first thing I always think when I hear bad news is, "Who can I blame for this?" In this case it's the Hirose Fukushima Lab in Japan.

"Why can snakes move ahead on without legs?" From this problem, we started research of snake biomechanisms, which resulted in the "Why can snakes move ahead on without legs?" From this problem, we started research of snake biomechanisms, which resulted in the development of "Snake Robots". Snake Robots have many possible applications, even though the structures are simple.

Okay that was kind of confusing, so I'll summarize: welcome to hell, folks. That's what it said. I am definitely never swimming again. I swear -- right when I was starting to get over Jaws.

Hit the jump for another robot the lab created that was designed to climb in your lap and crush your junk.

Hirose Fukushima Robotics Lab

Thanks Alex and Alan, I'm never swimming or bathing again

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Reader Comments

need one so bad! or both...
screw you, simple freak-out-rubber-snakes, here comes my double-freak-out-trerminator-snake!

The pets of our future robot overlords. Which means that they are not even going to keep any of us around for Dr. Smith style amusement.

thats what it looks like when I go swimming (I free-ball it).

I don't think I can handle that unless they make the gravity gun from half life too.


lol what a ass stupid robot, why didnt it just move under...

Christ, what's next? Scientists create giant mechanised vagina that swallows humans into its acid-filled stomach where they are melted down in agony over a period of decades?

I'd be more frightened of a robotic palm frond.

That is all.

Man, seriously. Within twenty years, we will be seeing robot AI.
The Matrix...who said it's not real...psshhh....oh it's coming.

#4: I like your idea, but I much prefer the SUPER gravity gun from Half Life 2.


Gravity gun? I'd prefer the portal gun, so I can get the hell out of there when the snakes come.

Alternatively, if the snakes let me in their gang, I'd use the portal gun to unleash snakes from nowhere, on to unsuspecting people.


Oh no...first we have Asimo, then underwater robot snakes...what's next??? Cylons??? Frak this.

I take comfort in the fact that at least the X-Men will be there to save us from the robot apocolypse.

Didn't you guys run a video of this same snake back in 05'? I remember is was in a smaller tank and the engineer showed the inner workings of its partitions. None the less it's still pretty cool.

I'd be more worried bout the guy who decides to make a really big one and straps missles to it.


Can imagine lotsa spycams on it

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

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