Jun 9 2008Build An Arc Reactor And Be Just Like Iron Man, Minus Everything Cool About Iron Man


Some guy made a pretty reasonable Instructable about how to build your own arc reactor like Iron Man. You have to do some polymorph plastic molding and solder some LEDs though, so you may want to hire some child labor (my kids work cheap) to ensure you don't injure yourself in the process. Once its finished you just throw that sucker under a shirt and you're off to looking good. Well, as long as you're not pasty as hell and sporting a gray undershirt. Oh, it looks good on you though.

Make Your Own Iron Man Arc Reactor [ohgizmo]

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Reader Comments

Hell yeah, I'd wear that

Ok... I've decided that it's really sad that the first thing I though about when I saw the pic is, "How do I get one, and how much will it hurt to install?"

And if this thing doesn't even produce enough electricity for me to be able to electrically shock peopl just by touching them, I don't see the point.

Thank god people still remember Caddyshack.

I don't know about everyone else, but I will totally built this.

Does it make you rich and attractive like Tony Stark too? Oh...wait...guess not.

Mmm... a good way to draw attention to the fact that you, in fact, look nowhere as good as Robert Downey Jr.

you got to be sad to do that

Jesus Christ... what a loser!!!

Jesus Christ was not a loser, He was a great guy.

im working on my own but its too big and im 13 so i dont have that much to do it with.just remote contrl stuff for know

dude that looks like dick. . .

that is so cool dude

Awesome im gonna build this

Science fiction often parallels real science or future technology.
Oddly enough I've been working on my version of the arc reactor (SRTT) for 20 years now. See it here http://terrylhewettsr.rackhost.net/prototypes.html

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