Jun 4 2008UPDATE: Freaking Brilliant: A Subway Pole Dancer


In public transportation news, police in Bucharest, Romania are looking for some chick that performs pole dances on the city's subway between stations and then uses AN EMPTY KFC BUCKET to ask for donations. That's actually her in the picture (that looks like it was taken with a pinhole-cameraphone through a paper bag).

Passengers described the dancer, photographed by a passenger's mobile phone, as a "well-dressed, attractive, student-like young woman".

Her modus operandi is to play Tom Jones's You Can Leave Your Hat On on a portable CD player while taking off her clothes and dancing around a pole.

One passenger, George Stancu, who witnessed the act, said: "I can't say I didn't like the show but I found it unusual. There are lots of kids who travel by underground and I just don't think it's proper."

A police spokesman said the woman faced charges and a fine for indecent exposure and public begging if she is caught in the act.

Indecent exposure? That's probably the only decent exposure those people have seen in years. I can't believe this. I mean, charges and a fine? A key to the city, sure, maybe even a national holiday named after her -- but a fine?


Uncensored picture (which looks like a shapely pixelated woman in bra and underwear) and NSFW video after the jump.


Pole dancer's underground act [ananova]

Thanks Romeo -- say, you wanna go to Romania with me?

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*shudders* Can you imagine all the germs that are on that pole/subway car? Oh, oh, just awful. I would be worried about her picking rhinovirus...ick.

Hey darling, the Pussycat Dolls called. They want their routine back.

Damn it mom, I can't take you anywhere...

The woman is clearly a genius.

I'm in love.
Skinny, brunette, and a complete genius. I'm in love.

you should add this video too, is the same girl


That video won't last for long.

I'm sure it would take all of 2 minutes on the subway in NYC for this chick to be followed by a stalker and end up in a dumpster.

The lesson is that if you want to strip in a subway, do it in Romania.

AWESOME! i love it, definitly love the color coordinated KFC bucket to match the outfit she did her routine in.

it's been a long time since i've seen one of those buckets.. i'd love to see it again asking for donations from a stripper.. that's finger lickin good!

holy crap man! Wow. I had no idea. That is such a brilliant idea. makes me wish I had a healthy pair! Maybe I could do it too. I could grease her... ahh.. pole as it were.
My honeymoon is definitely in Bucharest!


VIDEO"S GONE!!! nooooooooooooooooo :(

whats so special bout this shit?? u get em in NYC all the time... for $5 they dance for you....for $20 they blow u afterwards in the toilettes.... no big deal


Here's another video link.


I have one word: Awesome.

Also, shame on YouTube for deleting media! They are becoming more and more like the media dictators of the Internets than I would like them to.

Tommorow when I go to/return from work, i surely take the subway, it surely helps, the traffic in Bucharest is criminal so i would change the view to a look and feel :P

Now THAT's the way you get men interested in public transport! Brilliant!

bahahaha I love the dude at 1:11 who makes sure to let her see exactly how much he's putting in the bucket. "hyeah baby, see this? its yours. take it" as if he's going to score a date.

If you want to see bare breast in public, just go to a rock/heavy metal concert. I've gone to outdoor concerts, and there are boobs floppin' around everywhere. You get used to it after awhile. By the time the concert is over and you're going home, you wonder why boobs were ever such a big deal in the first place.

On a side-note -- find an outdoor concert to go to, they're a blast! If you're really enjoying the bands and the music, the bare breast are just the icing on the cake.

this performance happened in a subway in Bucharest lol.

I used to do that all the time on the 6 train. Of course when I did it I wore a thong and had the decency to tuck my balls between my legs. . . good times . . . at least they were good times until this one day a hobo grabbed my bratwurst during the full monty part of the dance. . . some people . . . you know . . . what I'm doing is art and to pay for the $500 iPhone I just bought, I'm not doing this out of pervertion, they just grabbed me as if it were the final act when i whip it out and jerk it (I like to make a grand finale). Anyways, long story short, the guy grabs me and the priest gets it in the face. *Sorry Father O'hara, I wasn't aiming the gun, just pulling the trigger*

Hi, I am Sergiu and I am from Romania, I lived in Bucharest few years ago, when I was a student. The reality is cruel, if you are a student and have no money, you can't find a proper job because everybody takes advantage of you being a student, pay you much less than you worth. But, I am not sure she was doing this for money or for fun. A fine would not solve this social problem, but Romania is the country of all possibilities. If you are looking for cheap sex with fine girls, here is the place you want to be.


You know, #23, that's almost exactly what was stated in the movie "Hostle"...

I wonder if "Hostle" was as bad as that other movie "Hostel"...

Step foot out of Romania. You'll find that all countries pay students less because they have no experience outside of their schooling and will gobble up any they can get.

Good idea, bad performance.

"You can leave your hat on" is actually Joe Cocker's.. (I said cock, teehee). But that is completely beside the point. The point is, as usual, BOOBIES! Which we love.

No one would be laughing if this was a 300 lb man.

my country needs a subway right now! so i can have a change fo this to happen to me :-D

If this woman were really smart she'd just ask a random guy on the subway for a date, marry him, divorce him and take half of what he's worth then put the video of that of that on youtube directing people to go to her porn site.

She's guaranteed to get more that way than being on a subway stripping in public and taking nickels with free videos of her up on youtube.

In the end both are great because they both still will end up on youtube, but I'm the sensitive type, I look out for the women. Its good business.

And ultimately I still get to see her purky's cause thats what really counts anyways. Purkys!

thats a little gross. But I have noticed a a popularity increase in how the Dancer Pole has become used for social gatherings and for fitness. its huge in Southern California

lol its like a stripper on the go. kinda sad that there was only one tipper cheap bastards. XD


Taci in pizda ma-tii din gura!

When I saw it I was like nice nice.. boobies!!! Nice. and at the end she has a KFC bucket for collection PLATE ROFL!!!! Funniest shit I've seen all day.

if i had a $100 on me and i was there, i would of given her it.lol

This scene happend in Romania in subway. Here the word is that her lost a big bet and she mush do this thing if she lose and she lost so ... strip babe !

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