Jun 17 2008F1RST! Shirt Lets People Know Things


The F1RST! shirt from Busted Tees costs $15 and let's everyone know you're one of those people. You know, the kind that wears printed novelty shirts. And likes posting FIRST in blog comments sections. AND that you have some fundamental understanding of where babies come from (storks, yo). Hey, whatever floats your boat. I think the FIRST! thing is a little sophomoric myself, but as long as you read Geekologie, you're still okay in my book. Just please, don't do it on this post.

A picture of a chick wearing the shirt (which makes it look a lot better than that dude), after the jump.


F1RST! Shirt [bustedtees]

Thanks Matt, report back after you've worn it awhile and let me know how it's gone

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Suck it, suckers!

thats one of the writers on collegehumor.com, jake maybe?

I also hate those people. Especially the ones who are like 30th post.

Oh man, this is the only post I'd want to post F1rst! on


The Geekologie Writer just made me laugh in a way nobody has made me laugh before. I'm now quite wet.


I have nothing aginst sperm, but a jizz shirt? Seriously? That would be like me wearing a shirt that says "I have eggs but no cock" with a picture of a rooster beneath it.
Wait...I'm sure someone might wear a shirt like that. And that someone might be me; you know, to bed. Give the ole hubby a wink, wink and a nudge, nudge. I, eh, who am I kidding, I don't wear anything to bed. *sigh*

Hmmm f1rst on a t-shirt... OOpsss.. sorry baby... don't tell the http://prewife.com


Hey Smoking Girl, I bet you're dude.

I agree with #6! I sharted myself! Good form Geekologie Writer, good form!

I also agree with #3. Imagine the look on the loser's face when he post his stupid "FIRST" comment only to find it at number 30!

{insert cum on breasts joke here}

eat it whores!

Collegehumor and Bustedtees are owned by the same company - there's a lot of crossover between staff members.


the community of "firsters" cant consist of anyone older than the age of 15, seriously, get a life.


Smoking Girl sleeping in the buff huh? Or as I imagine it, naked, surrounded by half smoked fags and covered in ashes....

So hot.

And not just because of the smoldering cherry nestled snugly against my taint.

@17, I actually keep a very tidy house...so sorry to ruin your fantasy.

And yes, you figured it out Fonz, I'm a dude. I'm a dude known as "The Dickless Wonder" because I am without a dick and I have t***. But aside from my lack of cock and my XX biological make-up, I'm all dude. So ehhhhhhhhhhh *thumbs up*.


Suck my cock!

Stupid jerks with their stupid shirts...


oh wait...


so ace

i think that what some of you are failing to realize is that bustedtees is already mocking the FIRST people they aren't supporting them..

and jake isn't a doofus.. he's a funny guy www.jakeandamir.com

I wear a shirt with nothing printed on it and that, is a political statement.

I find it incredibly hard to believe that the guys who post FIRST get their sperm anywhere close to a female egg.

haha! did you notice the sperms were all over her t***??


every sperm is sacred
every sperm is great
if a sperm is wasted
god gets quite irate

- monty python the meaning of life

I don't know, #25, maybe you got it or maybe you didn't. But the reason the sperm is depicted on the first shirt is because we are all 'first' in that regard. We were all the first sperm to make it to the egg when our parents procreated. I might've just wasted the last 15 seconds of my life typing that.

Had to do it since I was number 30.

BRAVO geekology writer, that was awesome, we got PWN3D

wow, she is really gorgeous. All of the busted tees female models models are supercute.


Its spelled FRIST!!1! retards




#30, I like your style.

Demetri Martin: I don't mind [asshat shirts]. To me a[n asshat shirt] is a shortcut. It's like a little sign that says, 'Hey, let's never hang out.


*speaking in very low voice*
now, everyone, let's not post anything so that lazy troll (#40) guy feels really ashamed for posting "first!" while being LAST one...

Oh, wait...

Smoking Girl:
First, I wish you really dont smoke... aint good, ya know...
Now, now... sorry to say, but I personally think you're really hot... really...
How old are ya?
whatever... (damn, its been 2 months since you commented... maybe nobody will read this, so i am free to write...)

When I saw the first picture on the blog I thought, ew I don't wanna wear one of those shirts. Then after the jump ,when I saw the picture of the chick I jizzed myself.

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