Jun 5 2008Boeing Tested New 25 kW Laser While I Hid Under My Bed And Waited To Blow Up


Boeing recently tested their new 25 kilowatt solid-state laser, which is a step in the direction of a future 100 kW (keep in mind the Death Star was only packing something like 80 kW*) ray that will blow up the whole world and possibly Mars and Venus (which, honestly, is a shitty planet that we're better off without).

The thin-disk laser is an initiative to demonstrate that solid-state laser technologies are now ready to move out of the laboratory and into full development as weapon systems. Solid-state lasers are powered by electricity, making them highly mobile and supportable on the battlefield.

A high-power solid-state laser will damage, disable or destroy targets at the speed of light, with little to no collateral damage, supporting missions on the battlefield and in urban operations.

Okay, I have no idea what that means because I'm not a scientist (I'm just a guy who looks sexy as hell in a white lab coat), but I think what they're saying is you shouldn't stare directly at it.

*I made that up so don't email me complaining about how the Death Star's superlaser was like 50,000 billion kW

Boeing Successfully Fires 25 kW Solid-State Lasers, Laser Weapons One Step Closer to Being a Reality [gizmodo]

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with this "laser" technology, I could hold the world ransom for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

"Powered by electricity" As opposed to the coal-fired lasers i hear so much about?

okay for the "pew pew" text, I almost spit mountain dew out my nose.
sometimes this site is awesome, just stay away from the damn shoes.


Wait so when Luke and Solo were dodging the lasers being shot at them that was total BS? considering they travel at the speed of light?!?!?

WTF movie ruined. Thanks boeing stick to making airplanes that scare me

#5 yeah those bastards sure ruined the movies' realism with that one.

*cups hands over ears*
Star Wars is REAL, DAMNIT!

No worries, those were 'blasters' not 'lasers', and while certainly energy weapons they don't necessarily have anything to do with the speed of light.

There, childhoold memories saved. My therapy bill is in the mail.

That's right!! *claps hands* PeterD is my hero.

I'm broke, sorry...


Sometimes Wikipedia can be your friend:



What you said was pretty funny though...

There is so much wrong from a physics point of view with every sci-fi novel, game, or film you've ever read, played or seen that it'd make you cry.

But don't worry. After you lose your physics virginity, it never hurts quite so much..

I still shed a silent tear because of relatively, sometimes.

Because of relatively, or because of relativity?

I shed a very loud tear for my relatives. Damn jedi bastards.

**intra-family breeding jedi bastards.

Tower of Nod, anyone?

10. Riker - June 5, 2008 7:38 PM


Sometimes Wikipedia can be your friend:


Just being a dork.

it is reasonable that luke was able to dodge lasers, but not han... the force allows people to see short distances into the future (as explained by qui gon in ep. 1) so luke would know where people were aiming before they fired... as for han... its harrison ford... what can't he do?

Okay, I have no idea what that means because I'm not a scientist (I'm just a guy who looks sexy as hell in a white lab coat) I am a single black girl from Mixedfriends.com which is a niche dating

As a scientist this is relevant to my interests. I am currently working on a 2500kW laser for a terrorist organization known only as the Brotherhood of Nod.

...*sniff* Kane won't stop beating me....

Lets get this rave started!

Here's the deal: a laser's power rating doesn't actually tell you much about how "strong" it is in that sense. The physics labs at my college have petawatt lasers (10^15), but they only fire in femtosecond (10^-12) bursts.

Luddites...that's exactly what I was thinking of saying as soon as I finished reading the post; very funny, good call.

#2: haha, good one.

This is the ONLY nation in the world that spends a shit ton of money of weapons and national defense, and doesn't even NEED to. They do it on the basis of paranoia, the whole "what if we get attacked by aliens," "oh, well we're ready for that...we spent billions on all these weapons and locked them away and didn't ask the citizens if they would approve how their government would spend their money, nor will we ever let them get close enough, but it's there, just in case."

"yeah? Well what about those aliens from Independence Day, those too?" "Yes sir, those too." "Alright, I'll go spend time in my presidential plane, then off to my presidential estate, then my presidential secret service men will protect me from the 'civilians' because they're not worthy to share anything that I have, even though it's all taxpayers money, they can't, I won't allow it...I'm not a president of the people, I'm a president who if threatened, can decide to go underground and say 'screw you' to the rest of the nation' so that's where I'll be if you need me."

Ok, having said that, I got some of my 'beef' out against a lot of practices and decisions made by the US government.

oh wait, someone's knocking at the door...oh shit, FBI, damn it...call for help, tell them they've got m...........

EDIT:...it's the CIA, and they're taking my computer awa...

btw, the death star's laser is 10^32 joules (watts per second.) Since it destroyed alderaan in a single second, it's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts.


There was a young lady named Bright
Whose speed was faster than light
She left one day
In a Relative way
And returned on the previous night.

Ta Da !!


Are you just pulling that number out of your ass or did somebody writing a spin-off book for the Star Wars franchise actually calculate how much energy you'd need to crack the crust of a planet?

@Mr V

I doubt that darvo pulled it out of his ass. he probably pulled it from here


Does anyone else think Doctor Evil is based on the Count from Sezme Street? No? Me neither.

Yeah, that company with the commercials that say they are working together for a better tomorrow. HAH! HAH! I say! They shut down more than seventeen million square feet of working space and sent it over seas for cheaper labor. Now that they are over a year behind on orders for their new 787 dreamliner because the Asian countries that got the work can't get it right. so why not use that money they saved on sending their work overseas to waste it on a freaking high powered light. Thanks Assholes. That is from all the people here in the states that lost their jobs because of the Boeing company's want for the almighty dollar!

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