May 28 2008WTF Was That?: Cellphone In Microwave

This is a video of a cellphone in a microwave. If you're going to watch it, watch it before you read past this sentence. You didn't listen did you? You're just going to keep reading without watching the damn movie. Fine, but the spoiler is coming right after this colon : cell phones turn into scary ass snarling faces in the microwave. Who'd have thought? Not me. I just thought there'd be some sparking, maybe some smoke, and then a flying unicorn would shoot out or something. But not a scary face. Which leads us to a very important question -- how the hell are you supposed to cook a Hot Pocket without that bastard eating it?

Youtube (you have to be logged in to watch it)

Thanks Bailey, I didn't see that coming.

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Do the Iphone!

That was believable at first...


He prefaces it with the "don't try this" warning....Yea, he's a pro...I could tell by his kitch...err, laboratory....


its just viral marketing for a new phone company.

no shit, of course it's fake.
you asshat!

so was that Ripley's phone?

Okay, so I just tried this and now Abe Vigoda is stuck in my microwave. Is there somebody I can call to get him out of there or am I pretty much out of a microwave?

cool beans ! :O

It unleashed the evil that is abundant in all cell phones

Damn throw my AT&T phone in there. Hope it contains the souls of the people that work for them!!!

Dude, friggin' sweet.

They could've at least made the plate go around in the microwave.....I love picking out the obvious....

I did that with a jar of peanut butter AND I got paid to

That is just dumb.

Check out professional content on

@Sophie: My grandparents have a working microwave that's probably over 15 years old. The plate doesn't turn and it never has.

I don't see the turning mechanism at the bottom of the plate, but it could be there.

But that was pretty damn cool.

is that the monster from cloverfield?!?


dude, it must be! cuz that shit freaked me the f*** out!

BTW: 20th! teehee!

The man sets it for 10 seconds and it takes 30 seconds for the whole scenario to take place...

In conclusion, microwave-spawned phone demons can only be seen in slow motion.

I think I peed a little...

It looked like the monster was from John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) strange.


he sets it for a minute not for 10 seconds.

Twainstar - May 28, 2008 5:41 PM

Damn throw my AT&T phone in there. Hope it contains the souls of the people that work for them!!!

Hahhahahahahaaa, that was great!!


The mouth all opeining and closing. and look at the very end, it looks like a hand coming out and reaching up. WTFFFFFFFF

I am sooo going to church from now on! omg, what if thats what hell is....being in a cell phone.

Lmao what the hell!

Some of you asshats clearly point that this is fake. Um...DUH. The turntable is either not in all microwaves, or you're able to disable it.

#26 is a good example of someone who doesn't read the article, or other posts before posting.

guate6 -
besides me, who "clearly point that this is fake"? perhaps you forgot that I like to point out the obvious, and then follow it with calling myself an asshat before anyone else can.

and what's your problem with #26? "... at the very end, it looks like a hand ...". 26 doesn't deny that it's a face. just adds that perhaps AT THE VERY END, a hand becomes visible.

lighten up, asshat

First off, I know this is fake.

Second, to those of you who apparently have never seen it there ARE microwaves that don't have a spinning plate.

@31 You're totally right! ...and awesome.

Now we know where the cell radiation comes from.

The poor chaps nearsighted .. hes now trying to make calls of a hotpocket ..

I can just imagine the cellphone radiation and microwaves mixing to create some kind of demonic entity... plus, I have the same cellphone.

Wow... that's so good! The video's like crappy quality and it actually looks like that happened, haha. This guy's amazing whoever made this.

fake or not, it's still creepy. i may have nightmares.

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