May 5 2008Super Long Foosball Table Is Mad Super Long


This is allegedly the world's longest foosball table (but not the bathtubbiest). It was made by Amstel (purveyor of that fine Amsterdamian beer) to coincide with the European Champions League Finals. It takes 22 players (two soccer teams worth) to play a game. Being a lover of foos, I'd love to give it a go on that sucker. It'd certainly be the longest game of foos I'd ever play! Get it! There was a double meaning there. Long time-wise and long like someone should punch me in the nuts because I deserve it. Unfortunately I could never actually play on this table because I hate strangers and have no friends. Something about being "no fun to hang out with" and "a major fruit-flavored douchepop".

Table Football XXL, the largest Foosball table in the world [dvice]

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Thats badass...

CC stole the words right out of my mouth..

that IS BAD ASS!!!! Imagine playing just 1 vs 1 on that. hahaha.. you'd bust die from running back and forth. shit, that would require more running around then do in real soccer/football.

That's as long as my shuffleboard table...WOW!!!

I have to agree with #2...this would be quite the work out if it's just 1 on 1.

Anyone wanna play?


And seeing as how most foosball is played while under the influence of alcohol, that could spell disaster for today's frat boy population.

I'll have to third that "BAD ASS!" notion though. That could be fun as f*** with like 14-20 people on there.

ok that is again BAD ASS but if you're going to play with that many people at once you REALLY need a place to rest some beers on.

If this was fully manned, it would be boring as hell. Now if you started a game with multiple balls... well now thats a completely different story.

I pity the Foos who play this. Hell, I'd fight you foos! I'm a Foo Fighter!!! Hoo-haaa!!!

Wow... do you know how long it would take to score ONCE?? Very rare occasion...

That is, unless you're playing against retarded 8 year olds or monkeys.

Probably a little bit pedantic but there considerable more than 22 players on the pitch than a real game.

Matt, I think he meant that many people to control the little players, not the actual little players on the field.

Yes I know, that's the point I'm making there are more than 22 little players on the field.

how lazy are ad-jerks... this idea is stolen from an artwork by maurizio cattelan, who made a massive foos ball table and had two soccer teams play each other way back in 1991...

Well, I actually played at such a table two years ago. It was an event at our mall here in germany for the soccer world cup 2006. Was pretty funny but you really can not talk with the defense if you are in the offense.

surprised there wasn't any penis jokes?

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