May 9 2008Ridiculous Beer Pong Table Is Crazy, Nuts

Four couch burning engineers at WVU recently made a ridiculous beer pong table. And when I say ridiculous, I mean it's almost as cool as mine, which is two stools and my roommate's closet door. I recommend you let the video load and then skip to 2:15 to see the finished product. The first part is just still shots of the construction and wiring (which is worth watching if you're into that sort of thing). The table has tons of LEDs which move to the music playing, a nice WVU logo in the middle, and the coolest part -- swirling ball washers built into the table! I thought that was impressive. The kids are currently taking orders if you want something similar, you just tell them what you have in mind and how much you want to spend. But be warned -- this one cost over $1,000 to build and took over 400 hours to complete. Which is funny because at the beginning of the video it says that they only consumed 6 cases of beer during the project. 6 cases? I won't even drive a nail into the wall or mow the lawn without crushing at least 7 cases. Pussies. Oh shit WVU, you just got burned!

Seriously though, great job guys.


Thanks Shaina, lets take a trip up to Morgantown sometime and show them how its really done

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pff, my friends and I built a much better table this year - complete with a LAZY RIVER that goes all the way around the table, water filtration system, led lights, and it's hooked up to a computer program that has some AI and will text people when they're up on the table to come play. maybe i should submit some pics or something

If you're not joking, definitely put some pictures up somewhere!

Maybe you should.....

yah this looked pretty lame all in all

Stupid kids... 400 hours? They must have been drunk the whole time. Oh 6 cases over 400 hours, they are serious lightweights.

Plus they spent 1000$ ... man I could see $100. but x10.... really stupid kids. When I saw it I thought maybe they had some virtual wii like table.... But this is lame.

Cool table, but I felt I had to comment on the absolutely ruined video.

Why is it ruined? What the hell was that constant "music" in the background? Tuneless shite!
So you spend all that time making a Ping Pong table that lights up to your music. Then you put on shit.

Sad, just sad.

Uh..Math, I think the horrible music was being played FROM the table itself.

Seriously, what a waste of money, time, brain matter and, well, beer. And it's not ping pong for chrissake. I spent way too many disappointing evenings in college watching my date toss balls into a cup of beer while I sat on the sofa waiting to be driven home not to know the difference.

Ah, college, truly the best years of our lives.

and you know what the truly unbelieveable thing about this is? that guys (sorry to generalize, but in my experience it's been mostly guys) CONTINUE to play beer pong even after the graduate from college. freshman year, yes, sophomore year, maybe... but an electrical engineer that still feels compelled to invest time and energy into a project so that he can play beer pong on a cool table REALLY blows my mind.

I took a quick pic of my table just to give an idea and posted it here:

it's a little messy right now and stuff's kinda thrown about, but I was feeling too lazy to do anything about that. Anyway, the leds cycle through different colors, and we have that red EL-wire around different parts of the table and it's all sound-reactive

whoa, jmoney, that thing looks like it'll short circuit the second any beer hits the table.

dude, that table by jmoney scares the shit out of me.. i wouldn't want to be touching anything wet around that, not even the beer itself.

#7, let me get this correct, you waited patiently waited for your ride to get drunk enough to drive you home?

A project this complex and unique can seriously be added to their resume/CV. Though this may seem useless and a bit juvenile, it took a whole lot of intelligence to put this thing together.

and that goes to prove it... engineers are nerds... noticed you didn't see one gurl in the clip...

Lockheed Martin Systems Engineer!!!

jesus, you people are hard to please. i think the table's bitchin!

That table is awesome... I just have one question, how are you supposed to experience its awesomeness while playing a game?

Don't you need the lights on? I feel you're hand-eye coordination is probably already going while playing, but then to have to play in the dark, that would suck

haha relax people, we safe it up before we play on it -- in the picture I'm in the middle of some unfinished rewiring

The best beer pong table ever is Microsoft Surface :P

Actually, the best beer pong table ever is David Hasselhoff's chest. This is a distant second.

I'm actually the guy that built the table among others, Everyones entitled to their own opinions. We all have g/fs, so no need to put girls in the video we have plenty at our parties anyways, also we don't play in the dark, its all black light paint that glows. So its easy to see the lights, and we have blue spotlights over the cups. We made the table just for something to do. Thats about all, if we some money off off it great, if not we have a cool table.

greetings from morgantown, as a WVU student I think its cool what these nerds did, however, as an avid boozer and true representative of WVU i can assure you that had this table been built in the presence of my crew there would have been much more alcohol consumed and a final product of a ping pong table with a WVU logo painted on the center in facepaint, becuase we know how to party, not build shit...geekologie writer: I give you an open invitation to come to morgantown with a free place to stay and see how we really roll...after one trip youll never be the same and realize there is no place on earth like morgantown...christ we consume 2 % of the nations alcohol per year!!

That is really lame, 4 engineers and thats all you can do.

The video is stupid and way way way overrated i see tables better than that all the time. My firend works at a body shop and he built a sick irish themed table he even had pressure sensored lights for when you hit a cup or when you had the right amount of beer filled in it, bored holes so you didnt waterplain on a wet table

I guess thats what you get when you get a WV education


This is BS you guys might as well be giving yourself a reacharound for building a table that is lamer than most ive seen in real life. The worst part is you made a video and did all that unneccesary wiring, you couldve gotten sound sensitive led's instead of building a board and the running water is bullshit, ive seen tables with a balwasher that has a current to wash it and roll it to the other side of the table.

Point is this is really overblown and the fact that you made a video so you guys can jerk off to this lame ass surface is even more embarassing.

now we all know youre names we can find you on facebook and call you out for being a faggot when you thought you were the topshitdog on campus.

Seriously if thats all you learned in school, get a refund or kill yourself, just make a video if you kill yourself cause that would be a million times cooler than this lame ass f***ing linking park soundtrack bullshit of a dissappointment. Seriously Im like pissed off someone emailed this and I didnt have a good enough wireless connection to skip through all your pussyfooting bullshit to build a crappy table.

And West Virginia is a back up school to getting your GED . No wonder this table was so unimpressive. I bet once all of you tools graduate two of you will be married to close relatives and the other retards will be selling weed to middle schoolers or failing at fixing water heaters.

God your so lame, the hardest work you put into this is probably dicking around with windows movie maker. F*** you...

this is the stupidest f***ing shit ive ever seen you guys are the f***ing hugest tools. The whole time you were building this table you couldve been going out and finding girlfriends but no, you stayed inside buttf***ing each other for a embarrasment school, making a dumb table that is gayer than san francisco. i hope you guys read this thread and realize how f***ing gay you are. you built a stupid f***ing table that really isnt that cool considering the school its based on and i bet the old girls you are ever gonna get to play on it is your little sisters friends that you probably try and statutory rape all the time because you dumb assholes couldnt walk out on your quad and find any girl of legal age to talk to you. the linkin park soundtrack is soooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooool to. i look for a guy that has bad taste and likes linkin park.

dude that shit is so f***ing stupid ive seen waay better f***ing tables and they didnt make a stupid ass f***ing videos to try and be cool like you dumbasses


I just have one thing to say to wvu.pitt is about to woop that ass again.

HEY YOU F***ING DICK SUCKER ANON! You sure do talk a lot of f***ing shit...whats the matter? Is your dads dick to far up your ass?? You have no f***ing room to say that shit about wvu. I bet you've never even f***ing been here you cock sucking asshole. But if you ever do come to west virginia, i hope some cannibal inbreds who live in the mountains whose parents were brothers and sisters eat your f***ing bitch ass. While you were wasting an hour typing that f***ing long ass essay shit, you could have been looking for a job or getting a college education you dumb ass prick. Go eat your mother's vagina!!!!!

Wooow Amy you are soooooooo f***ing cooooooool...Gayer than San Francisco?? Daanng how do you come up with that stuff?? F***ing genius! You must be a damn comedian or something! For real though...saturday night live much?? ASSHOLE! WVU can take your ass down anyday..Go suck your boyfriend's 2 inch wang you dirty cunt!!

@bakeshow, sweet guy you can drink! college!!! whooo!!!

Hey jmoney do you make custom tables? because i would absolutely order, not joking. all those features are exactly what i want

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