May 20 2008R/C Helicockter Interrupts Russian Speech


Did you read the post title carefully? That's right folks, somebody made a flying phallus and flew it into a news conference when Russian chess grandmaster and political activist Garry Kasparov was giving a speech. No idea if Vladamir Putin was the man behind the styrofoam salami, but he most certainly was. A translation of the website I got it from? Sure.

I do not have any sympathy for the Kremlin nor holuyam rumolovtsam nor kasparovsko-limonovskim dissenting, but this event fun ...

в общем, как я понял, румоловцы запустили на каспарова сию аццкую боеголовку: In general, as I understood it live on rumolovtsy kasparova retirement hellish warhead.

From the video, obviously, that this "person Kremlin" kasparov strangely was wound circles over Limonovym until it is not brought down any of brave fighters kasparovskih.

Well there you have it, straight from the keyboard of some Ruski. And hellish warhead is right. Seriously though -- so someone flies a weapon of mass (erectile) dysfunction into your conference, big deal. Just make a penis joke and move on. I mean at least it wasn't pierced.

Arguably NSFW picture and VIDEO after the jump.

WARNING: It's a flying, relatively realistic styrofoam penis.


уровень политических дебатов в россиянии [koloperuna]

Thanks to Jaden, Eric, Shawn and Pork Musket for bringing this flying phallus to my attention

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Reader Comments

1st comment :P

Well done, my little Droogs!

That is too awesome! Must watch again.

That guy in the red shirt HATES cocks so much!

Sneaky advertisers...notice the strategically placed X advert

I'm so gettin me one of them helicockters!


That guy looks like he has some experience smacking a cock around

Жжоте, кросавчеги. Беспесды и ниибацца.

thats fuggin Hilarious!

Cock Blocked!

This is the Russian sense of humor. They get a big kick out of sex jokes and I'm sure the guy responsible is now a national hero.

The thing is probably ejaculates polonium.


The guy in the center of the top pic looks like he's wearing it as a hat.

Nothing like a cock-and-ball hat. Although I do prefer the cock-and-ball hat that has been newly washed and smells like irish spring soap...just FYI.

SmokingGirl, you're a f***ing slut.

*writes memo to self* I'm a slut.

There, that will go right next to "you're a harpi" and "die, bitch, die". Now my collection is complete. Ahhhhhh.

@12: you're my personal hero.

Oh please, Kasparov thought it was hilarious. Did you see that smirk when the thing hovered into view?

Whooa, I just saw Russians smile AND heard them laugh. Guess there's a first for everything!

просто можно сказть


He's god at slaping cocks

Хэликоктер - рулит)))))))))))))

in the old days, the only thing cocks did in meetings was talk a lot about nothing and they were propeller-less.

sometimes i miss the 20th century.


i think the guy who took it down looked like the only one in the room who wasn't amused

This is making me laugh so much. How did they get this in the room. This is so good to see.

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