May 9 2008NES Controller Coffee Table Actually Works!


We've seen a NES controller case mod, a gigantic fake NES controller, and even a huge functional Atari controller, but never a humongous working Nintendo controller that doubles as a coffee table. Until now. Kyle Downes, a man I wish lived next door, was the creator of this wicked controller table.

Kyle spent months putting this together, starting with a scanned image of his original NES control. This he then simply scaled up, carefully crafting each piece out of MDF and hacking his own wiring onto a broken old controller board.

The glass can be removed if you want to use the controller to play (see video after the jump) and there is plenty of storage for other video game systems in the compartment beneath the controls (see picture after jump). Say, this gives me an idea...

UPDATE: Well they say hindsight is 20/20, but you've got to admit -- a fully functional Wiimote coffee table sounds like a good idea you first time you hear it, doesn't it? No? Well thanks for the warning. Now what the hell am I gonna do with this thing?

A bunch more pictures and a video after the jump. Have a good weekend everyone.





NES Controller Mod, May Just Be Most Fun Coffee Table Ever [gizmodo]

Thanks to Casey, who knows that bigger is always better, and to Pork Musket, who likes human syrup on his waffles and sausage

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Reader Comments

I enjoy not have a gf I want one.

Congrats to this guy... he managed to pull a decent chick with a giant video game controller, which he set up next to his bed. He must be hung like a stallion.

great for blind people

LOL Yeah, cause the market for video games for blind people is just exploding.

Leg3nd you confuse people when you type stuff, you have can my gf want you?

Video games for the blind...uh...interesting.

But hey, I usually push buttons randomly during those fighting video games and I always win, so perhaps the blind could play.

leg3nd, hes got a decent lookin chick that can comprehend Mario and likes to be videotaped, i think he wins...

Lol Ty TC... It should read." I enjoy not having a GF(Because having This coffee table=loneliness)....(The periods=Pause)I want one!(referring to the table)". <This is whats know as a joke not a clever one but a joke none the less...

My apologies for the bad grammar hope that clears things up..

@cc.. I guess if you're in to the whole 12 year old boy look she's decent..I'd still hit it!

i am jealous.........he has all these awesome Nintendo products that i want, that i don't have the money for.

i have to go to a friends house to enjoy Mario Kart and Brawl.

You guys do realize that the good folks at G4 did this two years ago right?

Link for proof!

Man that g4 on looks shitty compared to the coffee table. And it took them like ten people to make it! Props to the coffee table dude. Nice chick too

oh goodie, now i can jump up and down on the buttons like i always wanted to.

As much as I'd love to waste time building useless crap, I actually have a job. As for the chick, she has no boobs.

Finally, regarding video games for the blind I guess you guys missed that awesome blind player that was showcased last year. He could easily beat most sighted players. I'll try and track down the video.

that girl is a cutie.

i'll take two!

i would like one of these. could you make another please let me know

can u actually play with it? its awesome you should post a how to make it id try it!! :D

i want one. how much?

O.O me want ME WANT

At least she knows who the Doors are...

Where can I buy this coffee table?

Dude tha table is FREAKING AWESOME!!! where can i find one, and how much?

you know now that I got my glasses back (lol) I saw the Wii remote comment. That could work out but the person would have to be strong or the table would have to be small and light.

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