May 14 2008Folding Grill Has A High Level Of Portability


The Notebook Portable Flat-Folding BBQ is a $40 grill that, even when collapsed, still has more sensuous curves than my girlfriend.

Picture the scene. It's the height of summer, or what passes for summer. You're off to the park with your chums. You've just had a big night out and you've got the serious 'munchies', as we believe it's called. You now have a choice. Run off down to the Co-op for a few tubes of Pringles... or run off down to the Co-op for a few chicken drumsticks, sausages, veggie skewers and massive fat burgers.

Oh yeah, I'm totally with you. Serious 'munchies', that's just what I've got. Oh God, I hate Pringles, those things suck, what I'm after is a delicious piece of man meat.

Fully collapsing to just a few inches thick, it's ultra-light and ultra-portable yet robust and sturdy wherever you choose to put it. Just plonk it down, light it up and you're a twisted firestarter, as my nephew likes to put it.

Umm, yeah. So should I call the police on this guy's pyro nephew or can one of you do it? In all seriousness though, I like the grill and will definitely buy one. Just as soon as they learn how to make folding bags of charcoal.

Product Page [gadgetshop]

Thanks Mulva, come over this weekend and I'll cook you up a dog. My wife's -- the damn thing keeps crapping on the carpet.

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Reader Comments

By the end of the summer you will have folding rust.

You see, what I am getting at is that people tend to leave the charcoal remnants in the grill and then it rains which causes a chemical reaction. This reaction will then cause the grill to rust.

I didn't even need Yahoo for that one.

What about the huge lumpy bag of briquettes you have to carry around to go with this thing?

@1 I doubt people will leave charcoal in it when it's folded. Not thinking this is meant to be your main grill.

@2 as stated in the article if you're running out for food to throw on it you can get the charcoal then, just a thought. Or Just throw everything in the car to go to the beach or park and now you can bring a grill with you.

I agree with the above, but for those of us who are responsible and clean up after ourselves, this thing is lookin' bamf.

Also looks fun to hit your annoying tent-mate and/or tailgate buddy over the head with...

I still have this thing on my list for tailgatin:

At least with the "Q" I don't have to carry a bag of bricks.....

this is amazing. i would get it, but i'm a girl and couldn't start a grill to save my life. well one time i did. it was one of those 7 dollar ones from walmart with the collapsible legs. but the legs gave out and all of my brats ended up on the ground. trying to save them, i stepped on the coals and got these badass bottom-of-the-foot scars.
wait, i said i couldn't start a grill to save my life because i was a girl, but i meant stoner.

There's nothing "manly" about eating meat. Plus you won't get greasy shit all over your grill if you just cook veggies.

the biggest drawback is not the fact youhave lug charcoal, or the rust, or the fact you have to wait forever for it to heat up. no the question I have is, since this is designed to be portable, what do you do with the coals once you are finished? doesn't this just encourage dumping them out somewhere and leaving them? - not that I have any issue with that...

Ah, Oh NO! There's grease on my grill!

@1 Isn't a BBQ going to rust if left out in the rain anyways? Wooo chemistry!

@9, NOOOOOOOO! Let me do the chemical reaction posts here and you just be the assclown.

NOW THIS IS A POST! Sould do a (with beer)

what about when you are ready to leave and the damn thing is still hot

It's not BBQ unless you're burning wood chips for fuel as well. Otherwise it's just grilling!

@10 I'm happy to let you do the chemical reaction posts. If you want to show the chemical reaction that would be cool. Why is it not going to rust with just rain? What is it in the charcoal ash that oxidizes the metal barbecue?

I guess I'll be the assclown even if you don't produce reaction equations.

@14, Oh no, you found me out! NOT!

Most charcoal has sodium nitrate and or borax in it. Sodium nitrate is an oxidizer and borax is boric acid. Once the ash gets wet it it finds it's way thru the finish on the grill and reacts with the metal (oxidation).

A good grill will not rust on it's own in the rain but I'll throw you a bone and say that a $5 one will not stand up to water for long on it's own.

You don't have to be an assclown all the time, just here, OK?

Hmmm, I didn't know those were added to charcoal, but I believe you. It seems that the coating/construction material is the key variable.

It's really sad when a product has to try so hard to sell to their target age group. Referencing the munchies in quotes sort of has the opposite effect of us thinking, "whoa- no way! they know about the munchies! killer." Rather, you can almost picture the middle-aged men sitting around the conference table. And Prodigy? How long ago did that song even come out? This whole thing is odd, in my humble opinion.
That being said, BBQs almost always give me a hankering for bockwurst... i used to snarf those things down as a child, until one day i learned that they were made from boxed-in, baby cows. But oh, how i miss the taste!

@16, alright, that last sentence made me laugh so I guess you're not such an assclown after all.

By the way @17, what is a bockwurst? Guesss who took over the position of assclown?

@12 How right you are? How do you get the thing home?

@19 I don't care if it rusts. If it burns my hands or melts my car seats it becomes instant garbage.

this would be perfect to put in my new jaguaneer on my way down to the beach to serve up some enemy-robot-stew to my shark friends.

And now I'm hungry for BBQ...*sigh*

One time, I was tryin' to make pancakes, but they weren't turning out at all. Then I realised that I was tryin' to cook 'em on grill, not a griddle. That was fun.

did anyone else catch that he referred to his wife and girlfriend in the same article?

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