May 1 2008Custom Ninja Gaiden Handpainted Shoes


I know what you're thinking my fellow geekologists, you're thinking "damn, it's about time we see some more handpainted shoes so we can rip into them like a horde of zombies munching the last brain on earth." Well the wait is over my esteemed colleagues. These custom Ninja Gaiden slip-ons feature Ryu Hayabusa in all his stealthy glory. They were painted by some chick for her boyfriend, Roger. Hats off to you, Roger, you done scored yourself a good one. She even used slip-on shoes, so she probably knows how much men hate laces because they always come untied and get dragged through urine puddles in public restrooms. Good girl. Not only does my girlfriend not paint me shit, but she hides my shoes when she's mad at me. She's sick. Literally -- we think it's dysentery. Damn you, Oregon Trail.

One more picture after the jump, along with the link to a high-res version.


High-Res Picture
(you have to click it)
Custom Ninja Gaiden Slip-Ons [albotas]

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Reader Comments

sweet. 1st.

bantha slippers!!!!

*head desk* At least this post has nothing to do with Mario, a robot led apocalypse, or old Nintendo systems...
Oh good, my coffee is done. That's right, it's Black Silk coffee time! WooHoo.

Okay, these actually don't suck. Probably because shoes like these are such a part of the culture so the Ninja theme fits, unlike the Superhero Converse things. What would have been really cool is if they painted by actual Ninja's. Or WERE they... ?

SG, I am disappointed! The perfect segue for you to drone on about not having the banana slippers and you blew it!

It's Bantha slip...DAMMIT, Scott! (4,994 defenses left)

No Black Silk for you, Scott.

Don't get me started on the black silk! It's not going to work I tell you! You will need more than a black silk refer....Ummm, I have to go now, somethings come up.....

~ Raising fist in air ~deepening voice~


Another post about custom painted shoes? AAAHHHHHHHH.....

OK, we need painted shoes that look like Bantha Slippers. That way we give them to SG and she can make believe thay are slippers. Problem solved.

So who here will paint the damn things? I can't paint worth shit.
noone? oh well. nevermind...

Don't tease me, Freddy. That's not nice.

these are real awesome wish i had a girlfriend who does these things sex just does not satisfies me..


cool, some more painted shoes. the only good reason you'd have to post some more painted shoes would be if someone painted a pair with geekologie splooged all over them.

hmmm... i drank alone last night. no buddies in sight. my girlfriend came to the bar to fuss at me and i had to go home so she could fuss at me in private. (true story). my life is amazing. shoes with paint on them make it better. really! they do...

Nice shout out to Oregon Trail. I can still remember the terrible graphic we used to get when we all died on the Oregon Trail.

Also recommend one of the best hand painted shoes' link:

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